Hellvape GRIMM Replacement Coils 3 Pack $5.91

Hellvape Grimm Replacement Coils

Here are cheap deals and discounts for the Hellvape Grimm Replacement Coils. Get a 3 pack for just $5.91 with our code "vapingcheap". It's also available from a USA based store for $9.95 plus free shipping over $25.


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The Grimm Replacement Coil Heads are designed for, and compatible with the Hellvape Grimm Pod System. However, these coils can also be used with the Artery Pal 2 Pro. With that being said, there's currently 2 different Hellvape Grimm Hellcoils. Firstly, there's the 0.7 ohm Mesh coil which is catered to direct lung vaping. This mesh coil can handle up to 22w.

Secondly, there's the 1.2 ohm regular coil, which are perfect for a mouth to lung vape experience. These replacement coils are best vaped up to 12w. Both of them feature a threaded coil installation design, so it's very easy to install into your device.

If you're looking for some cheap replacement coils for your Grimm Pod System, then look no further! These will certainly go quick, so don't miss out on stocking up on coils at a discounted price.

Hellvape Grimm Hellcoil Features:

  • Pack of 3 Replacement Coil Heads
  • Compatible with Hellvape Grimm Pod System & Artery Pal 2 Series
  • Threaded Coil Installation
  • Two Coil Options
    • H3-01 Mesh Coil (0.7 ohm)
    • H3-01 Regular Coil (1.2 ohm)

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