Kanger DripBox Review (2018) – Quality, Performance and Range In A Convenient Mod!

Kanger dripbox review kanger dripbox review (2018) – quality, performance and range in a convenient mod!

Top of the morning to you, my fellow vape-stars…whether beginners or seasoned vape-masters, we’ve all got one thing in common: an insane amount of extra energy and a zest for vaping-life, ever since we put down that last, totally toxic tobacco cigarette!

Vaping-life on the go is exactly what this week's Kanger Dripbox Review is all about and for those of you who aren’t exactly sure what a dripbox or squonk setup is all about, never you mind, I’m gonna cover that too!

Kangertech has been a big name in the vaping world since the industry took off, with their focus on sexy, high performance vaping technology at an affordable price and their dedication to regular upgrades- they’ve become a brand we can trust.

It seems like just the other day that that the original Kanger Dripbox was released and hot on it’s heels we now see the dual 18650, 160W TC Dripbox and I can’t wait to give it a whirl during this Kanger Dripbox 160 review. So, what’s so special about a dripbox….and what on earth is squonking exactly?

A dripbox is basically a vaping mod that includes not only batteries inside the box but also a plastic bottle where an extra reserve of e-juice can be stored and squeezed (or, more correctly, squonked) in order to bottom feed that juice directly into the atomizer tank that’s hooked up to your mod. Freakin’ awesome! It eliminates the need to carry your juice around in a separate bottle and it’s a fairly new, revolutionary way for you to vape on the go.

Now, that’s enough intro for me…let’s fire up for this Kanger Dripbox 160W review!

Kanger Dripbox Ratings

Kanger Dripbox Review

Kanger dripbox review

What’s In The Kit:

    • 1 x Dripbox TC Mod
    • 1 x Subdrip 160 RBA
    • 1x Velocity Style Base with Velocity Style Prebuilt Kanthal Coils
    • 1 x Velocity Style Base with Prebuilt Stainless Steel Coils
    • 1 x Drip Box Coil
    • 1 x Extra Squonk Bottle, 7ml capacity
    • Spares (Coils, Allen Key, RBA filter and Cotton)
    • USB cable
    • 2 x Drip tips (1 x DTL, 1 x MTL)


  • 82 x 39 x 22mm Dimensions
  • 7ml squonk capacity
  • ​Wattage 7.0W up to 160W
  • ​Resistance range 0.2 - 2.5 Ohm
  • ​Temp Range 200 - 600 Fahrenheit
  • ​TC supports Nickel,Titanium and Stainless Steel
  • ​Prebuilt or Rebuildable support
  • A choice of 2 types of drip tips
  • Top fill as well as bottom fill
  • 510 Threading


When They Say Kit, They Mean Kit: What don’t you get in this kit? It’s packed with extra coils and spare parts, you even get the option of 2 types of drip tips, one for direct lung hits and one for mouth to lung, nifty as hell, although I’ll most likely never even use the MTL tip after this review. The RTA that’s included already has some neat, dual Claptons installed so you can test it out in a hurry…but there's another deck included in the kit and you can build your own, obviously, as well!

Subdrip RBA: Now, should you want to use another tank with this, it’s going to need to be bottom feeder compatible, just like the Subdrip RBA that’s already hooked up and ready to go. Juice is actually fed right in through the 510 connection, whenever you give this baby a little squonk. That sounds weird, I know but soon these vaping terms and oddities will be like second nature to all of us.

First Impression, Look And Feel: Shaped similarly to the Reuleaux RX200S, this dripbox is as ergonomic as can be, considering everything that goes into a dripbox. Unscrew the preloaded RBA and you’ll be able to see the little feeder tube that runs through both the 510 connection on the mod and on the tank.

OLED screen, firing button and controls, plus the micro-USB charge port all adorn the side of the mod opposite the squonker and the whole piece has a good, solid hand feel.

The Kanger squonk bottle is visible on the other side and just face it, it’s the bizzniz to have a little squeezy section on your mod…I am in love! The squonk cap is magnetized and easy to remove from the bottom of the mod, after which the squonk bottle unscrews nice and easy so you can refill and get squonking!

Simple Controls: Good, solid plastic buttons allow you to easily navigate the standard Kanger TC menu system and it operates on the usual five click power down. You can flip the display and even reverse the lighting so that you see black on white instead of white on black. The screen displays your wattage, resistance, battery levels and voltage.

Quality of Vape: So, I started up this review by filling up the bottle with one of my favorite juices, Bazooka Sour Straws Strawberry…I used the preinstalled setup and gave a good few squonks with the RBA cap off so that I could see that cotton soak up the juice. I replaced the cap, squonked a little more and then I fired this baby up!

Really full cloud production and the flavor is actually off the hook. Ramp time was great during my exploration of my favored 70-120 W range and I found no problems with the TC mode using the stainless steel coils.I don’t know if it’s got something to do with the direct feed idea but I’m detecting above average flavor on this setup and I know this juice pretty well. If you feel the hits start to dry up, squonk! I tried out both drip tips and later the replacement prebuilt deck…definitely inferior to the one that’s preinstalled but hell, that’s just an extra.

Convenience: Nothing beats the convenience of a squonker and this one is up there with the best. Great power, a good sized bottle and I really had a hassle free time out with it because I didn’t have to worry about refilling once…well, not until the early morning hours anyway.


Your Squonk Bottle Has A Limited Life Span: Yes indeed, it’s only a matter of time before the plastic squonker springs a leak…but that’s why there’s a replacement included in the kit. Also, make sure that you know where to buy a replacement for when you’re through with that second bottle.

A Splutter And A Gurgle: There’s a tendency to splutter and gurgle as I learned during this review , which seems unavoidable but it’s all worth it for this kind of convenience.

Top Features of Kanger Dripbox

Kanger is dedicated to my three aces…Quality, Performance and Range. Kanger delivers on all fronts, with great prices and customer service to boot. They’re always on point with their upgrades and are undoubtedly leaders in their field.


So my Kanger Dripbox 160W Squonk Kit review has reached its end but I will continue to take this device along with me when I know I’m going to be having a busy outing, in a crowded space with no safe place to refill.

I think it’s a supremely cool little piece of gear and when it comes to convenience there’s nothing better than a dripper and this is one of the best on the market. I recommend it for people who vape a load of liquid in one sitting and find they’re constantly needing a refill and I recommend it to any intermediate or experienced vapor who’s keen on having a nifty little powerhouse with squeezy bits…to keep him (or her) warm through the night.

Want to know how to wick and coil your new Dripbox? Check this out:

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