Ember Mod Clone Review – “Fire of Life Clone”

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Element Mod “Ember Fire of Life Clone” Review

The authentic Ember Mod is made by Elements Mod, and it retails for $190.00 to 229.99 USD, which includes a 18350, and 18490 battery tube only, as the 18650 is sold separately. The Ember Mod clone featured in this review is also known as the Fire of Life, and is made by Chinese manufacturer JoyLifee.

The Fire of Life mod comes from Focalecig.com, sku 19565, and retails for $28.55 USD. The 3 tube mod set comes in a foam, felt covered gift box insert, minus an actual gift box.

Purchase one for $25.69 here with coupon code: FCVAPINGCHEAP

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Product Type – 3 Tube mechanical mod set
Material – Polished stainless steel & copper
Connection threading – 510
Battery compatibility – 18350/18500/18650
Dual adjustable copper positive contacts (top cap)
Magnetic bottom firing switch with copper contacts
Reverse threaded locking ring
CNC engraved logo (tubes and switch)
Package contents:
1x 18650 tube
1x 18500 tube
1x 18350 tube
Tube diameter 23mm
Total package weight- 235 g


The Ember mod clone featured in this review, differs from the authentic in that it is fabricated in polished stainless steel, the CNC engraved logos on the body, and switch are accented in red, a magnetic bottom firing switch, while the authentic Ember mod uses a spring loaded firing button.

Additionally, this Ember mod clone comes with three tubes to accommodate all 18xxx series batteries, with a tube diameter that measures at 23mm, making this mod a suitable match for 23mm rebuildable atomizer devices such as the Taifun GT, Squape, and Expromizer.

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The threads are very well machined, there are no burrs, or sharp edges, nor do the threads squeak, or crunch when threading the caps on, and off the tubes. The tubes themselves have a nice weight to them, while the top cap, and switch feel rather light in comparison to some of my other 23mm mechanical mods, like the Chi You, and EHpro Caravela.

Initially, the light feeling of the caps threw me off a bit however, I find that the lighter weight of the caps do balance the overall feel of the mod, and keeps it from feeling too heavy, especially when paired with a Taifun, or Squape. The CNC logos are deep, and are finished with a claret red paint, that is actually darker in person, than it appears in the photos.

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The top cap has dual adjusting copper contacts which allows for the use of a variety of 510 threaded atomizers, with varying pin lengths, as well as nipple, and flat top batteries. I really like the large surface area of the copper contacts, in addition to the fact that once the contacts are adjusted for fitment, they usually stay in place, and are not overly loose as some dual adjusting contact pins tend to be.

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I really appreciate the way the top cut air channels were designed, as they do not carry out to the outer diameter of the top cap. Instead, there are four small air holes drilled into the decorative cut outs around the top cap, which lead into the air channels on the surface of the top cap. So there is adequate air flow for atomizers that receive their air from the 510 connection, such as the Squape.

Take notice of how the air holes of the top cap are almost perfectly aligned with the air channels of the Squape RBA, pictured below.

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As previously mentioned, the Fire of Life clone is designed with a magnet switch, negative copper contact, and a reverse threaded locking ring. There are two holes drilled into the switch for battery venting, and there is also a serial # etched into the top of the switch housing. The switch action is light, and smooth, and while the magnets are not super strong, they are strong enough to keep this device from firing under its weight while unlocked, and with a Squape atomizer attached.

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One of the most pleasant surprises about this mod, is the very short throw, which you do not see very often with this style switch design. Mechanicals with similar switch designs, such as the Caravela, often need to be modded in order to shorten the length of its long throw. The shorter throw on the Fire of Life not only makes the switch pleasant to use, it is also more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

While the switch action is smooth, I do notice that it is necessary to hit the switch dead center, in order for it to fire, it does not fire when the switch is hit off the sides. However, hitting the switch dead center isn’t difficult to do at all, and I have not experienced any misfires while using the mod. The only reason that I am aware that it does not fire off the sides, is because I, intentionally tried to do so, for the sake of this product review.

The reverse threaded locking ring works very nicely, and it moves with ease, however, pay attention to your finger placement when unlocking the switch. I have found that it is rather easy to unscrew the whole switch housing while trying to unlock it, however, this was only true while using the 18500 tube. So I believe it may be due the threads on the 500 tube being overly finished, and therefore too smooth. This issue did not occur while using the 18350 tube.

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With copper contacts being all the rage right now, I must say that with a 1.4 ohm build on a Squape, I did not find this to be a super hard hitting mechanical. However, I do find that it hits hard enough for me to get an enjoyable vape while using the mod. I did not perform any voltage drop tests with this mod, so I cant speak to any specific numbers regarding the voltage drop.

There is a little bonus here, for those collector types that like to mix, and match their mods. The thread pitch on this mod set is 21x1mm, which means the caps, and tubes are compatible with other mechanical mods like the Chi You, Astro by Kato, and the Atom. Quite honestly, in my opinion, the Chi You looks better with the Ember mod top cap, and switch, than it is done with its original caps.

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For me, the functional high points of the Ember/Fire of Life mod are the magnetic switch, tiny switch throw, and the hidden airflow design of the top cap. I also find the construction of the dual adjusting positive contacts to be better than average. I also appreciate the fact that I am able to use my button batteries without any fitment issues, including the need to remove the lower portion of the positive pin, as I have had to do with some other mechanicals, in order to close up my top cap.

In terms of the aesthetic, I find this to be a nicely made mechanical, and the CNC logo in combination with the red accents give it a unique look that is not so common, in a market that is flooded with metal tube mods. I can appreciate the fact that JoyLifee took a pre-existing design, and added their own spin to it, with the 23mm diameter, polished stainless steel finish, and magnetic switch. It is worth noting that the Fire of Life also comes in a black finish, for those who are on the black PVD bandwagon.

So if you are in the market for an affordable mechanical, with a nice bit of flare, this is certainly a solid option.

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Where to Buy This Mechanical Mod

Get the Ember Element Clone for only $25.69 right here!

Use coupon code “FCVAPINGCHEAP” for 10% off at checkout.

Other versions:

Brass 1:1 version for $27.38

Black/Red version for $29.66

4 thoughts on “Ember Mod Clone Review – “Fire of Life Clone””

  1. I have the black FOL from focal, and I agree it is great mod for the price. I do wish the red was brighter like it shows in your pics, as would really pop on the black, but overall it is a really good mod for the price, especially for getting all 3 tubes too.

  2. Hi and thanks for this review, i’wondering about the voltage drop,do you think that the chi you is a better or got less voltage drop than this mod.

    1. Hi .. its hard to give a definitive answer for that because there are several factories producing the Chi You clone, and material quality, and machining tolerances can vary for all of them, all of which has a direct affect on voltage drop. I do have a Chi You clone, and the one I have does hit harder than the Ember clone that I reviewed. However, that does not necessarily mean that if you buy a Chi You that you will have the same experience.

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