Air Factory Blue Razz Review

Air factory blue razz review

Air Factory Blue Razz Review

Candy flavors have been extremely popular as of late, and we’ve seen a ton of new candy flavors hit the market, especially blue raspberry flavors. Air Factory E-Liquid is a relatively new e-juice line, and consists of two different flavors which are Mystery and Blue Razz, which is what is being reviewed in this article. Air Factory Blue Razz is only offered in a 100ml bottle size, and does come in a unicorn bottle which makes dripping with this e-liquid easy! In addition, the nicotine strengths available are 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.

Before getting any further, I would like to thank Breazy for sending this e-juice my way for the purposes of this review. I will give you my overall thoughts about Air Factory Blue Razz, and conclude with whether or not I recommend this flavor! Remember, taste is subjective so what I may like you may not like, and what you may like I may dislike. Next, I will go over the specific mods and atomizers used to test this e-juice.

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Mods & Atomizers

First Setup:

Lost Vape Triade DNA250 Box Mod with Kennedy 24 RDA

Build: Dual Fused Clapton (26GA Ni80/34GA Kanthal)

Resistance: 0.16 ohm

Second Setup:

HCigar VT167 Box Mod with Wotofo Troll RTA

Build: Dual Clapton (24GA Kanthal/34GA Kanthal)

Resistance: 0.25 ohm


Flavor Review

Flavor Description: A delicious blue raspberry taffy candy flavor that will set your sweet tooth on its way to a happy place. Rich in flavor and powerful in cloud, Blue Razz by Air Factory is everything a candy vape should be.

Nicotine Strength: 3mg

VG/PG Ratio: 70VG/30PG

Inhale: Blue raspberry candy flavor

Exhale: Blue raspberry candy flavor

Throat Hit: Very smooth

Overall Thoughts

This is a pretty good blue raspberry candy flavor, and it does taste pretty close to its description. On the inhale, I get a nice blue raspberry candy flavor. On the exhale, I do get the same blue raspberry candy flavor, but it does have that taffy essence to it, which makes it taste like its description.

The throat hit at 3mg is very smooth, and there is no burning or stinging through the nose. In addition, it does have excellent vapor production from either a tank or RDA. The one issue I did have with this e-juice is that when I first started vaping it, I noticed a slight soapy or perfumey taste. I think that taffy flavor or essence that they were trying to accomplish with this e-juice is what may have caused it. Thankfully after vaping it for a few minutes that taste did go away, and all I tasted was blue raspberry taffy candy.

Honestly, I was actually surprised by how close this actually does taste to a blue raspberry taffy candy. I do wish that the soapy or perfumey taste wasn’t there, but like mentioned previously, it does go away after a few vapes. Overall, it is a pretty solid flavor that I can easily vape most of the day, and for under $30 for a 100ml bottle, I think it’s a great deal. If this is a flavor that you’re after, then I can easily recommend Air Factory Blue Razz!

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