Stingray X Clone Review: Everything You Need To Know

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The SXK/Infinite Stingray X is a 1:1 clone of the authentic Stingray X mod by JD Tech, and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to review this mechanical mod, because it is the one mod that I absolutely had to have in 2014. China clone manufacturers really appear to be on their game these days, as the authentic version was just released two months ago. The authentic Stingray X by JD Tech retails for $235.00 USD.

The Stingray X clone featured in this review comes from via their US Warehouse, SKU 14031, and is priced at $35.99 USD. The mechanical mod comes packaged in a nice leather-like gift box, with felt inserts containing the mod, a hybrid adapter, and a matching drip tip.

SXK/Infinite Stingray Review

Stingray x in box


Brand: SXK/Shenzhen Shenxingkang Technology Co, LTD
Type: modular mechanical
Materials: 304 grade stainless steel, copper, brass
Connection threading: 510 (top cap and hybrid adapter)
Diameter: 22mm
Height: 100mm
Weight: 120g (200g total package)
Airflow vented top cap
Floating fire pin
Silver plated copper contacts
Magnetic bottom firing switch with adjustable throw
304 grade stainless steel locking ring
Milled engraving logo and serial number on main body tube, and switch
Brass hybrid adapter
Stainless steel and copper drip tip

Build Quality

Straight out of the box, it is simply stunning to behold, at least in my opinion. I was instantly struck by the heavy brushed finish, which is identical to the authentic Stingray X. This being a modular, extension tube mod is comprised of a main body 350 tube with locking ring, two smaller extension tubes for the 18500/650 battery configurations, a top cap with floating pin, and a magnetic switch.

Parts separated stingray x mod

The aspect of this clone that I find truly impressive is the accurate replication of the complex Stingray X logo design, which is unlike anything presently available on the market. Deep milled engravings spell out the name, with decorative cutouts on either side of the engraving, which reveal the copper inner tube beneath the outer stainless steel tube.

Unlike some Stingray X clone variants, the inner copper and outer stainless steel tubes have been welded together and cannot be separated, as it is with the authentic Stingray X. In my opinion, this was a genius way to provide the high electrical conductivity of copper, without having to deal with the maintenance involved in keep a copper mod clean, and patina free and no stinky hands, yay!

Stingray mod collage

I did receive mine with one minor flaw, which was a very loose floating pin that moves freely up, and down within the 510 connection. Thankfully this has not negatively affected the overall functionality of the top cap. Like the main body construction, the top cap and switch are also copper wrapped in stainless steel. There are eight air holes around the outer diameter of the top cap for those devices that receive their air through the 510 connection. The top cap is also constructed with a 2mm lip around the top which can affect your ability to use certain atomizers, a point that I will elaborate on later in the review.

While the switch design is very similar to the original switch design, there are some differences. The height of the switch is now shorter, with a redesigned delrin insulator, and ring magnets instead of the disk magnets that were used in the prior design. There is still adequate venting in the updated switch design, with slotted threads that lead out to vent holes around the switch. In addition, the updated switch also brings with it a shorter throw, and on a mechanical mod that is always welcomed.

The hybrid adapter included in this kit is constructed of thickly cut brass, which is threaded around the diameter and has two large holes drilled completely through the adapter which are intended to aid removal of the adapter from the inner tube of the mod. The authentic model actually comes with the removal tool for the hybrid adapter, the clone, however, does not.

End caps and button on the stingray x clone

The overall machining quality is simply amazing. The extension tubes are seamless and have the appearance of one solid tube when configured in 18650, and 18500 modes. The heavy brushed finish plays very well to the ornate style logo of the Stingray X, and the copper accents seen throughout.

18650, 18500, and 18350 tubes


It has a tested voltage drop of 0.1, which is excellent in terms of conductivity. However, one issue that I encountered right away is the inability to use short or flush 510 atomizer pins with the Stingray X top cap. My Infinite KFL V2 has a nearly flush 510 connection pin, which was not able to make contact with the fire pin in the Xs top cap. I believe this is due to the raised lip design around the top cap. Being that it is a 1:1 copy of the authentic X, I don’t consider this to be a flaw, as much as it is the nature of the authentic Xs design.

In the photo illustration below, I have compared varying 510 pin lengths to demonstrate which 510 pin length is appropriate for use with the Stingray X top cap. All 510 connection pins that are 1mm, and longer will work fine with the Stingrays top cap, and likewise any 510 pin that is .5mm, and shorter in length will not fire with the top. However, you can use most shorter 510 pins with the hybrid adapter, and a nipple top battery. I will elaborate further on this point later.

510 atomizer connections

The Stingray X is 4mm shorter in length than the prior design, thanks in part to the redesigned switch housing. The updated switch design also has a shorter throw, and a smoother switch action. The locking ring also requires fewer turns to engage/disengage, which is approximately 3 turns of a finger.

There is no wobble when it is standing in the unlocked position, nor does it fire under its own weight with a full-size Kayfun attached. It is worth noting that they switch throw is even shorter when used in hybrid mode.

Stingray x vs. Stingray mod

As previously mentioned, short 510 pins may have difficulty making contact with the fire pin in the top cap. However, the Infinite KFL V2 works just fine with the hybrid adapter.

Important user note: Hybrid adapters are for advanced/experienced users only, due to the inherent risks involved when using an atomizer to make direct contact to a battery. In light of the lack of insulation on the included hybrid adapter, it is recommended that you use a nipple top battery in conjunction with a shorter 510 pin.

It is my opinion that the shape and smaller contact surface area of a nipple top battery is less likely to inadvertently make contact with the metal surface of the hybrid adapter, thereby causing a hard short. However, in my opinion, the use of flat top batteries in combination with a long 510 pin (more than 1mm) is also less likely to cause a hard short, although the possibility of shorting out your device in either scenario still exists, so user beware.

In hybrid mode, it is the same size as the 4nine mechanical mod in all battery configurations, and considerably shorter than the prior version of the mod. In terms of overall performance, the Stingray X kills the 4nine in my opinion.

$nine mod compared to stingray x


In my honest opinion, The Stingray X by JD Tech is one of the most innovative and impressive mechanical mods designs to hit the market in 2014. The 1:1 clone made by SXK/Shenxingkang Technologies is a truly impressive replication in my opinion. Both the functional and aesthetic design is a genius answer to the current Copper Craze that is presently dominating the market. It is the perfect alternative for those who want the superior electrical conductivity of copper, yet do not care for the high maintenance involved in keeping this especially patina prone metal clean.

In addition to the exceptional performance of this, which has only a .1 voltage drop, you also get versatility with the option to use this in hybrid mode. I personally love using it in both the standard set up and with the hybrid adapter, which further streamlines the already-compact form factor of this new design. And for those who have had issues with the crunchy switch on the Stingray V1, your complaints have been heard, and this issue has been addressed with this newer switch design.

There are a few manufacturers of this clone, including Skorite, and iVogo, and I have heard positive consumer feedback for both of those clone variants. However, barring any manufacturing defects the Stingray X 1:1 clone made by Shenxingkang Technology is the only clone that absolutely nailed the construction of the stainless steel wrapped copper tubes, and the intricate main body logo details.

For me, the Stingray X is the best mechanical mod released so far in 2014.

The one criticism that I must express to the manufacturer of this stunning 1:1 replication, is regarding QUALITY CONTROL issues I am aware of with other mod’s. Being that I’m an active, and participating member within the vape community, I am aware that there have already been sporadic reports of manufacturing defects on the Stingray X clone by SXK.

I have heard of minor issues like my own, with the loose floating pin, to major issues like a missing logo, and poorly milled inner tubes. While these types of occurrences regarding machining defects are the exception and not the rule, it has to be noted. You can also check out our review of the 26650 Stingray X.

Stingray x final

Where to Buy a Stingray X Mechanical Mod?

43 thoughts on “Stingray X Clone Review: Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Great review, very nice to see someone who really knows what they are talking about.
    I own three of these from three different manufacturers.
    My SXK came in fairly ruff shape from top to bottom and with the pin issue also and what appeared to be patina already setting in, had a heck of a time with what ever it was in the threading but the tubes were seamless as you mentioned.
    One thing about your review and I’ve been screaming my head off to all who take me serious is to watch out with that hybrid adapter and also compared it to the 4nine and it’s really great for you to make that a huge mention as it’s a big deal some no nothing cloud chaser with vent himself and wonder why.
    The one thing I found that surprised me was out of the three I have only one was reverse threaded lock, the CiGreen, very surprised.
    I am currently pulling the flopping pin and threading the delrin to accept a Fatdaddy pin. Also working to make a better switch, preference, but really never have cared much about the Stingrays functionality but the aesthetics are the most beautiful.
    This shorter form factor certainly had some trade offs though and they are a bit negative IMO.
    Your review is the best I’ve read to date, great job

    1. Wow, thank you so much Gary! Comments like yours is what makes doing product reviews so gratifying. I thank you so much for taking the time to read, and comment.

  2. Your quit welcome, keep up the excellent work, it takes a lot to write a great review and that’s something a lot of reviewers seem to miss.
    As I mentioned, you really did the vaping community a huge service by putting that warning about the hybrid adapter and hopefully people will take notice,
    I don’t think most people really understand or know their equipment and should be mindful of just what you pointed out, it’s a big deal.
    I recently bought a Pegasus which said it had the vent holes hidden in the switch, well after tearing it apart Well ya they are hid real good, like NO vent holes at all, so basically a nice looking brass pipe bomb if I were so stupid as to try and sub with the thing and get a nice hard short, and even with the vent holes on most mods if anyone’s ever has had a battery vent on them, I have, they’d know that most vent holes at 2mm are hardly enough to be affective because a battery will swell and plug the standard vent holes.
    Anyhow I’m long winded, but thanks again and I’ll be looking forward to hopefully to seeing more of your reviews, really great stuff there friend.

    1. Gary, I agree with all you said. Safety is an important issue, and we all have responsibility to educate ourselves, and each other. Thank goodness you are knowledgeable enough to know how to check for proper venting, or are even aware of how necessary it is. I find your comments to be very encouraging so thank you again.

  3. Great review. I love mine.

    Quick question(s):

    Any idea where to pick up replacement magnets? They were very fragile and I can’t find another size that fits perfectly. Would the manufacturer be the best contact? or the seller?

    Best I can tell its 16mm (OD) x 11mm (ID) x 1mm (thickness)

    Mine is functional, but could use the real sized magnets.


    1. Hi Drew, thanks for viewing my review. is a good vendor to buy magnets from, and since you have measurements you should be able to find them, as they are sold by type (ring) and size. The manufacturer does not sell replacements magnets, so the vendor would not be able to help you there. If you are looking for magnets super cheap, then you can try, which is in China.

  4. Thank you for the thorough review. Now I know why my igo W rda won’t fire on this mod. Any ideas on how to resolve the short 510 pin, other than buying another rda.

    1. Hey Jeff, thanks for viewing. The issue is not so much the short fire pin, it is the redesigned top cap of the X with the raised 2mm lip around it that prevents shorter 510 pins from firing. That extra 2mm in height is whats preventing atomizers with shorter pins from making contact with the fire pin of the Stingray X top cap. The only solution unfortunately is to use the hybrid adapter with those atties, or try to modify your atties 510 pin to make it longer. Don’t know if that is possible with the Igo W RDA. This is the one caveat of the Stingray X mod.

  5. Nicole, awesome review. Doesn’t feel overly-gushing and I can really feel what you are writing. Your knowledge in vaping and devices shines through in your very easy-to-understand and consise words. I really enjoyed the read. More, please, with the same professionalism.

    1. Flux wow! Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback, it is very encouraging and much appreciated. You made me smile. :)

  6. chris skates

    Hi Nicole,

    I love the review very well done and actually made me buy one from focalecig. I will say I have the same issues with the pin in the top cap. Two more issues I had are all the threads are razor blade sharp. I work with cnc machines so with threads they should of been deburred. My drip tip also had metal shavings still attached. Those are the only issues I’ve had. This mod by far is the best I own. It totally wipes the floor with my nemesis and is slightly better than my Panzer. Thanks for influencing me I to buying this great mod!

    1. Hi Chris :) Thanks for viewing, and commenting. I have personally reached out to SXK regarding some of the sporadic qc issues that have been reported, so I hope they really tighten up on this front. Most agree that barring in manufacturing defects, the SXK Stingray X is one of the best mods released this year. Continue to enjoy it Chris. ;-)

      1. chris skates

        Completely agree. This is definitely my new favorite. All I did was take a scotch brite sponge and use the the rough side on the threads and edges. Makes the threads a tad tighter but gets rid of the razor edges

        1. @Chris .. every vaper should have some wet/dry sandpaper or scotch brite in their vapers tool bag ;-)

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  8. Early on I commented to you about how I thought it was really great how you warned everyone regarding the potential dangers involved with the using of the adapter, and it was great that you did that, most folks wouldn’t know that, so that was very very thoughtful in your review.
    I personally have cut down the separator that you see when you buy a magnet upgrade and have been using that just in hopes of making myself safer, then I came upon something I have been meaning to send your way and keep forgetting but then these recent comments started coming through so thought I’d send this and it’s an insulated adapter, a bit on the spendy side but worth piece of mind for me anyhow, so here’s the link if your interested?

    1. That is very awesome, and useful information for you to share here, so thank you. An insulated hybrid adapter is much safer to use, that is why Tarsius customs updated their original release of the 4nine top cap with insulation. I was surprised that JD Tech didn’t think to do the same with their hybrid adapter. Thank you again for sharing. :)

  9. UR welcome and Dido, fellow V. Undergrounder, thought you if anyone would appreciate that, your thoughts are my thoughts precisely, Ya actually shocked first by the adapter itself and secondly the thickness leaving precisely 0% space to even use an insulator and then least of all barely allowing 510 to clear the adapter, they created a bad potential scenario, and it’s not as if it couldn’t have easily crossed their minds?? Not like their new at this business, I’ve cut one adapter in half since I have 3 of them and then used the spacer from magnet separator as an insulator, thought about a deliberate short as a test but then thought again, I’m having enough personal drama lately..LOL
    Most sincerely G… aka Sparks @ V.U.G.F. I read your comments there on the blk X mod, & bye the way I ordered two of those adaps today in copper, been looking at them for awhile but busy and will drop you a note when I get them re: quality etc for $13 ea. whether or not they are worth the money, either here or at the forum under your thread re: black X SXK type?

    1. Well that is a really nice thing to say! (blushing) .. Mr. N was kind of enough to share some of his Blueberry candy juice with me, good thing for him it was good otherwise I would have to rethink this collaboration, LOL. :D

      1. Ya, always knew he could result to bribery, but well what the heck, have to do what you have to to get the best, blueberry candy though? Either he’s a cleaver cheapskate.. OR, your really easy…LOL…☺

  10. I just received my sxk stingray. There were some scratches and not 100% seamless but it’s tolerable. My only issue is my lock ring is not buttery smooth and squeaks. What can I do to solve this issue.

    1. The locking ring is threaded over a copper tube and is a metal that requires a lot of cleaning and up keep. This applies to all of the copper parts, including the switch. You will have to clean all of the exposed copper bits regularly to keep everything working smoothly. Remove the locking ring from the tube and clean your threads, then reinstall. :)

      1. I have already clean the threads. Stillbhaving the same issue. I tried my friends locking ring on my mod and it worked perfectly fine and silent. What can I do to my rin to help stop it from squeeking and unlock faster

        1. Well if you tried your friend’s locking ring on your mod and it worked better, then you can use a little wet/dry sandpaper at maybe 800 grit to clean up the threads on the locking on ring. Or sometimes all you need is to apply a little vaseline with a q tip to the threads on the locking ring to make it turn more smoothly.

  11. madeinmachines

    I do really like the look of this mod and like shiny pink copper but really don’t like patina copper or the maintenance that goes with it. Could you give me some details on how long the patina takes to develop on the button and on the see through bit and ring? How long it takes to clean. I have a nemesis clone that turns brown if I even look at it for too long so it would need cleaning every day. I don’t like the look of the x at all with patina but do very much with. I kind of wish it had been ss and brass – I do love the golden matte look of brass patina. Had problems with the original crappy stringray switch so hopefully this one will behave much better.

    1. The patina maintenance on the Stingray X is really not that bad at all .. I would say that the exposed Copper bits need to be cleaned every two weeks or so. I use lemon juice or ketchup to clean my copper, but you have to rinse well after because lemon juice can corrode Copper over times if its not rinsed off. But lemon juice works really fast.

  12. I got this from Fasttech not too long ago – while it was operational, it was great! I have a Magma 1:1 clone with a loooong 510 – never sits flush on anything. Was perfect using the hybrid adapter.

    My big gripe was the switch – it was pretty terrible and crunchy. I didn’t realize it used a pin to stop it spinning – lost the damn thing the first time I took the switch apart :'(

    Got a bag of rice pins, magnet upgrade and contact upgrade on the way from so am very much looking forward to using this beast again!

  13. I need a new firing button for mine. It got dropped and the magnet broke (magnets are on the way) but I still can’t get it to screw in now, ugh. Any ideas where to get a new firing button in case the magnets don’t do the trick?

  14. Good review!! But I’m gonna tell you all about the atty’s with short pins not firing. easy fix.

    Take the top cap off, turn it upside down on a table, or somewhere sturdy. Find a socket the same size as the black plastic/delrin insert. Grab a hammer and tap the black plastic ring down into the top cap. This will give you the clearance to run short 510 atty’s. I’ve done it twice, on the original stingray and the X….hope this helps!!!

    1. It does help Seth, thank you kindly for this short 510 pin fix. And thank you also for viewing. :)

  15. ordered from focal several issues… inside of top cap is savagely filed for some reason missing at least three threads on one side barely screws in. all edges are razor sharp. while trying to unscrew the tubes which wont unscrew got some nasty finger cuts… e ventually it appeared to unscrew but it was the stainless pulling off the copper they arent welded at least on mine it does hit hard but mines a peice of shit order elsewhere or look into something other than the sxk this mod shouldve been thrown out at the factory instead they sell it anyway im pissed clone or not uacceptable

    1. I absolutely agree that is not at all acceptable, but you should send it back for and exchange or refund. The SXK Stingray X remains the most well regarded clone, but clearly you got a majorly defective one, and there is no reason to keep that.

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