Cheap Vaporizers: An Online Buying Guide

Seeking cheap vaporizers doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality. While you may have to give up on some luxurious features that aren’t as essential as they are advertised to be, there is still s a plethora of affordable options available. You just have to know how to look. That is why we have created this guide to help you find the vape of your dreams without emptying your wallet.

Style of The Vaporizers

To understand what type of device is the best fit for you, you need to be aware of your options. For the style, you have two: Portable vaporizers and desktop vaporizers.

Portable Vaporizers

They come in various styles and designs, while most portable devices are "pen vaporizers." As the name implies, they are slender and compact, just like a pen. They carry a built-in battery on which the complete performance of the device depends. Being miniature, the battery has its limits and usually last for only a few hours. The frequent recharging makes them a hassle; otherwise, they are an ideal option to carry around and travel with.

What’s more, they can usually be controlled with a single button - but not always. Their palm-sized counterparts are known to be more efficient in what they do. That’s mainly because they can carry more features, given the fact that they are larger in size.

Desktop Vaporizers

These units are bigger, work either by plugging into the wall or through a powerful battery. Compared to the portable vapes, the battery timing is enormous, ensuring many dozens of vaping sessions before losing the charge. They also provide more features and controls over the vaporization, making them an attractive option for quality seekers.

Portable vapes, without a doubt, are more budget-friendly. These are what people often think of when they hear "cheap vaporizer." You can even get quality devices for under $50. As for desktop ones, they may cost more, but affordable units also exist. You can check out vapo corner site, which offers a diverse listing of budget-friendly vapes, including portable and desktop products of all sorts.   

Heating method

Conduction heating

When the plant matter comes in direct contact with the heating surface, it is what we call conduction heating. Most of the older versions used this method. Today, it has largely become obsolete, and you may only find a handful of manufacturers providing conduction as the primary method of heating.

Convection Heating

Most of the latest devices carry a convection oven, wherein the herbs are heated through the circulation of hot air in the heating chamber. This process is much more efficient in extracting the vapors without burning the herbs. That is exactly why convection is known for providing better flavor.

Convection, being the latest technology, is slightly more costly than conduction. But they also come in affordable price ranges. So, it won’t be a problem looking for the one that suits your wallet.

Temperature controls

Although manufacturers have made the temperature controls on the portable devices efficient, they are still no match for the desktop devices. It is a simple equation, the more temperature controls, the more expensive the vape product.

In the budget, you can find three-to-four temperature controls, which can be selected using a single button. The temperature profile may not be included on a portable device, but they are sufficient for a decent vape experience.


Lastly, make sure that whatever warranty is provided covers most of the components of your vape, especially the glass parts. Usually, desktop units come with a longer warranty, but manufacturers give an extensive warranty on portable units as well. So, keep that in mind before determining your purchase. Cheap vaporizers are available, but you should never sacrifice quality in the process.

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