Squape Reloaded Clone Review

The Squape Reloaded is a bottom coil rebuildable atomizer made by Swiss modder Stattqualm. It’s most notable feature is a proprietary Ematal anodized build deck and chimney which is non-conductive. The Squape R being a revised version of the original Squape V1 has been upgraded with a new aesthetic featuring the SQ logo, a slimmer 22mm diameter, adjustable air flow, an adjustable 510 pin, and a borosilicate glass inner tank. The authentic Squape R retails for $170 USD, and is available at select online retailers.

The Squape Reloaded clone featured in this review is made by Shenzhen United Electronic Technology, aka Ivogo. This Squape R clone was marketed and sold as a 1:1 replication of the authentic, and is packaged in a small black gift box which includes the main atomizer, two additional non-conductive build decks, and a spare parts package.

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  • Brand: Shenzhen United Electronic Technology
  • Type: Rebuildable tank atomizer
  • Material: 304 grade stainless steel & PMMA tank
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 62mm (without drip tip)
  • Weight: 83 grams


  • Adjustable air flow
  • Adjustable 510 pin
  • Removable non-conductive build deck
  • Removable drip tip
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity


Out of the box is appears that United Electronic nailed the construction of the Squape R body. The body has a brushed stainless steel finish with engraved SQ logos that appear to accurately done. However, this Squape R clone uses a frosted PMMA tank instead of borisicillate glass like the authentic. The included 510 drip tip has double o-rings and is rather difficult to remove, but at least it is not loose and wobbly.

One of the features that I was excited about is the adjustable 510 pin. There is a serial # laser etched on the bottom of the atomizer, although the serial # is engraved on the authentic. The knurling at the base of the atomizer provides a nice grip for removing the tank portion of the device.

The other feature of the Squape R that really sets it apart from the version 1 Squape is the adjustable air flow control ring. The AFC ring has a ball bearing, click stop design which is easy to adjust when the atomizer is not installed on a APV. There are six air hole settings that are sized at .9, 1.1, 1.4, 1.8, 2.2, and 3.1mm.

The Squape R breaks down into four basic parts which include the main body tank with removable PMMA tank section, the base with removable build deck, the chimney, and drip tip. The tank and base of the atomizer are very well machined. There weren’t any burrs or debris and I did not experience any difficulty with crunchy threads. The AFC ring is also removable and fits perfectly to the atomizer without being too loose or stiff.

The spare parts package includes a hex key included that is needed in order to install and remove the chimney bell from the tank, what I thought were only “spare o rings” (explanation to come later), and extra post screws.

Squape clone close up

The authentic Squape V1 and Reloaded feature a unique and proprietary ceramic anodized coated called Ematal, which is what creates a non-conductive deck, and chimney surface on the authentic Squape. The decks and chimney of the Squape clones, while also anodized to be non-conductive, DO NOT have the proprietary ceramic Ematal coating. I have heard other product reviewers, and some vendors referring to the clones as having Ematal decks and chimney’s and this is simply not true. The anodized coating used on every clone that I have seen is entirely different in tone, texture, quality, and appearance than the proprietary Ematal coating on the authentic.

The atomizer comes pre-installed with the W or wide non-conductive deck in the base. Also included in the package is a S or standard deck, and a C or curved deck. You will notice that the standard deck is unmarked however, the process of elimination makes it easy to identify. You can see from the photos below that the most basic difference between all of the decks is the width of the wick channels. I have read that the curved deck is intended for use with silica and ekowool wick.

While the decks are removable from the base, they are not easy to remove. I actually used my teeth to remove the W deck, figuring that this would be better than using pliers .. in hindsight I am not so sure since I did manage to scrap off a bit of the anodized coating with my teeth (insert facepalm). You can see from the photos that both the standard and curved decks appear to be poorly anodized, leaving the anodized coating looking splotchy and uneven. I have not, and will not use these two decks.

The positive/negative posts, and the bottom deck plate are completely removable. I do recommend breaking down the entire device for cleaning as there was a fair amount of machine oil smell. The thread tolerances for the negative and positive posts are too loose on the clone that I received as they did completely unscrew from the base when I tried to remove the catch screws. The loose tolerances of the posts proved to be an issue later on when I would attempt to install my first build.

Squape collage 4

I decided to do a comparison between the Squape R, and the Squape V1 clones so that the revisions and upgrades of the Sqaupe R design would be better understood. The all of the aesthetic differences between both versions are immediately apparent. The body of the V1 Squape clone has a much thicker stainless steel tank (heavier also), a glass tank section, is 23mm in diameter, and has a has different shape and proportion than the Squape R clone.

What I find interesting is that my V1 Squape clone by Winsmoke has a glass tank while the authentic V1 Squape had a PMMA tank. And now the Squape R clone has PMMA tank, while the authentic Sqaupe R has a glass tank. It is worth mentioning that the Squape R clone made by Shenzhen Kingtu Technology does feature a glass tank which is glued into the atomizer.

Squape collage 5

The V1 Squape clone came with only one standard deck and used thumb screws. The ceramic coating of the deck is also of a different tone, texture, and quality which I find to be better than what is found on the Squape R clone featured in this review. The V1 Sqaupe clone also receives its air from two 1mm holes on either side of the 510 connection, whereas the Squape R clone receives its air from the body of the device, and is adjustable through 6 different air flow sizes. In theory this should be a plus for the Squape R clone. Finally, the V1 Squape does not have an adjustable 510 pin while the Squape Reloaded does.


I had expected my first build on the Squape R clone to be a breeze, unfortunately that was not the case ‘ at all. Building the Squape was hands down the most frustrating build experience I have ever endured as a vaper, specifically due to the poor thread tolerances of the positive and negative posts. The positive post actually gave me far more trouble than the negative post.

First off, I had a very difficult time catching the twisted 30 gauge Kanthal wire that I was using. When I would try to unscrew the catch screw to re-catch the lead, the entire positive post would come out of the deck. I had to remove the entire deck and reinstall the positive post twice (with pliers) before I could get it to remain stationary within the deck. This issue with the loose positive post also caused the resistance read out of my build to continually change. All in all it took me approximately one hour to get this build done, which was an absolute first for me ‘ and this is coming from someone who started rebuilding with Genesis style atomizers.

Squape collage 7

The next bit of trouble that I would run into was after I filled the Squape R clone and started vaping. The Squape R is filled between the space between the tank and chimney bell. Within minutes of filling I lost a full tank of juice as it poured out of the windows of the device ‘ WTH?

After posting about my frustrating experience on ECF, a member by the username of roxynoodle shared with me that the cause of leaking may be due to the o rings not being installed in the tank .. you know those two white o rings in the spares package? Sure enough when I removed the PMMA tank there weren’t any o rings installed.

How is it that the manufacturer thought that it was ok to leave the user to find out through trial and error that those “spare white o rings” are not in fact spares, and they need to be installed prior to filling this tank with e-liquid? UNACCEPTABLE! I lost an entire tank of German Chocolate Beefcake :( But my frustration didn’t end here.

I would spend another frustrating hour with the impossible task of installing these two oversized o rings into the top, and middle section of the Squape R tank. Realizing that these o rings were too large, I had a light bulb moment when I remembered that I had similar white o rings in the spares package of my Rose V2 clone. Thank you baby Jesus, the o rings from the Rose V2 (pictured left) fit perfectly into the Squape R clone, and so I was back in business. Once the o rings were installed, I no longer experienced any leaking.

Squape collage 7a

The adjustable 510 and the AFC ring were to the two aspects of this device that I was looking forward to, although I only found the adjustable 510 to really live up to the promise. For my first vape I set the AFC ring to the 2.2mm air hole, and the vape felt very “hollow” for lack of a better term. I could feel the air hole however, there were little returns on the flavor and vapor production, and so I wasn’t even going to try to the 3.1mm setting. I was surprised by this, especially when compared to the Rose V2 with its 2mm max air flow, which is far from hollow feeling.

I found that I get the best vape with Squape R using the 3rd and 4th largest air flow settings (1.8, 1.4mm respectively). While the flavor production is good with the smaller air flow settings, it is also no better than the flavor production of a Kayfun which is not a bad thing. However, with revisions and upgrades I expect something more than what I have previously experienced, and I just don’t get that from the Squape Reloaded clone. It is a decent vape, but it is nothing that I would write home about.


For me, the highlights of this device are the improved aesthetics, and the adjustable 510 pin. I much prefer the vape of V1 Squape clone that I have. The most disappointing aspect of this Squape R clone is that the manufacturer failed to pre-install the o rings in tank, which are required to keep this atomizer from leaking. I mean, could we at least get a user note in the box? And let us not forget the poor tolerances of the positive and negative posts. I have also read of user issues with defective/too short 510 pins.

All of this is yet another affirmation as to why Shenzhen United Electronic Technology/iVOGO has gone way down on my list of good clone manufacturers. This is a manufacturer who likes to cut corners. To those who might say “well it’s a clone, so what do you expect?”, I say that is rubbish. I am the happy owner of several impressive, and stunning clones. Good quality and clones are not mutually exclusive in existence. The Rose V2 atomizer is probably the most intricately designed atomizer on the market and it was successfully cloned by a few Chinese manufacturers.

The Squape Reloaded clone is an attractive looking RTA, with an acceptable vape quality, and that is all in my opinion.

Atomizer review final


  • ​Aesthetically appealing appearance
  • check
    ​Adjustable 510 pin


  • ​Required o rings are not pre-installed
  • ​Loose tolerances on positive/negative post
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Large air flow settings create a hollow feeling vape
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Building decks are hard to remove

Where to buy a Squape Reloaded Clone

Buy for $24.05 – Shipped from China

Buy for $49.95 – PRE-ORDER for EHPro version, Free shipping from the USA

15 thoughts on “Squape Reloaded Clone Review”

    1. Thank you for commenting Tam :) How have you been? So scarce lately, don’t make me come stalk you, lol. :D

  1. Paul (Nailz)

    I must of got the 1st one they made, as mine did have the orings installed for the tank, maybe they had so many troubles getting them in, they said sod all the others lol

    I think the reloaded looks awesome compared to the v1, I was not a fan of the looks of the v1 (lighthouse), but the reloaded I think is the best looking tank out there right now.

    But unfortunately IMO the reloaded had been over hyped, before getting it, I had heard how awesome the flavor was, but I have found it quite muted, it’s a shame it doesn’t perform as well as it looks.

    I did also have problems with them posts, every time I unscrew a coil, the post comes out too, and then have to use pliers to hold the post while unscrew the post screw, then re-install the post again.

    I don’t regret buying it, due to it looks, but sure not rushing to get another one though.

    1. Yeah, sounds like you got the golden egg there. I think you literally were the first person to get it in hand .. this RBA is totally overhyped. The vape is utterly average, not bad, but nothing to get excited about. I agree that it is better looking than the V1, but I would rather vape the V1 even with those tiny air holes in the 510, lol.

      1. madeinmachines

        Good review, i’m currently debating whether to get the new one on focal, the other one on FT or a wofoto one i’ve seen or maybe even the original although I don’t want to spend that kind of money if there are good clones. Do you expect the original to be overhyped and an average vape too? So far I really love the flavour of my erlkoenigin but want to try something a bit less fiddly and like the taifun style filling and ability to mess with your build. The expromizer is also a thought.

        1. Thank you for you comments .. owners of the authentic really seem to like it however, being that I do not personally have one I cannot say if the authentic is over hyped as well. Like most things, experience and the opinions formed from them are relative to what you know. I could totally see someone coming from a Protank loving this atomizer. For me the Squape R was not bad at all, but I was underwhelmed when compared to other RBA’s that I have. I haven’t tried the Erlkonigin yet although I do have one coming for review and its made by Amod.

          I say give one of the clones a shot to see how you like it, $25 is not a huge loss if end up being underwhelmed too.

          1. madeinmachines

            Thanks Nicole, I think you’ll like the erl if you’re a flavour chaser. It’s a little fiddly sometimes but once you get used to it it’s not too bad. Yes you’re right about opinions being informed by past gear – coming from an evod to a taifun I thought the taifun was the best thing in the world and gave it probably too much positivity on forums. Now I think the flavour is only ok and now find the airflow too tight as my vaping experience developed. I find it an easy and reliable build though and love the fill method so it’s not all bad.

            I think i’ll maybe try and get a good quality clone and avoid all the terrible ones i’ve read about. I hear the ehpro is good and the wotofo might be. I did buy the erlkonigin without trying a clone but maybe I just got lucky with that! Thinking of getting a backup wotofo erlkonigin too.

          2. So true about the Taifun GT .. used to be my go to atty, but when I vape it now I give it the side eye, lol. Its all relative. I have the Amod Erl coming, and I will be reviewing it so you will eventually read my thoughts about it. Hope the Squape works out for you. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment. With my squape Rclone I suppose I got lucky. Positive and negative posts are perfect and no issues. O rings were already installed. No leaking, very easy build with loads of vapor and excellent flavor! I supposed it depends on which clone you get and I must have gotten a good one! No problems or issues. Build was quick and trouble free. I would recommend.

    1. I think that is exactly it, the differences in user experiences seems to be largely dependent on who made their clone. Thank you for your comment. :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion dear, but I have long since moved on to other atties, still good to know for other viewers who may still be interested in it. :)

  3. The only problem (and its a big one) I had with this tank was filling it. The fit between the inner chimeny and the walls of the tank is so tight, I cant get juice in there, even with a tank that has a small metal drip tip. It its just to impossible to force the juice into it, I get maybe .5ml in the top, but it barely flows into the the part you see through the windows.

  4. Joe Mojo Devine

    Just picked up a SQuape R. After reading a whole heap of reviews, I think i am unsure if I got a clone or a legit one. The packaging looked correct but there was no serial number, and there was a heap of extra parts. I too had problems with the screws, but it was fitment/poor threads not post backing out. I guess I lucked out as it was my very first build. wide deck, approx 8ish wraps of 24ga wire, at 1.0ohm, cotton fluff wick. 5050 juice and no leaks. fair flavor, good hitting rig, looking forward to rebuilding it down the road with a chimney style coil.

  5. I recently bought the clone (tobaco) from vapenw.com and I was really happy with the purchase until I came across some serious problems. After building the coil and adding the juice I screwed the tank together and made some draws. It tasted good but after awhile the modbox started showing “resistance of atomizer is too low”. I tried another mod – same thing. I grabbed my multi-meter and found that the plus post is connected to the ground. I don’t know how it happened, probably anodizing or the isolation coating was too thin…
    It was good that I discovered the issue before I put the atty on my mechanical mod – It would be a disaster!

    I’m very frustrated with the purchase and really considering buying an authentic one…

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