Vapor Chef Reviews: E-Juice Flavors A Cut Above The Rest

A flavorsome salute to to all my vaping comrades, fogging up a storm and living life to the full! As a full-time vaper, who get’s bored rather easily…I’m a sucker for a new flavor and make an effort to sample any new e-juice brand whose products I can get my hands on. True, precious few can pass the test to the point of being an all-day juice for me, I have a high standard when it comes to e-liquid and any little throat or mouth irritation whatsoever is enough to put me right off!

This past week I had the good fortune to pick up two handfuls of juice from up and coming e-liquid extraordinaire, Vapor Chef and so I thought: why not put together my own little compilation of Vapor Chef Reviews, to give you guys a sensitive steamer’s impression of the flavor, mouthfeel and overall vaping quality of these juices? From the get go, I was impressed by what I saw from this brand, let me tell you why…

A very young brand, VC is highly conscientious about their certifications and their chosen ingredients, I’m talking about flavor enhancers, alcohol, water, sweetness and WTA extracts. None of these possible irritants are present in any of their juices and that gives me a huge sense of relief and high hopes for these reviews I’m about to undertake. It’s not that I have allergies, just extreme sensitivity to certain compounds, there are a bunch of candies and drinks which close my chest and freak my mouth out and ,for me, many e-juices do the same. Maybe not this time!

Now, VC’s name is in no way misleading…this all American juice artist refined his palate as an actual fine dining chef and he uses this advanced understanding of fragrance, taste and balance to perfect his mixes. After mixing juice for himself and friends, Aras was questioned about selling online and from there, decided to take the enterprise to the next level. He’s been changing the weather ever since and man, am I excited to have an another all-natural, all approved juice brand on the market!

Vapor Chef Ratings

Vapor Chef Review

Vapor chef reviews

Available Sizes and Prices

  • 10ml-$6.49
  • 15ml-$9.99
  • 30ml-$15.99
  • 60ml-$29.99
  • 120ml-$54.99

All are available in 7 nicotine level options. During these Vapor Chef Reviews, I used the 12mg nicotine juices.

There's a standard PG/VG ratio of 50/50, though you have the option of 30/70 or 70/30 ratios also, this is a breakthrough for sensitive vapers like myself. I went with the standard option.


Price: Now, I’m pedantic about my health and how it’s a reflection of what I consume. I fork out megabucks for organic, preservative free produce and when it comes to e-juice, in the same vein, I’d be willing to pay extra for the safest and best. That’s why I was pleasantly surprized by the affordability of VC’s offerings when I checked them out for my Vapor Chef E-liquid reviews. If you can pay the same price for a safer product…why the hell wouldn’t you chose that product?!!!

Range: Are you freakin’ kidding me? This guy clearly spends his every waking hour obsessively mixing. You will be completely spoiled for choice! Whatever your pleasure, you’re gonna find something in his range that’ll tantalize those buds! If you visit the VC site at any given time, you’ll have close to a hundred options from which to chose.

(A Note) When I’m stocking up for a juice sample, I try to cover the range, picking a straight fruit, a desert and a complex mix; these are styles that a lot of the brands I try are bound to cover. I steer clear of tobacco flavor because I think tobacco stinks! However, when I encountered the name Slartibartfast (and being a die-hard Douglas A. fan), I couldn’t help but ignore my tastes and run with it. We’ll see how I cope with that tobacco flavor! I’ve listed my favorite of the 6 I tried below. Although that leaves about 94 flavors I’m still planning on trying.

Slartibartfast (Cherry Cavendish Tobacco): Picture the planet designing Slarti-b contemplating fjords and initiating hurricanes with his box mod, now I understand how they make the clouds! There’s something regal, old-town, rich about this flavor and it reminds me of days gone by. Heavy on the coils so beware…but there’s a place for this. Anyone who loved to roll their own or puff on a pipe back in the day will die for this flavor. The deep cherry and leaf scent of an old-town tobacconist, with none of the unpleasant smoke tones you’d get from burning, outstanding. The cherry lingers on the tongue, whilst rich leaf permeates the nostrils, even I like it. What the…?

Bloody Mango (Blood Orange/Mango): I find mango too sweet to eat but I love the flavor, I love sweet e-juices though, so I picked this flavor and I’m stoked I did. I find the combo exotic and refreshing because of the outstanding natural fruit notes, yet deliciously sweet on the tongue. Excellent, rich, blood orange scented cloud formation. Mango in the mouth and blood orange in the shnoz. As a fruit junkie, I could vape on this all day!

Doughnut Panic (Strawberry Frosted Doughnut): Appreciating yet another Hitchhiker’s Guide reference here and off course not averse to the odd strawberry doughnut, I was excited about this one. Good Lord, it’s delicious…like dunking a fresh baked doughnut in a homemade strawberry milkshake. Super natural strawberry inhale with doughnut on the tongue and in the exhale. Almost a hint of cinnamon but that might just be association. I’m blown away by this and the vapor production is outstanding, I’ll be ordering a large!

Top Features of Vapor Chef

A Chef’s Palate: this man understands flavor profiles and his ratios achieve a high level of complexity, with notes varying between inhale, tongue, nose and exhale. I’m impressed and I think you will be too. All juices are also tested on a huge range of devices, at varying resistance and wattage, to ensure flavor consistency and complexity throughout.

Customer Service: Contact Aras with questions, comments or to make a request and you’ll be impressed with his speedy reply and outstanding customer service.

All Natural: I experienced zero irritation during my extensive vaping of VC’s products, I’m highly sensitive so I’m already convinced he’s using only the highest grade, all natural ingredients in just the right ratios.


The Vapor Chef is swiftly gaining in popularity and it’s very easy to see why, now that I’ve experienced some of his offerings for myself. I even enjoyed mixing his fruit flavors together, the desert flavors too…coming up with a couple of complex combos I’ll be vaping on for a long time to come. Order yourself a batch of sample sizes and soon you’ll become a Vapor Chef too.

Come back time and time again to buy whatever’s new from this outstanding E-liquid Brand. 
Wanna see how it’s done and where…how about this video!

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