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The Phantus Mini is a uniquely styled 18350 mechanical box mod made by American modder Standard Functions. The authentic Phantus Mini is available in the standard finish of stainless steel, and a limited edition Brass Monkee series which is 100% brass. The Phantus Mini is both compact and stylish, and appears to have been created with the avid “vape gear collector” in mind. The authentic Phantus Mini retails for $140-$175usd for the standard stainless steel version, and $170-$200 for the limited edition Brass Monkee series.

This product review will feature two different Phantus Mini Brass Monkee series clones for comparison, the 1:1 clone which is made by Waidea Times, and the non-1:1 clone made by Limwell Industrial. Both Phantus Mini clones were provided by their respective manufacturers for the purpose of conducting this product review. The Phantus Mini clones retail for $29.99-$49.99usd at various online retailers.

Both the Waidea, and Limwell made clones are presented in Phantus Mini branded black gift boxes (different size and dimensions for each), and include the 18350 box mod, RDA adapter, and a removal tool.

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Where to buy — Phantus Mini Clone:


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  • Brand: Waidea Times (1:1 clone) and Limwell Industrial (not 1:1)
  • Type: mechanical box mod
  • Material: Brass and Aluminum (Waidea) Brass and Stainless Steel (Limwell)
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Battery compatibility: single 18350 only
  • Diameter: 24mm (Waidea) 22mm (Limwell)
  • Height: 56mm (Waidea) 59mm (Limwell)
  • Width: 49mm (Waidea) 47mm (Limwell)
  • Weight: 318grams (Waidea) 345grams (Limwell)


  • Reverse threaded locking fire switch
  • Brass positive pin
  • RDA riser tool/placeholder


As mentioned earlier, the Waidea Times made Phantus Mini clone is a 1:1 replication of the authentic article. Let me start out by saying this is one heavy little box mod, but it is beautifully done. The words “Phantus Mini — brass monkee series” are laser engraved on one side of the mod, with the standard functions brand logo appearing on the other side.

The RDA adapter is pre-installed within the 24mm atomizer slot upon receipt. Like the authentic Phantus Mini, the RDA adapter/riser is made from aluminium. The small black delrin piece on the top of the mod is to be used for attaching a lanyard, although I am not sure why anyone would want to attach this hefty mod around their neck, lol.

The Waidea Phantus Mini clone is very well machined, and the brushed brass finish is even and blemish free.

*click all photos to englarge*
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I was surprised that Limwell did not produce a 1:1 clone of the Phantus Mini, especially since they were the first to email me about their intentions to make this clone. The first thing that I noticed about the Limwell Phantus Mini out of the box is that it is even heavier than the Waidea made 1:1 clone. This is in part due to the fact that the RDA adapter of the Limwell clone is made from stainless steel, unlike the authentic and Waidea Phantus Mini clone whose RDA adapters are made from aluminium.

The Limwell Phantus Mini clone is laser engraved on both sides with only slight differences in the font, size, and appearance from the authentic Phantus Mini. The photos below make the engravings appear faint, but they are much darker in person, which you will see in later photos.

The Limwell clone does not have standard functions written on the bottom of the mod, but features a Limwell brand specific triangle logo instead which has also appeared on other clones made by Limwell Industrial.

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The many differences between the Limwell Phantus mini clone and the Waidea 1:1 clone become more apparent in the photo comparison shown below. With the Waidea 1:1 clone on the left, and the Limwell clone on the right you can see that the differences in the engravings are slight. The Limwell Phantus Mini clone is taller, and narrower in width than the 1:1 Waidea clone. In fact, the size, shape, and dimensions of the Limwell clone are merely “similar” to the authentic Phantus Mini.

Both clones have a brushed brass finish however, the Waidea 1:1 clone has a smoother, and more refined brushed pattern in comparison to the Limwell clone. One major difference between the two clones is that the Waidea clone has a 24mm atomizer slot (for up to 23mm atties) like the authentic, while the Limwell Phantus mini can only fit 22mm atomizers. The Limwell clone also does not have the black delrin lanyard attachment, but this mod looks better without it in my opinion.

There are a few more differences between the two clones, but I will cover that during the individual breakdowns of each clone in a bit.

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The Waidea Phantus Mini clone breaks down into three basic parts, the main body, the aluminium RDA adapter/riser, and the fire switch which is reversed threaded into the mod (left to install, right to remove). Like the authentic Phantus Mini, the Waidea clone comes with a removal tool for the RDA adapter. The atomizer slot has a viewing window so that you can see your e-liquid level when the atomizer is installed. The 23mm slot can also allow air into the atomizer.

The body and threads of the mod are perfectly machined, and I could not find any flaws in the execution. The construction of the fire switch is identical to the authentic Phantus Mini, and the switch does have a reverse threaded locking mechanism in addition to reverse threading the switch housing into the mod.

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The Limwell Phantus Mini clone breaks down into the same three basic parts, so I will focus more on how the Limwell clone differs from the authentic and 1:1 clone. First, the switch housing does not reverse thread into the mod, it is “righty tighty, lefty loosey”. However, the locking mechanism on the switch is reverse threaded, the top of the switch is smooth, and it uses a gold plated spring.

The viewing window on the atomizer slot has thinner walls than the authentic and 1:1 clone, the window itself is narrower and has a higher base than the authentic. It was also a bit disappointing to see that Limwell created a 22mm atomizer slot instead of the 23mm of the authentic. I must also note that there is a machining flaw on the Limwell clone that I received, but it is only a cosmetic flaw (two deep ridges on left top side).

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Below you can see the breakdown of weight between the Waidea 1:1 clone and the Limwell Phantus Mini clone. The Waidea Phantus Mini clone is heavier than the Limwell clone without the RDA adapter installed, but is lighter than the Limwell clone with the RDA adapter installed. This is due to the difference in weight between the aluminium RDA adapter of the Waidea clone (30 grams), and the stainless steel adapter of the Limwell clone (89.6 grams).

I am not sure what guidelines Limwell used to make their clone, but it clearly was not cloned from an original sample.

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As I attempted to set both of these clones up for their first run, I immediately ran into a problem with the Limwell clone, specifically battery fitment. The Limwell Phantus Mini clone does not fire with flat top 18350 purple Efest batteries, and my nipple top purple Efest battery did not fit at all. I am not sure if this is just a one of scenario, or if it is across the board. My old nipple top AW battery does fit inside the Limwell Phantus Mini clone, but it is the only battery that I can use with it.

The Waidea Phantus Mini clone was able to accommodate all 18350 batteries that I used with it, including the flat top Efest. The next issue that I ran into with the Limwell clone was the tight fit of my 22mm Kayfun 3.1 clone. While the Kafyfun 3.1 screwed into the mod without a problem, the fit is so snug that I could not get any air into the atomizer in spite of viewing window, so that was a fail. A 22mm atomizer with dual air intake like the Goblin RTA might be a better choice for the Limwell Phantus Mini clone.

The Waidea clone being a proper 24mm in diameter had no issues with air intake with the Kayfun 3.1. If you look at the photos below you will see the difference in available space in the atomizer slot between the two clones.

Collage 8

With the atomizer restrictions of the Limwell Phantus Mini clone it made sense to use with the RDA adapter and a dripper, while I continued to use the Waidea Phantus Mini clone with the Kayfun 3.1. In spite of their weight both Phantus Mini clones handled pretty well, and I actually found them easier to handle than something like Kato Square box clone that I reviewed last year.

As far as vape performance and voltage drop, I was only able to test voltage drop with the Waidea Phantus Mini because my 510 inline volt meter would not thread into the Limwell clone. The voltage drop on the Waidea Phantus mini with a .80 ohm atomizer was .34, which is acceptable for an 18350 only mechanical mod. So overall performance was not spectacular, but it what I expected of a 18350 box mod.

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The Phantus Mini is a box mod that is all about style and aesthetics, so if you are looking for a super hard hitting box to blow your mind, then you need to keep looking. This is a box mod for the “collector”, which I believe was the intention of Standard Functions. Due to the weight of the Phantus Mini you will certainly not want to pocket this mod, the Phantus Mini belongs on a desk, or display shelf.

As far as the Waidea 1:1 Phantus Mini clone vs the Limwell clone comparison goes, after I worked past the limitations of the Limwell Phantus Mini clone I found that both clones performed about the same. However, because the Limwell Phantus Mini cannot accommodate full size atomizers over 22mm, and suffers from air intake issues with some full size 22mm atomizers, the Waidea 1:1 Phantus Mini clone is the better choice in my opinion.

*authors note* The Limwell Phantus Mini clone is also being supplied under the Eycotech, VCEEGO, and Yosen trade brands.

Final photo


  • ​Attractive aesthetic
  • check
    ​RDA adapter


  • ​Overall weight
  • ​Restricted air intake with 22mm RBA’s (Limwell clone only)
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Needs 18350 nipple top battery (Limwell clone only)
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Cannot fit 23mm atomizers (Limwell clone only)

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Where to buy — Phantus Mini Clone


13 thoughts on “Phantus Mini Clone Review”

    1. Thank you Jean :) The good news is, at $30 bucks for this you will not be out of a lot money if you got one, but then realized it wasn’t for you.

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderfully detailed review! I love mini things! I’ve been wanting an 18350 mod for awhile. I’m on the fence about which one but now I have a much better idea about what this brings. Thank you again!

  2. Thanks again, for another top review! IMO your reviews are the best, at least of those written in the vaping world..
    Also GREAT that you compare different clones, this is extremly helpfull, and i think you saved many folks, me included, from a bad experience with the limwell one.
    Only ONE single small thing i would love the see in future reviews too:
    Please also make VD test with a lower resistance atty, maybe around 0.25/0.35 Ohms, as many ppl use RTA like goblin/Silverplay/RDAs like Mutation X ect. at those low Ohms, plus the big crowd of sub tank users.
    This would be the perfect review.. Even though ur already very close to it! ;)
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Stele, thank you so much for your comments, they are really appreciated. Whenever there are two or more clones of the same device I will try to do comparisons of them. I will also keep in mind about doing VD with lower ohms as well. :)

      Tell ya something funny .. I was curious to see how well the Lemo would fit inside the Waidea clone being that the Lemo is 23mm. It fit great, and I took a few vapes, and WOW .. it was hitting much harder for some reason, the vape was fantastic .. then I remembered that the Lemo had a .13 Ni200 build it .. Oh shit! With a 18350 battery I was glad that I didn’t blow myself up, but jeez .. those 3 toots that I took were amazing, lol.

    1. Hi Sage! Long time no see dear :( Sorry but I am not on Facebook anymore so I don’t get to see you as much. Thanks for your comments Sage, always appreciated! :)

  3. kevin macdonald

    I have the limwell and while mine takes most 18350s’ the battery life sucks. It is an attention getter though.

  4. Quick question: Did you experience any problems releasing the firing button? I literally have cuts all over my thumbs from trying to unscrew it, so I can actually use it, but it’s just not coming loose. From what i’ve read, it’s a counter clockwise turn to release the button, but I can’t seem to get it loose. :(

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