Manhattan Mod Clone Review

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Manhattan Mod Review

The Manhattan mod clone is a 1:1 replication of the authentic Manhattan Mod by Ameravape Technology. The Manhattan mod is billed as a competition mod created with the intention of providing superior electrical conductivity for extreme sub ohm vaping.

With all of the recent controversy surrounding the Manhattan mod by Ameravape such as claims of improper battery venting, threats of lawsuits made against a well-known product reviewer, to rumors of unpaid debts for machining work, the Manhattan Mod by Amervape has cultivated it owns brand of infamy which has actually generated more interest in the clones, rather than for the authentic mod itself.

Both of the Manhattan mod clones featured in this review come from, and the red matte aluminum retails for $26.00 USD, and the copper retails for $30.00 USD. These Manhattan mod clones are made by Acerig Technology LTD, and are presented in gift boxes that strongly resemble the original packaging by Ameravape Technology, although neither the box, nor the clones featured in this review bear the logo.

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Manhattan mod in box


  • Brand: Acerig Technology LTD
  • Type: mechanical mod (tube)
  • Material: Aluminum (red) and Copper
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Battery configuration: 18650 only
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height: 99.5mm
  • Weight: Aluminum (red) 56 gr and Copper — 209gr

Other Features:

  • Copper positive and negative contacts
  • Floating positive pins ( 3 included)
  • Threaded delrin insulator in top cap
  • Super strength magnetic switch (brass switch housing on Aluminum Manhattan)


Right out of the box the Manhattan mods are impressive looking, most especially the red matte aluminum Manhattan mod. This anodized matte aluminum mod has a finish that is unlike anything that I have ever seen or felt before. It has a very luxurious feeling texture, very soft and silky to the touch like a brushed silk or fine nubuck suede. The deep, rich red color is visually stunning. The copper Manhattan was very tarnished upon arrival, most especially the switch which is very apparent in the package photos listed above.

The difference in weight, color, and texture between the two mods almost creates the sense that they are two completely different mods, even as the basic construction of each is identical. Both main body tubes are thickly cut, although the aluminum Manhattan is three times lighter than the copper variant. Both mods come with two extra copper positive pins, aside from the one already installed in the top cap.

*special note* The black gloss finished aluminum Manhattan also comes with an extra female threaded negative contact, while the matte aluminum and copper Manhattans do not. This was discovered via customer feedback however, Acerig Technology has stated that all Manhattans should only contain 2 extra positive pins.

Red and copper manhattan mod

The top caps have threaded delrin insulators that can be adjusted in and out of the top cap. The copper positive pins are easy to remove and replace with a pair of pliers. With the way that the positive pins fit into the delrin insulator, they are more like floating pins than telescoping pins as I have heard them described. The pins can move independent of the threaded delrin insulator, but not to the point of falling out of the insulator. I usually install my atomizer to the top cap, then push the positive pin from the underside of the top cap back towards the atomizers pin to ensure good contact.

I have realized that I cannot swap the positive pins between the aluminum and copper mods because the pins that come with the copper Manhattan are slightly smaller in diameter than the aluminum Manhattan mod. When I tried to use the longer positive pin from the copper Manhattan on the aluminum versions top cap, the pin fell straight through the delrin insulator of the aluminum Manhattan. I should also mention that the top cap has a slightly raised lip around the 510 female threads that sits up about 1mm. Therefore flat flush mounting of atomizers is not an option. However, in my opinion, the resulting gap between the atomizer and top cap is minor, and not glaring or unattractive.

Manhattan clone button contacts

As it is with the main body tube and top cap, the threads of the switch are very clean, thoroughly machined, and have not been coated in the anodizing process. The entire switch housing is larger than the average mechanical mod switch, and the throw is also a bit longer than average. However, after snapping these photos I realized that the throw can be significantly decreased by tightening down the threaded negative contact. The Manhattan switch design does not use any sort of locking mechanism because the strength of the magnets used in the design makes the mod nearly impossible to accidentally fire.

Review of manhattan switch

You can see that there are six battery vent holes placed around the upper portion of the switch, which do allow air to pass through entire switch. I tested the venting by removing the top cap, installing a 18650 battery, and covered the top of the tube with my mouth and blew through the tube, while my hand was placed underneath the switch. Without question there is more than adequate air flow coming through the switch, and I very comfortable with stating that both of the Manhattan mods that I received have proper battery ventilation.

The switch can be disassembled by depressing the switch in and exposing the negative contact, which you would then unscrew from the threaded post of the bottom switch. There is a ring magnet installed in the top portion of the switch housing, which is held in place ringed clamps, and is not exposed on the underside of the top portion of the switch housing. The opposing ring magnet is installed in the base of the switch which has a threaded center post for connecting the female threaded negative contact for switch assembly.

The rare earth magnets used in the switch are very strong indeed, and appear to be approx 15x5x5mm in size. The best way to remove the magnet from the bottom of the switch is use the attracting force of the like pole on the top side (not bottom side which repels) of the switch housing.

Manhattan mod clone button contacts


With rumors regarding large voltage drops on the authentic Manhattan Mod by Amervape, I felt compelled to perform some voltage drop tests of my own for this purpose of this review. For this non-scientific voltage drop test I used a freshly charged Samsung-20R with a max continuous discharge rating of 22A, a Tobeco 510 inline volt meter, and .9 single coil build on a Mephisto RDA.

I performed the voltage drop tests three times each, on two separate occasions and I received the same results. A .15 voltage drop under load on the copper Manhattan, and a .16 voltage drop under load on the aluminium Manhattan mod. It is worth noting that a friend of mine also performed a voltage drop test of his own with the same copper Manhattan mod, but with a Sony VTC4 battery, a Kayfun Lite with a 1 ohm build, and he calculated a voltage drop of .07 volts. So take these voltage drop results with a grain of salt however, I do find these results helpful for gauging the ball rank range of electrical conductivity for the Manhattan mod clone.

With regard to the mechanical performance of the switch, I found that the red matte aluminum had a much smoother switch action out of the box, than the copper Manhattan, which required some TLC to make the switch smoother. On the copper variant the ring clamps for the top magnet were placed too close to the negative contact, so there was bit of grinding against those two parts when the switch was activated. However, this is nothing that cannot be remedied with a few strokes of some wet/dry sandpaper.

In spite of the very strong switch magnets, the switch is not difficult to depress, although it requires slightly more effort than usual to keep the switch fully depressed until you have taken a satisfying draw due to the repelling strength of the magnets.

Copper and red manhattan mod on side


The Manhattan mod clone by Acerig is a high quality and good performing mechanical mod. The very strong rare earth magnets used in the switch eliminates the need for a locking ring and this mod will certainly never fire or wobble under its own weight. The extra light weight feel of the aluminum Manhattan mod makes it an even more pocket friendly mod, most especially over the copper version of the Manhattan. I much prefer the matte aluminum version of the Manhattan mod clone over the copper, very patina prone version of this mechanical mod which requires daily cleaning in order to keep is free of tarnish.

Overall, it is my opinion that Acerig Technology LTD did an excellent job in creating a 1:1 replication of the authentic Manhattan Mod by Ameravape. Acerig has even gone above and beyond the offerings of Amervape by creating two lines of aluminum mods in several colors, and two different finishes, with the matte, and a smooth gloss version of the aluminum Manhattan mod. Acerig has also improved the battery venting with their version of the Manhattan mod clone. If the style of this 18650 only mechanical mod appeals to you, then there is absolutely no reason not to buy one.

The Manhattan mod clone by Acerig is manufactured with logos, as well as without logos as featured in this review.

Manhattan mod reviewed

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25 thoughts on “Manhattan Mod Clone Review”

  1. Another great review by Nicole.
    I have these exact Manhattan clones by Acerig that Nicole speaks of in this review and I agree with everything she states about them. These mods perform great and I use the copper one daily. I am saving the red one to use at Christmas time. I have named it my “Santa” mod.
    I plan to purchase at least one more of the copper and maybe a black one also from the Focalecig US warehouse.

    1. Hi Billy, my friend thank you so much for viewing and commenting. As always I appreciate you .. and did you notice the kinda, sorta shout out? lol

  2. Spot on review, I have the black version from focal and was lucky to get the extra negative pin, not sure I will ever need it, but still nice to have extra though.
    Even though the magnets are strong, it is not as hard to depress the switch as I thought it would be, it is nice being able to set down the mod without having to mess with a locking ring.

    1. @nulloid … Oh you too with the Lancelot? I have a couple of buddies who also like this mod, but I struggle with it a little. :p Thank you for taking the time to view and comment, I really appreciate it. :)

      1. No worries :) Love your work!

        The black tugboat was on sale at focal so I ended up ordering a black manhattan to match. The Lancelot will have to wait ;)

        1. Aww thanks hun, I appreciate that. :) Tug boat and black Manhattan sounds sweet too … poor Lancelot, lol.

    1. Wouldn’t be surprised if that showed up eventually. Acerig just skyped me yesterday that they just finished a carbon fiber wrapped Manhattan, and a silver and gold plated Copper. Wish they would have had that a month ago, the patina on my Copper Manhattan is a mean SOB, lol.

  3. Really liked your review, it’s like reading my own check list at times, details, I love it..!!
    Bye the way I just got the copper Manhattan from 88eVape for $33.99 with a C.C. high5 plus shipping, they also have the black and they say stainless?? So it’s $30.99 for Stainless maybe aka aluminum and the black same price and $33.99 copper, Fast shipping and excellent customer satisfaction guarantee, great company. Great quality mod for sure.
    And another great review..

  4. Yamir Flores have the Manhattan clones for 29.99 to 34.99 in all colors, cheap and fast shipping within 2-4days and good quality, I ordered the copper and the black finish with both a brass and black tobh

  5. James Cabel

    I have a question for you about the aluminum Manhattan. The 510 connection, is it also aluminum or is it steel?

  6. Just received my copper Manhattan from Vape Royalty, and she is a beauty. 2 day shipping excellent, and it came with the extra negative pin. Waiting for my new Efest 18650 to charge, and soon I’ll be in vapor euphoria!

  7. hey great review, what i have is more of a question, i bought the clone from a friend, he said he would sell it to me for ten bucks, i asked why, he said that the only “problem” this clone mod has is there is no pin,

    he said the pin that pushes against the atomizer, what he is explaining is in your 4th picture, he said he doesn’t have any more of them, so now im here wondering if you know where to get those “connection” pins from? im cool with buying online, just don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for such a small piece of metal, i see a few that are gold plated but im hesitant to try them, because i have hear bad things from “plated” connection pins. thanks in advance would love to get the item from amazon too if that is possible.

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