A Buck Naked E-Cig Review: 6 Affordable Reasons To Buy It

Steamy salutations to all you vapers and e-cig toting enthusiasts out there…as well as those of you who’re taking the step up from smoking smelly tobacco to the gloriousness that is the vaping world! Today I’m gonna give you the whats and wherefores about a product you may or may not be familiar with. Buck Naked is making it’s way onto the American e-cig scene and I’m intrigued to be bringing you this review which will tell you whether these babies are worth their weight in juice.

Now, this is where I’d usually bring you a little bit of info about the company but unfortunately, when scanning their website I found naught but cute jokes and rhetoric on their about page which hardly melts my butter…determined, I scanned their Facebook page, only to find that they’re a retail company based in North Carolina.

Non-kudos for the lack of information (not very buck naked if you ask me) but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and provide an honest review. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, plus…not all brands are as pedantic as me!

So, I’m going to go ahead and do a full Buck Naked Style e-cig review to find out whether this affordable vaping pen does the trick. It’s important to keep in mind that these products are geared more toward smokers who’re making the change to the more user friendly vaping pen or existing E-cig steamers who don’t really see it as an actual sport, like I do, but who’re out for a cheap, reliable product that does it’s job and looks discreet and hopefully a little stylish!

Buck Naked E-Cig Ratings

Buck Naked E-Cig Review

Buck naked e cig review

Look, at the end of the day this is a very straight forward product…nothing fancy at all. I’m gonna go ahead and five it a 4 star rating, being that I consider it a crossover e-cig that quite simply does what it’s meant to.

I went ahead and purchased a Coconut e-liquid, also by Buck Naked, I see that it has minimal additives and it smells good so I’m thinking this might not be a bad juice. I’ll be using this juice for my Buck Naked Express e-cig review because I know that most beginners would go ahead and purchase a juice from the same brand so I’m doing that too, for good measure.

There are three Express options available for purchase, the Basic Express kit at $27.99, the Original Express kit at $35.99 and the Express Plus kit at $45.99 I’m running with the Express Original because it’s mid-range and I know that this is the most popular option.

Pack Contents (available in a full range of colors):

  • User Manual
  • 650 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 1.6 ml Refil Tank
  • USB Charge Cord
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case


Packaging: Okay, so right off the bat I am stoked about this cute little hard shell carrying case, matching the color of your e-cig. I know from experience that vaping pens can be a nightmare to carry, you’re always worried about leakage, breakage, getting muck in the mouthpiece and so on, so it’s a treat to have this nifty and stylish little case to carry your piece in. Sure, I paid a few extra dollars for it but I'm glad I had the option and it’s well worth it, a clever addition.

Discreet Looks: This is really a stock standard e-cig style, although it does come in a nice range of colors, plus when you purchase a refill tank you can mix up the colors to get crazy. Otherwise the cartomizer comes in the same shade as the battery, along with a black and chrome detachable mouthpiece. It’s a nice small size….as small as a refillable, rechargeable piece can be: meaning discreet use and looks for those newbie steamers, no problem there.

Ease Of Use: Okay, the simple, three piece system is as easy as can be to use: just read the instructions and you’ll be good to go. Everything screws together easily and unscrews just as easily, making cleaning, refilling and charging as simple as can possibly be.

Dual Wick Atomizer: What that means is that Buck Naked is squeezing as much vaping power into that little atomizer and possible…there are actually 4 little wicks on either side of the cartomizer, to draw in and vaporize as much e-liquid as possible and to allow for easier draw.

There’s nothing worse than trying to convince someone to quit cigarettes and then seeing them unable to produce vapor. Years ago, when e-cigs just hit the market, I had that experience at an e-cig stall (as a potential client) and what did I do? I told myself it’s a bunch of BS and went straight back to smoking cancer sticks. I found this piece to have a quality draw with decent flavor and good vapor production.

Warranty: If you follow your User Instruction Manual, you can make use of a 6 month warranty on your battery, as well as a 3 month warranty on the cartridge. Let’s face it, finicky bits mean that we encounter a fair number of manufacturing flaws with vaping products…your warranty will take care of that, should you happen to be one of the unlucky ones.

Battery Life: With a 2 hour charge you’ll be good to go for 6-8 hours, as a heavy steamer so there’s no problem there.


Burn Out: I find that this 8 wick situation means that the tanks burn out quickly, and heat up with too many deep draws…but then I am a very heavy user. Refill tanks are available.

Top Features of Buck Naked E-Cig

Affordability and availability for one, plus they have a range of disposable e-cigs for those who want to test the concept.


So to be clear: there’s nothing SPECIAL here and as a seasoned user I wouldn't purchase this, however…this is a straightforward, affordable option for beginners who just want an easy to use piece that does it’s job adequately. That’s why, in this review, I’m giving a thumbs up.

For more info on cleaning and maintenance, which will prolong the life of your piece: check out this video!

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