Aqua V2 Clone Review

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The authentic Aqua V2 rebuildable tank atomizer is made by Korean modder Footoon, who is the same modder responsible for the Aqua V1 RTA and its hybrid connecting partner the Origin mechanical mod. Like the Aqua V1, the Aqua V2 RTA is a dual coil atomizer with the added twist of being able to run this atomizer in single coil mode, an option which was not available with the V1. The Aqua V2 brings with it several design upgrades and improvements including a larger e-liquid capacity of 4ml, and a new dripper mode option.

The authentic Aqua V2 by Footoon was produced in two 1000pc batches, each represented by a different sea animal. The first 1000pc batch was produced with a shark logo on the chimney bell, and the 2nd 1000pc batch with a dolphin logo. As per Footoon there is currently the 3rd batch in production, however, the logo being used to distinguish this batch is being kept secret by Footoon.

The 1:1 Aqua V2 clone featured in this review is made by Tobeco, and is packaged in a branded gift box which includes the atomizer, and PMMA tank, a dripper conversion tank, and a spare parts package. The Tobeco Aqua V2 retails for $19.99-52.04 USD at various online retailers.

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  • Brand: Tobeco
  • Type: rebuildable tank atomizer/dripper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Connection threading: 510 (includes a brass hybrid adapter)
  • E-liquid capacity: 4ml
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 51mm
  • Weight: 68 grams


  • Brass hybrid connector for 20×1 threaded devices
  • Full PMMA tank
  • Dripper conversion tank (single or dual coil air flow)


The 1:1 Aqua V2 clone by Tobeco features a brushed stainless steel body with polished accents. The aesthetic is simple, with clean lines even as the overall design of this atomizer is more complex than it appears to be. Aside from the Infinite Kayfun Lite plus V2, this Aqua v2 clone by Tobeco has some of the best machining that I have seen on a clone which says a lot considering all of the design elements and movable parts on this atomizer.

The brushed finish is nice and even, without imperfection. The Aqua name is deeply engraved/printed into the polished ring under the tank, which is actually part of the inner chamber of the atomizer. The same is true for the polished 510 drip tip receiver which shows through the top of the atomizer, and is also part of the inner chimney. I really like how Footoon designed the inner functional elements of this atomizer to flow harmoniously into the outer aesthetic of the device.

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The main atomizer breaks down into five basic parts which are the 510 adapter, the build deck, threaded tank section, and a two part inner chamber/chimney. Just like the authentic, there is a full PMMA tank and a dripper conversion tank that comes with this kit. The dripper tank further breaks into two pieces which includes a removable top cap/air flow controller. Both the PMMA tank and dripper conversion tank feel like quality pieces, and not flimsy extras.

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*Please note that this atomizer was cleaned and dried with a paper towel prior to taking these photos, so you will have to excuse the white paper towel fibers that can be seen on the individual parts for the Aqua in most of the breakdown photos in this review.*

There a few changes to the design of the build deck on the Aqua V2, namely to the positive/negative posts which now use a post hole and catch screw design. The Aqua V2 can also be used in single or dual coil configurations, unlike the V1 which was a dual coil only atomizer. To use the Aqua V2 in single coil mode, you simply install a screw into one of the 2mm air flow holes in the deck as shown below.

The Aqua V2 atomizer is hybrid compatible with 20×1 threaded mods however, it comes pre-assembled with a threaded 510 adapter so that is can be used with any 510 connecting device. The threaded plastic insulator around the 510 pin is removable, and the brass 510 pin is adjustable and removable. The plastic insulator is removed when you want to convert the 510 pin for use in hybrid mode. Like the authentic Aqua V2, the brass hybrid connector is included in the spare parts package of the kit.

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With the threaded adjustable 510 pin, and plastic insulator removed, you would then screw on the brass hybrid connector as shown in the photo below. As I previously mentioned, the Aqua V2 can hybrid into any 20×1 threaded mod. In the photo below you can see the Aqua V2 in hybrid with a GP Paps clone which is 20×1 threaded. The Aqua V2 clone threads like butter into the Paps clone.

In the photo below you can also clearly see the single 3mm air intake hole at the base of the Aqua V2, which is a change from the smaller 1.5mm dual air intake holes found on the Aqua V1 design. This single 3mm air intake hole leads up to the two 2mm air holes on the deck of the atomizer.

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Another one of the changes made to the Aqua V2 is the design of the inner chamber and chimney. The inner chamber/chimney are polish finished, and there is a dolphin and serial # printed on the inner chamber. As I mentioned earlier, the dolphin logo was used by Footoon on their 2nd batch run of the Aqua V2. The top of the chimney is threaded, removable, and has an o-ring around it to seal the top of the tank section.

At the base of the inner chamber there are four holes drilled around it, which double as an e-liquid fill port into the tank, and e-liquid feed back into the deck. The base of the inner chamber is male threaded for the female threaded tank section, and has a beefy o-ring for a good seal inside the tank. With this new style of chamber and e-liquid feed we see a departure from the e-liquid juice flow control and top fill method used on the Aqua V1.

The one negative about the new filling method is that you will need a needle tip bottle or syringe to fill the tank through one of these four holes. However, there is the added bonus of being able remove the tank to access your build without having to dump your e-liquid.

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The PMMA tank section is threaded onto the inner chamber just like the stainless steel tank section. With the dripper conversion tank the inner chamber and chimney are removed from the set up. The dripper tank is press fit onto the base, and sealed by the black o-ring around the deck. The dripper tank has two air flow style options that can be used together, or individually.

The 3mm air hole at the base can be closed off by installing the tank section with the air hole inlet away from the air hole in the base. The Cyclops style air holes can be arranged for single or dual coils by adjusting AFC in the top cap section. The black o-ring on the deck/base will prevent any e-liquid dripped into the tank from leaking out of the device. This dripper tank can hold a good amount of e-liquid without leaking.

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To build the Aqua V2 in a dual coil configuration, I used twisted 27 gauge Kanthal to make two coils with a 6/7wrap on a 3mm rod tool (.47 ohm). As I mentioned earlier, you can run the Aqua V2 in single coils if you choose by closing off one of the air holes on the screw with a screw.

I found the best way to install the dual coils without the leads getting in the way was to turn the length of the leads upward after installing each coil. You want to make sure that your coil is positioned over the air hole in base, but not sticking so far out that the coil would touch the tank when installed, which would cause a short. In the comparison photo below you can see the difference in the deck and juice feed designs between V2 on the left, and V1 on the right.

As far as rebuilding is concerned, I didn’t really find the V2 to be easier to build in spite of the new post hole design. The air flow control of the Aqua V2 is not that much different from the V1, as both are controlled by screwing the tank section open or closed to either cut off or open up the air flow. The Aqua V1 also has a juice flow controller which is operated by turning the drip tip attached to the top of the chimney, whereas the juice flow control has been removed from the V2.

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Proper wicking on the Aqua V2 is crucial in order to prevent flooding the device. The wicks need to be placed into the top of the juice channels on the deck for good wicking, and flood prevention. Once your coils are wicked, clip the ends of wick on an angle so that they come to slight point at the end. After you prime the wicks with e-liquid, use a pointed tool to push the ends of the wicks into the top juice channels as shown in the photo below.

Since building the Aqua V2 for the first time, I have not had a single issue with flooding, or dry hits. As long as the Aqua V2 is properly wicked it should perform flawlessly with thicker and thinner e-liquids, both of which I have used. The flavor production is top notch on this atomizer, clear, pronounced and yummy. I would even give the Aqua V2 the edge over the Rose V2 atomizer for flavor. And it is not that the Aqua V2 produces more flavor, as much the flavor seems more balanced to me.

Adjusting the air flow is very easy, just make sure that you have a good grip on the base so that you dont unscrew the deck from the 510 adapter by accident.

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I thoroughly enjoy the vape of the Aqua V2 clone by Tobeco, which delivers on both form and function. Outside of needing a needle tip bottle or syringe to refill the tank, I have nothing negative to say about how this atomizer looks, functions, or performs. I am slightly amused by the fact that the Tobeco Aqua V2 clone has in fact been cloned. The clone of the Tobeco clone is pretty easy to identify as it is packaged in the same box minus the Tobeco logo, it has larger chromed brass deck screws, and a brushed chimney/510 drip trip receiver instead of a polished finish like the real Tobeco.

There are a few versions/makes of the Aqua V2 clone available on the market, but not all of them can be identified by manufacturer name. However, regardless of which version of the Aqua V2 is purchased, I have yet to hear any negative reports regarding the performance or quality of the Aqua V2 clones although the verdict is still out on the slightly janky clone of the Tobeco clone being that it just surfaced a week ago.

For the most part the Aqua V2 clones appear to be a big win, and I am so impressed by the design and the vape that I am actually considering buying the authentic Aqua V2 by Footoon.

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  • ​Appealing aesthetics
  • check​Adjustable air flow
  • check Dripper conversion tank
  • check Adjustable 510 pin
  • check Hybrid capabilities (20×1 threaded only)
  • check Great flavor production
  • check Value (what you get vs what you pay)


  • ​Needs a needle tip bottle or syringe to fill the tank

4 thoughts on “Aqua V2 Clone Review”

  1. Paul (Nailz)

    I agree the Tobeco Aqua V2 is a winner, I did watch a video on how to wick it, and right from my 1st build, it’s been great, no dry hits or any leaking at all. I’ve got a lot (not as many as you lol) rebuildable tanks, and this one is sure the easiest most hassle free tank I’ve had, vapor and flavor is awesome, love the Aqua V2 :)

    1. Agreed on all points dear .. Tobeco did a great job with this clone, and I like it better than the Rose V2, both for flavor and ease of build. And you know how much I loved the Rose V2 ;-)

  2. Hi Nicole,
    just got this exact same clone based on your review. I concur with everything you say, especially about the flavour being more balanced than the Rose (which I also got thanks to you). Being my first dual coil RTA, I struggled a bit with it, but it’s working very well. Tasty and wet vapour!
    The listing of the shop I got it from here in Italy (yes, you have fans overseas!) claimed it is made 316 steel, but I can’t find it on Tobeco’s website. It probably makes no difference, but I wonder if that is the case.
    The only drawback is that I’ll have to retire most of my other atomizers… :)
    Thanks for your reviews, keep ’em coming!

    1. Hello David in Italy! I am always pleased when I hear that someone has had success and a similar experience with a product that I gave high marks too. Actually the early listings of the Tobeco Aqua V2 clone on Alibaba did indicate 316 stainless steel. However, when I was writing the review and went back to Alibaba to confirm, I could no longer those same specs. They didn’t list the grade of steel at all at that time. So it is possible that this is made from 316 stainless, and the only reason I didn’t list it as such is because I couldn’t find it in print any more.

      I will say this, I also own the authentic Aqua V2 by Footoon, and the Tobeco clone is in no way inferior to the authentic. There is nothing about the authentic Aqua that is better than the Tobeco, not the build quality, nor the performance. In fact, I would say that the Tobeco is slightly better as it has larger juice holes in the chimney bell, and its tank and bell have smoother threads than the authentic. So you made a good choice with the Tobeco version.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my reviews David. :)

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