Juul Review: There’s No Alternative to the Ease of Use This Vape

Juul vapor cover

JUUL, The Genesis of Pod Vapes

To learn more about just why this is such an excellent starter e-cigarette starter kit, keep on reading through this full and complete Juul vape review.

Juul Review, Our Rating:

Juul vapor review

Overall, there’s a lot to like about this vape and you will see way more pros in this Juul vaporizer review.

Juul is a starter kit that’s clearly aimed at being the go-to solution for beginning vapers who are just getting started in the vaping community, looking for a dead-simple first e-cigarette. It's also incredibly lightweight and portable, this is a phenomenal choice.

In addition to the slim design and ease-of-use, Juul also brings an attractive design, fast recharging, a big throat hit, and a nice selection of very ​tasty pod flavors

If you’re new to the world of vaping and searching the internet for the best vape to help you quit smoking cigarettes,we may have finally found it in this JUUL review.

There's a ton of options out there so deciding which vaporizer or pod system to go with can often prove to be quite a challenge. There are so many different devices and starter kits to choose from, and while this does create for a great selection, it can also make figuring out which vape will be best for you a lot harder.

I’ve tested out and reviewed plenty of beginner vape kits in my days, but I knew we were dealing with something special when I started by Juul e-cig review. This comes by way of JUUL Labs who you might know for the iconic Pax 2 Vaporizer, and the Juul is a fantastic addition to the company’s lineup.

Juul is a vaporizer that aims at being incredibly easy to use while still providing an enjoyable all-around experience, and in those regards, this soars.

List of Pod Flavors:

  • Mango. A mix of mango and other tropical fruits
  • Mint. A mild and smooth peppermint .
  • Virginia Tobacco. Rich and robust tobbacco flavor
  • Fruit. Medley of different fruits and berries with some herbal notes
  • Creme. A creamy vanilla desert / crème brulee.
  • Classic Tobacco. Traditional tobacco flavor 
  • Menthol. Strong menthol flavor 
  • Cucumber. A light Cucumber and mint flavor


Extremely Lightweight And Portable

To kick off my Juul vapor review, let’s talk about the way that this thing is built. One of the most important features for a lot of people out there is the overall portability of a vaporizer - especially for those that are just starting out with vaping. Newcomers often don’t want to have to lug around a big piece of equipment that’s cumbersome and difficult to carry around, and thankfully this isn’t the case at all with this vape pod.

Pax Labs has done an excellent job at keeping this e-cigarette as lightweight and portable as possible, and this really is one of the biggest highlights for the device. The Juul measures in at just 9-centimeters, and it honestly feels like air when you’re holding it.

You don’t get much more portable than this vape pod, even experienced vapers will enjoy the JUUL device for it's extreme portability, The only downside to such a small size is that the JUUL pods hold under 1ml of vape juice. However, due to the high nicotine content the manufacturer claims that one pod is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes or about 200 puffs. 

Great Choice For Ex-Smokers

Juul review 1

Another aspect that I took note of while working on my Juul vapor review was just how much of a throat hit that it’s able to deliver. Despite its incredibly small size, this vape is still very capable of kicking off a high nicotine salts content and PG ratio. It means that Juul is an excellent choice if you just recently quick smoking and are looking for something to help keep you on the wagon.

If you haven't heard about nicotine salts before, it basically is a different form of nicotine that is less harsh and absorbs into your body much faster. The main benefit being that users get their nicotine fix much faster than using other electronic cigarettes, 

This isn’t a feature that everyone will make use of, but if you are someone who’s looking to make the transition between cigarettes and vaping as easy and seamless as possible, Juul is an awesome tool.

Ridiculously Easy To Use

Another big win for the Juul has to do with just how easy it is to use on a daily basis. Unlike a lot of other starter kits that are quite complex to get started with, the Juul is one of the least intimidating starter kits I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

With the Juul, you won’t have to mess around with replacing coils or filling up a tank with e-juice. It aims to be a pod vape, and although more experienced folks in the vaping community likely won’t be a fan of this oversimplified take on vaping, it’s an awesome solution. Especially for vapers that are looking for the easiest vaping process that currently exists.

Beautifully Designed

Juul review 2

While the Juul may not be a huge eye-catcher, the design that is present here still looks quite good. The overall design is very squared off and almost resembles a USB drive of sorts, but aside from that one gripe, the best way to describe the Juul is a vape that’s clean, modern and elegant.

If you want a vaporizer that’s flashy and attention-grabbing, then Juul, sadly, isn’t for you. However, if you want your next vape to be stylish and simplistic (and possibly something that a lot of people won’t even recognize for a vape), then you’ll love the design that’s present here.


Juice Leaks If You Draw Too Hard

The only real issue that I noticed while using the Juul and working on my review has to do with an odd juice leak that I noticed if I happened to draw too hard on the unit. If you keep your draws soft or moderate, you likely won’t experience this issue. However. I’d prefer if it wasn’t here at all as it can prove to be rather annoying at times if you forget it’s an issue and draw a bit too hard on it.

Top Features of Juul Vapor

When the time to charge the Juul arrives your in for a treat! All you’ll need to do is plug the charger it into any open USB port (such as your computer or AC adapter) and when the vape gets close, magnets will pull the device right onto the charger. When plugged in, it took the Juul just one hour to charge from 0 to 100%, meaning that you won’t have to wait around long at all for a full charge once again.

Here's a quick overview if you happen to favor videos over text reviews...


To wrap up this Juul review, this is one of the best vaporizers that you can currently buy at a local or online vape shop. Juul is insanely easy to use, extremely lightweight, and offers a great design. The leak issue when drawing too hard is a bit annoying, but aside from that one gripe, Juul is an all around excellent product that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

A well-known competitor, and JUUL alternative, is the Phix Pod System. Read what happens when these two vape pods battle it out in our JUUL vs Phix pod comparison review.

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