IPV4 Box Mod Review – Great Vaping Features For Under $80

1000 Greetings to all my flavored-cloud-faring vape enthusiasts! So, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the mind-bending number of options available when it comes to vaping gear and you’re looking for a little support? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to to give you the honest down-low on affordable vaping gear, to make your next purchase just a little bit easier.

I am over the moon to be doing this IPV4 box mod review…it’s the first truly affordable 100W box mod with temperature control, so there’s been a huge rap around its release. The device features a YIHI SX330 v45 temp sensing chip and runs on no less than two 18650 batteries so you can expect extended battery life and good power from this system. I’m here to see whether it meets expectations and whether it’s gonna be an impressive upgrade over the IPV3.

Now, the manufacturer, Pioneer4U, is a China based Vaping Technology company that’s fast becoming synonymous with hard hitting, quality gear at truly reasonable prices. Previous releases in the IPV range have shown a massive amount of potential, although there were certain awkward bits which definitely needed addressing, I wasn’t a fan of the fact the IPV3 required a screwdriver to open the battery casing so I’m pleased to see that that’s been taken care of.

The company website is thorough and impressive, with excellent customer support and I’m excited to be taking on this review of IPV4, so without further adieu…let’s see how this baby rolls!

IPV4 Ratings

IPV4 Review

ipv4 review
    • 5W to 100W range
    • Voltage 1.0V to 7.5V
    • Resistance 0.1 ohm to 3.0 ohm
    • Temp control
    • 0.5 lbs
    • 4.13”x2.32”x0.92”
    • Battery protection
    • Spring loaded 510 connection
    • Available in black, red, silver, blue and gold apparently, however black and silver are the only ones I’ve seen

Keep in mind, the USB port on this mod is only for your firmware updates, use the 9V charging port on the side to charge.

Now this little beastie is made for vapers who are out there chasing killer clouds for long periods of time and as such it’s just up my alley…it kicks butt!


Look And Feel: Similar in size to the IPV3, but with a cooler, more industrial look. I’m a big fan of the grip on the battery cover and the rounder, more finished look. The textured metal finish means that scratches and the like won’t show up as easily as they would on a chrome or stainless steel device. It’s got a great hand feel so, thus far, its looking good.

Build: Great ventilation holes at the bottom of the box and the spring loaded, magnetic battery cover slips off nice and easy, that’s a great improvement on the IPV3 already. A little ribbon allows you to pull out the batteries nice and easy, some good attention to detail there. The build on the inside of the battery chamber is solid. The 510 connection is adjustable and spring loaded and, from the look of it, this is a sturdy piece. Sure, the battery cover feels a little cheap but actually that’s because its supple, with a rubberized coating, making for easy grip and durability, as well as easy removal and replacement.

Controls And Menu: Google your instructions and the menu system and controls are as simple as can be to use, provided you can see anything at all…but we’ll cover that in the cons section. The wattage is easily and quickly adjustable and the range is huge so very impressed with that. You can also save wattage settings easily in the memory so you needn’t fiddle with settings too much when you’re out and about, sweet feature.

Battery Life: No need to worry there, with 2 x 18650 batteries you’ll be vaping hard all day, plus the easier battery door makes quick swaps a breeze. On top of that…pass through battery tech means you can continue to vape whilst charging, a function which I, personally, find convenient.

Temp Control: The temperature is easily controlled up to 580 Fahrenheit provided you’re using a tank with nickel wire coils, to learn how to control your temp, check out this quick and easy to follow tutorial video.

The temp control chip in this device is high quality and that it’s included in a device that’s under $80 is what makes this piece so special. I am NOT a fan of the hot vape…so I love this function. Plus, awesome value for money.

Quality of Vape: Massive, consistent, flavorsome clouds, vaping a Kanger Sub-tank at close to 500F for an extended period, so let me just say…you will not do better than this device for under $80. Great performance with the temp control keeping tabs. Cheers IPV4!


Led Display Screen: The mirror finish of the display screen is a dumb idea, I’m not sure why you’d want a display screen to be reflective. Impossible to read in the sunshine! Also, considering how hard the screen cover makes it to read, a bigger display would have been a nice idea. Let’s face it, this is a cheap-ass screen but the point is: you can’t expect more at this price and anyway, the proof is in the pudding…this piece operates well!

Instruction Manual: I’d suggest you google your instructions as this manual is ridiculously irrelevant and lists controls which are nonexistent. As irritating as this is, I didn’t let it affect my rating too much as that’s really just communication error and not a design fault.

Charger Listed But Not Included: Well…that ain't right!? Simple as that.

Lower Wattage Than Its Predecessor: Um…why? Although actually, I don’t know about you but I’ve no need of that extra wattage and the improvements I’ve seen over the IPV3 float my boat just fine.

Special Brand Features

Pioneer4U offers you extremely reliable products at a shockingly affordable rate. A one year warrantee means you’ve nothing to worry about, provided you’re willing to pay an $8 fee and shipping costs!


Doing this IPV4 review, I encountered numerous issues…not-included accessories, sketchy instructions and the like, however: not only did I feel that I got what I paid for but I actually got a lot more and that's why I refused to subtract more than 0.5 stars. The vape quality was outstanding and I can’t see you finding a better product if you’re looking for a killer box mod with temp control under $80, actually: $65.99, thank you very much!

Sarah is an avid vaper dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. She strives to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.




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