Vaptio Paragon Sub Ohm Tank $14.85 (USA)

Vaptio Paragon Sub Ohm Tank

The Vaptio Paragon Sub Ohm Tank is now on sale right here for only $14.85 using coupon code "Save10"! The colors currently available for purchase is Black and Red. Free shipping applies to US orders over $50.

The Vaptio Paragon Sub Ohm Tank has a overall diameter of 25mm, so it's a perfect fit for your larger vape mods. In addition, this sub ohm tank has a maximum e-juice capacity of 8ml, so you will not be needing to refill this tank often!

The Vaptio Paragon Sub Ohm Tank utilizes the Paragon coil family. This tank does include two different replacement coils which are 0.2 Paragon Mesh Coil and a 0.15 Paragon Strip coil! Lastly, the Vaptio PAragon Sub Ohm Tank has adjustable bottom airflow and includes a wide bore drip tip, perfect for cloud chasing.

All in all, this is a excellent deal for the Vaptio Paragon Sub Ohm Tank! If you're looking for a new vape tank that can hold a lot of e-liquid, then this might be the perfect tank for you! You can grab this deal at Breazy for only $14.85!

Coupon Code: Save10

Product Features:

  • Overall Diameter: 25mm
  • Maximum E-Juice Capacity: 8ml
  • Top Fill
  • Utilizes Paragon Coil
    • 0.2 Ohm Paragon Mesh Coil
    • 0.15 Ohm Paragon Strip Coil
  • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • Colors Currently Available: Black And Red

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