Growth Hacks for a CBD Business

You don’t have to be a cannabis-enthusiast to know that CBD products are now extremely popular. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a nearby shop, or browsing the internet - there is a high chance that you’ll see a CBD ad in some form. The CBD market is growing at a tremendous pace, which is why CBD companies have been sprouting like mushrooms after a rain. 

If running a CBD business is something that you are thinking about, but are worried about the challenges you might face, then you can relax - we have prepared a list of growth hacks that will help your business grow.

Consider Private Label

One of the biggest challenges is starting from scratch and creating your own product. We recommend that you private label CBD products to get started fast. Money loves speed, and the sooner you can get your product to market, the better.

Using a private label company, you can brand existing and tested CBD products with your business logo and sell them under your own brand by piggybacking on an existing product.

Know Your Target Audience

Before you start promoting anything, you need to do a little bit of research. Your target audience is the person or company that you want to market your CBD product to. For example, let’s say that you are selling CBD products to women in the age group of 30-40. Before you start popping up in random places on the internet, you need to focus on building a relationship with this specific demographic. Create a Facebook page specifically for them, and start interacting with them. Once your page has a following, you can start posting about your CBD products.

Have a Clear and Concise Brand Image

A lot of people fall into the trap of having a vague and generic brand. If you are selling CBD products that are 100% organic and eco-friendly, you want to ensure that your brand image reflects that. You need to give people an image in their minds about what your brand represents and what they should expect from it.

Have a Clear and Concise Website

There are a lot of CBD websites out there that don’t have a clear objective. Some of them are extremely vague with their message, and some are too pushy. In both cases, customers tend to lose interest and move on to the next website. It is important to keep things simple and straight-forward. Ensure that you show customers exactly what they want to see and don’t bombard them with promotional information. 

Focus on Building Relationships

Building relationships with influencers can be very beneficial for your CBD business. This can be done by sending them samples of your CBD products and asking them to try them out for a few days. They will then review those products on their social media platforms and recommend them to their followers. They will also include tags for your website or Instagram page, making it easier for people to find out more about your brand. Building relationships with influencers can help boost your rankings on Google, as well as make it easier for people to find out more about you.

Create Your Own Content

You need to create your own content if you want to promote your business effectively. By creating your own content, you have the opportunity to interact with your audience on a personal level. This helps you build a brand image and makes it easier for people to relate to you. It also allows you to send out the content that you want to post instead of having an algorithm use your posts for their benefit. It also helps to diversify your presence across the different social media platforms.

Stick to Your Niche

Do not try to sell CBD products to people who are not interested in them or do not see any value in them. In fact, it is important to stick to your niche if you want to grow your business effectively. If you are selling CBD face oil, then stick to the people who are interested in skincare products. You can also promote your products by using keywords that will help show up in search results.

Use Google AdWords

While Google AdWords, you can easily run ads for a few dollars each day and track how many conversions that you have generated from it. It is also important to monitor the keywords that you use so that you can increase conversions. Using Google AdWords can allow you to experiment with different keywords before deciding which ones work best for you. An additional benefit of using Google AdWords is that it will help you identify keywords that rank well in search results but do not get as much traffic as they should be getting. This can help you get more traffic on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest.

There is no doubt that running a CBD business is exciting and full of possibilities. Just make sure that you are aware of the challenges that come with it and ensure that you can address them effectively. 

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