Angelcigs Mechanical Box Mod Review

Angelcigs mechanical box mod reviewAngelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod Review

When I was first asked to review the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod, I was relatively excited to add a mechanical box to my growing collection. The styling looked killer and, let’s face it, who can’t use double the battery life in a mechanical setup? Beyond those 2 features, I didn’t think much of the Angel Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod. The shipping was quick and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised from the moment I opened the package.

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The Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod featured in this review came directly from This is an Authentic ecig mod priced at just $29.99.

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Where to Buy a Angelcigs Mechanical Box Mod:


  • 100% Mechanical mod No Wire
  • Adjustable negative battery contacts
  • Adjustable 510 Center Pin
  • 1 vent holes on the bottom

The packaging was very well done, reminiscent of a much more expensive device, the cardboard box was thick and wrapped in a textured veneer of faux leather. The Angelcigs logo was embossed in silver in the center and overall, it just oozed class. The inside of the box was lined with thick, dense foam, which snugly held the aluminum-alloy box. The box mod itself is nice and heavy with a nice, solid feel in the hand. The finish of the Mod is glassy smooth, which only enhances the feeling in my hand. The overall size is perfect for my hands, not too bulky but large enough to comfortably fill my palm.


  • DEPTH:  25MM
  • HEIGHT: 91MM
  • WIDTH:  50MM
  • WEIGHT: 220g

The only drawback I could find to the shape of the Mod was the relatively sharp corners. Angelcigs could have done a bit of a bevel to the edge to make it a bit more comfortable in the hand, but by no means is the Mod uncomfortable to hold.


The Build Quality of the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod is top notch. The tolerances on all of the gaps are miniscule, which is surprising considering the price of this Mod. As I described before, the Mod feels great in the hand with the high quality parts. The Mod is all aluminum-alloy with the exception of a few insulating parts which are Delrin or another type of high density plastic.

Being a mechanical mod, there are few moving parts, or parts at all for that matter. The Switch has a nice ‘throw’ to it. Not too long nor short and a decent resistance, which is reassuring that the Mod won’t fire in a pocket. That being said, the Mod does not have a locking mechanism, which is not a deal-breaker as the Switch is on top. The positioning and weight of the switch makes it near impossible to accidentally fire the Mod.

The 510 connection is nicely recessed into the Mod with an adjustable pin. While I prefer the ease of a spring-loaded pin, the threads are thick enough that only a slight turn makes the adjustment between atomizers a breeze. Overall I am impressed with the build quality on the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod. For $30 the materials and finishes can’t be beat.


The Performance of the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod is about standard for a mechanical mod. The difference between mechanical devices comes down to voltage drop (the loss of voltage from the battery to the atomizer). While my multimeter is currently loaned to a friend, I could not check for myself but I imagine the voltage drop is pretty low.

The Mod hits plenty hard which is what I enjoy from mechanical devices. The raw power from battery to coil is something that just feels different from a regulated device for me. The Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod does not disappoint when it comes to hitting hard. I used my Rogue RDA (mainly because the top cap matched perfectly) built at ~ 0.2 ohms and the performance was on par with some of the harder hitting mods I own.

My personal favorite feature of the Mod is the dual battery configuration. The battery life is impressive, especially when using an RBA. I mainly used a Kayfun Lite with a 1.2 ohm chimney coil on the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod using 2 35Amp 2500 mAh EFest batteries. With this setup I was getting almost 2 full days of battery life which was awesome as I am used to changing batteries quite often in my mechanical devices. This capability alone is enough for me to recommend this Mod. All the power of a standard mechanical mod, with twice the battery life! You can’t go wrong.


The price of the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod is the most impressive part of this Mod at $29.99. $30 is cheaper than a lot of CLONE RDAs, however this is an authentic, all-aluminum, top-notch box mod. Let that sink in for a second………Got it? Okay, good. $30!! Even if you use it once and shelf it after, this is worth every penny. But I assure you, this one won’t be collecting dust.

If you are into mechanical mods, this is surely one to add to the collection. There are plenty of mechanical boxes on the market, however this one is a great size, pocket-able, hits hard, and is built to last. And for $30 it is about 1/5 the price of your average authentic mechanical box mod. Angelcigs hit a home-run with this Mod and it is certainly one worthy of any collection. Any vaper who is into mechanical mods, but wants the extra battery life of a second battery, needs to seriously consider checking out the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod.

There are only a few issues I found with the features of the Mod. The layout of the Mod is a bit awkward. I have never been a fan of having the switch on top of the box as it makes a bit awkward to fire. But once I figured out the most comfortable grip for me it was not too bad to hold and fire for the most part. I also do not like the idea of having to unscrew the battery door every time I needed to replace the batteries. I have to admit, I am spoiled with the Project Sub Ohm edition Sigelei 100 which uses only magnets to secure the battery door.

The battery door on the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod also uses adjustable threaded contacts for the negative pins which would not be too much of an issue, had they been the correct length! After contacting Angelcigs Nathan informed me that they are now shipping with the correct length contacts. The ones I received for review do not reach the Purple EFest batteries I use so they rattle every time I move the box. If I tighten them down they actually fall out of the hole and rattle next to the battery inside the Mod, a severe annoyance, which should be fixed with the corrected length contacts. Other than that, this Mod is a beast and I highly recommend it for any mechanical mod enthusiast.


I am a huge fan of the Angelcigs Dual 18650 Mechanical Box Mod. This Mod brings along everything I love about my mechanical mods, along with the added benefits of double the battery life. The quality is first rate, the performance, as mentioned before, is on par with most other mechanical mods and the price puts this over the edge as a must own device.

One necessary accessory is a decent Voltmeter to check the battery life, as there is no digital readout to let you know when the batteries are depleted. Always be mindful of how long you have been using the batteries per charge and make sure not to let them get below their recommended discharge rate. If you are familiar with mechanical mods, this maintenance is no different from what you’re used to, besides the added battery life.

I’d like to thank Angelcigs for sending this awesome box out for review and thank you all for reading. Be sure to stay tuned to for all the latest updates on the best vape gear at accessible prices.

**One of the most important aspects of any box mod are the batteries. Ideally, you should buy 2 brand new, identical batteries. They should be charged together, used together and never separated. This is important to keep up with the cycle of each battery and know when it’s time to dispose of them. Always vape safe!**

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Where to Buy a Angelcigs Mechanical Box Mod


8 thoughts on “Angelcigs Mechanical Box Mod Review”

  1. Cool stuff, if I was into mechanicals I would probably snag one, especially at that price.
    May even be worth grabbing one just to have in case one of my VW mods dies.

  2. Hey, does anyone have some real data on voltage drop on low resistances like 0.3 Ohms? What about the insulator parts, is it delrin or another high temp plastic?
    For those outside of US: I only found a source on aliexpress, anyone alternatives?

  3. Damn man, it sounds awesome!… Until we get to the part where battery cover screws are involved. Ah crap, I had my money out and everything. If I need to swap out the batteries and I am in public, I want to do it as fast and stealthy as possible, before some mouth breather calls the bomb squad in. The price and look are right though, oh I have such mixed emotions about this one, I just may get one anyway.

  4. I have one and my biggest complaint is the adjustable negative a screw. It is a little annoying to hear tthe battery rattling around. Other than that, I love it. It hits great.

    1. Hey Brantly, Try contacting Angelcigs. Like I said in the review, they claim they are shipping with new contacts. They should ship you out a pair(hopefully for free) if you ask. It’s definitely a safety concern to have loose batteries in the mod. Let me know how it works out. It is a great little box for the price!

  5. Paul Broveak

    Dimitry you can buy a pack of 100 earth magnets for like $10 that are the same size as magnets used on other mods that use magnetic covers and drill out the screw threads and the screw hole in the cover and super glue in those magents, i have done that on my hana clone and you instantly have a super strong magnetic cover!

    1. Hey Paul, that is very true! I’ve done that to a few of my mods with screw-type battery doors. My suggestion is with the door being on the bottom of the mod, I would double up the magnets to make sure they won’t fall out if it takes a knock. The other issue is the lack of a tab to open the door. It is flush mounted, so you would need something to pry it open and if you have batteries strong enough to hold the door closed it might be a PITA to get it open again. I personally would use my dremel to make a small notch next to the door to get my fingernail under the door. Or if you could stomach a ribbon slightly protruding from the bottom, that could also be an option. Food for thought ;) Thanks for reading!!

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