The Lancia RDA Clone Review

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Lancia Clone Review

The authentic Lancia RDA is made by Pinoy modder ARRA MODS International, who is the same modder responsible for the GIVO mechanical mod which is known for its small size and Hawaiian style body engravings. The Lancia RDA is probably one of the more innovative drippers to hit the market this year by borrowing the under coil air flow concept from the Magma RDA and elevating it by creating a unique plug in air flow control system. The authentic Lancia RDA retails for $149.99 USD at select online retailers.

The 1:1 Lancia RDA clone featured in this review comes from, and retails for $20.00 USD from their US warehouse. The Lancia RDA is presented in a tidy black gift box, and it comes with the main RDA, two spare tanks, and the accessories/spare parts package.

Buy a Lancia RDA Clone here

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  • Brand: ACESMOK
  • Type: rebuildable dripping atomizer
  • Materials: Stainless steel ( glass and PC tanks)
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Weight: 56 grams


  • Compatible with 510 drip tip
  • Plug-in type air flow control (4 air holes located on the base of the atomizer)
  • 15 air hole plugs at 1mm, 2mm and 3mm
  • Triple posts for single/dual coil build
  • Removable tank sleeves in SS, Glass, and PC


The Lancia RDA comes pre-installed with the full stainless steel “Hawaiian style engraved” tank. I am fairly certain that the tank section is not actually engraved as it looks and feels more like it was stamped. While I like the “engraving” on the surface of the top cap, I do find the body engravings to a bit overkill.

The main body breaks down into 3 basic parts which are the deck, the tank section, and the top cap. The deck is pre-installed with double o rings and the top cap has a single o ring. The tank section is press fit onto the base, and the top cap. There is a full stainless, pyrex glass, and polycarbonate tank sections included with the clone which is an added bonus. I like the addition of a clear tank RDA design because it allows you to see your wicks and makes it easier to know when it is time to re-drip.

While all of the basic parts of this RDA fit together, I find that the stainless and polycarbonate tanks fit more snugly to the base and top cap than the pyrex tank section. When fitted with the pyrex tank, the top cap will usually come off with the drip tip when you go to remove it, an issue which also presents itself on the authentic Lancia. In spite of the less than snug fit, the pyrex glass tank is nice and thick and is not at risk of chipping when you install or remove it from the base and top cap. Overall I would describe the build quality as good.

The spare parts package includes 15 air flow plugs, three extra post grub screws, 3 spare o rings, and an allen key wrench.

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The top cap has a nice wide bore hole, and it has accepted every 510 drip tip that I have installed to it. The underside of the top cap is conical shaped for flavor enhancement like the Mephisto V1 RDA, and I feel that conical shaped chambers do a better job at flavor enhancement than a reduced chambered RDA.

The bottom of the base is engraved/stamped with Lancia by ARRA MODS, and has a random serial number. The 510 contact pin is silver plated and non-adjustable, and is also isolated by an insulator.

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The deck has a three post design which can be used for single, dual, or quad coil build. The posts use grubs screws to catch the leads through what appears to be 1.8mm post holes. You can see in the photos below that the post hole drilling is just a tad bit janky on the negative post, but it is nothing that disrupted my ability to use the post holes. The negative posts are actually milled into the base from one solid piece of stainless, which means no spinning or wobbly posts.

Now, what really makes this an innovative RDA is the air flow control system. There are dual 3mm air holes on either side of the base (4 holes total) that leads up to dual 3mm air holes on either side of the deck. The air flow holes are positioned underneath the coils, as opposed to in front of the coils, and it is believed that this style of air flow is also a flavor enhancer.

The air flow into the RDA is controlled and manipulated by the use of stainless steel plugs that are milled with 1mm, 2,mm, and 3mm air holes through the center. There are a total of 15 air flow plugs included, 4pc 3mm, 4pcs 2mm, 4pcs 1mm, and 3pc of solid plugs to completely close off the air flow.

In the photo below you will see the 3mm, 2mm, and solid air flow plugs ‘ you will have to forgive the brain fart that caused me to not include the 1mm air flow plug in the photo.

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Which size air flow plugs, and in what configuration you will use them depends on what style build you are using. What I really like about the Lancia RDA is the many coil configuration options that it provides, and with suitable air flow to match. You can build dual coils with both coils on one side of the deck, or one coil on either side. I have seen single coils built with both air holes on one side open, and with only one air hole open, and the remaining three blocked off.

The air flow plugs should fit snugly into the base without a struggle, although I have noticed some plugs required a little extra effort to get them installed into the base. A snug fit is more desirable than a loose fit because you don’t want juice to leak from the deck down into the air holes. For my first build I decided to go with a dual coil build using the 3mm air flow plugs.

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I made two macro coils using 27 gauge Kanthal and a 6/7 wrap on a 3mm hex wrench, which metered out .55 ohms. The post holes are large enough to make inserting the leads into the post holes for a dual coil set up easy. While I do prefer phillips head screws over grub screws, I didn’t have any issues with securing the leads.

Because the drip well on the deck is relative shallow, I would say that getting the right amount of wick to hold the most e-liquid, without overcrowding the interior space will be the most challenging aspect of the build. One of the reasons that I decided to use a larger macro coil was because I knew that I would have to play around with the length of my wicks, and I wanted to have the thickest wick possible to hold the most e liquid.

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Once I wet the wicks with e-liquid I could tell that I had enough room to make the wick tails a tad bit longer, but what I had did work out well. The one thing to be mindful of when dripping directly into this atomizer, is to make sure that you don’t drip e-liquid directly into one of the open air holes, which will then leak out through the base. I positioned my coils over the air hole however, there is a portion of the air hole that remained exposed. I did not experience any leaking out of the tank section itself, even while using the pyrex glass tank with the looser fit. However, there was some accumulation of condensation between the base and the top of your mod, just as it is with the authentic Lancia RDA.

Even with the shallow deck well, I found that I was still able to hold a considerable amount of e-liquid in tank, as much as .8-1.0 ml liquid. However, due to the open air holes on the deck which are only partially covered by the coil, I don’t feel that comfortable with direct dripping through the drip tip. This may be my own mental hang up, but I have managed to get e-liquid into one of the air holes once or twice. So for this RDA I do remove the entire top cap to re-drip, which I do not prefer because I am a lazy vaper. :p

The flavor produced from the Lancia RDA is very good, but I expected this with the conical shaped top cap and the air flow placed directly underneath the coils. No doubt that the vapor production is also very good, especially with 3mm air holes and a .5 ohm build. The PC tank section has become my favorite to use due to the snug fit, and the fact that I can see how wet or dry my wicks are. The stainless steel tank I can completely do without.

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What I like the most about the Lancia RDA is the innovation that actually fulfills its promise. This style of air flow adjustment is a lot less fiddly, and it ensures that once your desired air flow is set that it will stay in place. Even as most users of RDA’s can “feel” when it is time to re-drip your wicks, it is nice to be able to see when it is time to re-drip.

If there was any improvement that I would like to see made, it would be the overall fitment of the pyrex glass tank. While the pyrex tank doesn’t fall off the base, my top cap does come off of the pyrex tank when I am trying to remove only the drip tip. The pyrex tank still seems to be a bit better than the authentic which had a tendency to leak slightly from the glass tank, an issue that I did not experience with the clone.

While I can definitely do without the “sick engraved” stainless steel tank from an aesthetic point of view, overall I find the Lancia RDA clone to be a very successful one. I have spoken to quite a few other vapers who received the Lancia RDA clone even before I did, and I have not heard a single vaper speak ill of this dripper. If this style of RDA appeals to you then there is absolutely no reason not to get it.


  • ​Innovative adjustable air flow
  • check
    ​Multi coil configurations
  • check
    3 different tanks


  • ​Pyrex glass tank could fit more snug
  • ​Some accumulation of condensation under the base

Where to Buy a Lancia Clone

Buy here for $20.00 – Ships from USA, same version as in review

Buy here for $19.99 – Ships from USA

Buy here for $10.73 – Ships from China, Multiple versions avaliable

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8 thoughts on “The Lancia RDA Clone Review”

  1. Edward Ornstein

    its funny I got two versions of this. An Ivogo which has the same box as then one pictured in your review and the Cloud cig witch comes from the USA vender in the link the other came from Angel cig. Both had loose plugs. In one I stuffed a little cotton in with the plug that worked on the second got a 1/4 peace of 32 gauge Kanthal and stuffed it in with that. I’ve already broke both Pyrex tops. I’m a little nervous about the high heat in a dripper and the plastic, so i am using the stainless and really enjoying the flavor. I have an Aries the flavor is just as good but the vapor production is low like a kay fun.

    1. You are the second person who told me that they broke their pyrex tank! I don’t think you need to worry about the heat and the PC, I have been using it exclusively at .55 ohms vaping at 30W and no issues at all. Maybe someone will start selling replacement glass tanks for it? Thank you for commenting. :)

  2. Paul (Nailz)

    Got my Lancia from focal, and it is the only dripper I am using, it made me put the magma on my shelf, love the flavor and vaper you get from the lancia.

    I did find the same problem with the glass tank, the orings did not hold it very tight, so did swap them out for some others I had, and now it is a lot more of a snug fit.

    I admit till I read your review, I thought it came with 2 glass tanks, I’ve not taken the other one I thought was glass out of the box, but am guessing it not glass, but it doesn’t leave the house, so shouldn’t break the glass one…..hopefully.

    Thank you for your review Nikki ;)

    1. Before I received the Lancia in hand I also thought that both tanks were glass .. you should give the PC one a go because it holds nice a tight. The Lancia definitely passed my review test because I am still vaping with it even though the review is done. Thank you for viewing and commenting hun. :)

  3. I got mine from a place in Hawaii that advertised it as having tighter plugs. It didn’t come with the plastic tank but I like the shiny metal one because it looks hot on my Givo mod.

    I started out with the biggest plugs and a .2 ohm quad build. It is nice and smooth and the kind of draw that I like, which is not as airy as most cloud chasers seem to like. The shiny metal gets really hot. Perhaps the glass tank would stay cooler, being a better radiator.

    The only time that it leaked was when I turned the Givo upside down to look at the pin in the top and that was just a drop or two out of one of the holes.

    You might have trouble figuring out where to stuff all the cotton and keep good air flow. The most difficult spot for me is where the plugs, positives and coils all meet up in the middle on each side. I used two pieces of Japanese cotton in each coil so they were easy to split up in their paths to the juice well so everybody is happy and well fed. I drip into the cap.

    If you know what you like aforehand and build to it the Lancia is a nice little atty.

  4. I’m totally new to dripping, and was very hesitant to switch from my nautilus aspire, but I am glad I did. I wish the air flow adjustment pieces were a little taller, but it’s not really a big deal. I’m not sure if its a clone, or a real Lancia, but it does say Arra Lancia on the bottom. It was 25 bucks, either way, I’m very satisfied with it.

    1. Hi Brad :) For $25 bucks it was definitely a clone, the authentic cost over $100. Glad to hear that you are getting on well with the Lancia.

      1. ive had it a few months now and really love it. my only gripe is that the air flow plugs dont seat tightly into the holes. almost shorted out once, something told me to look inside it. i took each plug and scuffed the bottom outer edges with a pair of pliers, and havent had a problem since.

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