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Looking to save some cash on your next vape purchase at Fuggin Vapor? Then you’ve come across the right place to find all of the best coupons and exclusive discounts for Fugginvapor.com. With our Fuggin Vapor Coupon, you can save on various products including new releases, clearance, and a wide range of vape juices.

We’ll always keep this page updated with the latest and greatest coupon codes available at Fuggin Vapor. We list the best discounts possible to ensure that you save tons of money, and get the most out of your buck. No matter what you’re buying at Fuggin Vapor, whether it’d be mods, accessories, coils or e-liquids, we’ve got a code for you.

Fuggin vapor 10 off

Save 10% OFF your entire purchase of Premium Vape Juice at Fuggin Vapor. All Premium ejuice brands are included. 

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10% Off eJuice
Doesn't expire
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Applying The Fuggin Vapor Coupon Code

1. Reveal the discount code above to be used at Fuggin Vapor, and copy it, so you can use it later with ease.

2. Once you’ve copied the promo code, visit FugginVapor.com.

3. Now, the first thing we highly suggest doing when shopping online at a store you want to make a purchase from is to create an account with that online shop. One reason as to why you’d want to make an account with them is that you’ll be able to track current orders, and even view past orders. This is pretty handy as you may forget about a favorite vape juice or any other product, and checking out past orders, you can see what you purchased previously. On top of that, it just makes everything that much easier and faster when doing the final checkout. 

4. To create an account with Fuggin Vapor, simply click on the icon to the top right of any page, and it will lead you to another page where you can either log in or create a new account. When making a new account, click on "Sign Up" which is right next to "New Customer".

5. When you’re finished creating an account or logging into an existing account, shop from their massive selection of vapor products including mods, pod devices, accessories, premium e-liquids and more.

6. Tip - We definitely recommend checking out their "Sales" section where you can find towards the top of any page. Clicking on there will lead you to all of their current discounts, sales, and even clearance section where they have blowout prices on tons of different products. If you want to save even more cash, you’ll want to take a look over there for sure. There's plenty of great vape deals there.

7. Add everything you want into your cart by clicking on "Add To Cart" on any product page.

8. When you’re finished adding the products you want to purchase into your cart, it’s now time to visit your cart and start the checkout process. To do this, simply click on the small shopping cart icon located at the top right of any page on the Fuggin Vapor website. After, you’ll want to check off, and certify that you are of legal age to purchase these products then click on "View Cart".

9. Something else we recommend doing before making that final checkout is to make sure that everything in your cart is correct in regards to the color, nicotine strength option, and more. This is especially recommended with larger orders, as you don’t want to buy something in the wrong size or strength or something you may not even want. Taking a few quick seconds can definitely save you some hassle in the long run.

10. After this is finished, it’s time to move onto the actual checkout section and apply the Fuggin Vapor Coupon! Once you’re on the checkout page, you’ll see on the right hand side of the page you will see a space where you can paste in the Fuggin discount you copied earlier. In this box, it does say "Gift Card or Discount Code", and "Apply" right next to it. Simply paste in the promo code, and click on "Apply", Once this is done, the discount will appear, and your new total will be shown at the bottom!

11. Tip - Fuggin Vapor does currently offer free shipping on domestic orders when buying a Fuggin e-juice. We highly recommend taking advantage of this offer, as the shipping cost can rack up quite quickly, especially on those bigger orders. Save yourself a bit of extra cash plus get some great e-liquid at a cheap price!

About Fuggin Vapor

Fuggin Vapor Co. is based out of the United States, and strive on not only providing some of the best customer service, but carrying all of the newest products. Their new product selection is vast, and the prices are great, giving you a great place to shop at when in need of a new vape setup. On top of that, their customer service team is always ready to help out any vaper, both new and experienced with any questions they might have on their selection of vape gear and e-juices.

They also offer their own Fuggin E-Juice line with competitive pricing, and over 70 flavor options to choose from. To make things better, Fuggin Vapor offers nicotine strengths catered to both direct lung and mouth to lung vapers. With their unmatched customer service, amazing selection, and solid prices, they’re easily one of the top picks when it comes to the best online vape stores.

Reasons To Shop At Fuggin Vapor

  • Great Customer Service with Fast Response Times
  • Email & Phone Customer Support
  • New Products Selection
  • Good Prices Across The Site
  • Fuggin E-Juice Line (Over 70 Flavor Options)
  • Often Run New Sales & Promotions
  • Amazing Sales Section (Blowout Sale, Bundles & More)
  • Free Domestic Shipping (With Fuggin E-Juice Purchases)
  • Refer A Friend & Rewards Program
  • International Shipping Methods Available
  • 14 Day Return Policy

Best Products At Fuggin Vapor

If you’re thinking about what to buy at FugginVapor, then we’ve got a few we think you should definitely check out. We’ve put together a small list of Fuggin Vapor’s best products, and why we think these select products are worth adding to your shopping list.

The first product is actually an entire line, and it’s their own Fuggin E-Juice. Like mentioned earlier, there’s literally over 70 different flavor options that you can choose from, so no matter what kind of flavor you enjoy, there’s surely one you’ll want to try. They’ve even made it to our list of best cheap e-juices as they’re not only priced really well, but taste amazing. You can see one of our Fuggin E-Juice Reviews as well to see which one was our personal favorites.

It doesn’t stop there either as they’ve recently released nic salt versions of select flavors with strengths ranging up to 50mg. So not only do they offer some great quality e-liquid at cheap prices, but some of the best nicotine salt vape juice we’ve tried in some time. If you’re looking for some good e-juice that won’t break the bank, then you’ll want to check out their line of e-liquid.

Next up is the Naked 100 Pod Starter Kit. You’ve probably seen this brand before, as they do make some of the best e-juices, but they’ve now ventured into pod mods. This pod starter kit by Naked 100 not only comes with the device, but four pre-filled pods! The four pods included are all different from one another, allowing you to try out multiple flavors at one low price. Naked 100’s pod device is super easy to use, and sports a super slim form factor, so you can carry it with you anywhere you go.

Each included pod does come in a 35mg nicotine strength option, and holds about 1.1ml of e-liquid. If you’re looking for a mess free, and easy to use kit to start vaping, then you might just find what you’re looking for with this one. It even made it to our list of best pod vapes for pre-filled e-juices, that’s how awesome we think it is!

Last, but not least is the Samsung 30T 21700 Battery. This is by far one of the best vape batteries currently on the market, as it offers a whopping 35A continuous, and has a 3,000mAh capacity. If you’re into those larger modes that can house these bigger battery sizes, then you’re definitely going to want to stock up on some of these bad boys.

They not only provide a hard hitting vape experience, but last for quite some time as well. We’d recommend these for both regulated or mechanical devices, especially if you enjoy vaping at higher wattages and low resistances. However, always remember to understand battery safety and ohm’s law beforehand!

Other Similar Brands & Coupons

If you’re still looking for other coupons or want to check out some other similar brands, we’ve got some worth checking out. Here are other similar brands with codes to save you some extra cash.

The first other brand we suggest checking out is EJuice Connect. They’ve got some killer prices throughout the website, and often stock hot new products. There’s a bunch of hardware to shop from as well from mods, high wattage starter kits, pod devices and more. Although they have super low prices on their site, our discount code will save you even more cash, an extra 15% off to be exact. You’ll see some pretty unbelievable prices when using our exclusive coupon code.

The second brand we think you should check out is Sourcemore. This company is based out of China, but offer cheap prices and often run new coupons and promotions, so you’ll be able to grab all of the newest pre-orders at the cheapest prices possible. It might take some time to reach the United States, but the cash you’ll save is definitely worth it. Our exclusive discount code will get you an extra 6% off the entire site.

Lastly, we recommend taking a look at EightVape, another brand located within the United States. If you haven’t shopped at this store yet, then you’re in for a treat. They’re always having new promotions and discounts on products across the website, and massive price cuts on clearance vape gear and e-juice. There’s plenty of products you’ll be able to grab for under 10 bucks, and best of all, when using our discount code, you’ll be able to save up to 87% off!

Fuggin Vapor Coupon Codes & Ordering FAQs

Are There Any Exclusions Using This Fuggin Vapor Promo Code?

There are currently no exceptions on the provided Fuggin Vapor Coupon. If there are any exclusions with any of the coupon codes for Fuggin Vapor, we will list them on this page. Typically, if there are any exclusions of products using our promo codes, they would be clearance or select sale items.

Does Fuggin Vapor Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, Fuggin Vapor currently offers free shipping on domestic (USA) orders with the purchase of any Fuggin e-juice. Simply add your preferred Fuggin e-liquid flavor into your cart, and if you’re located domestically, your order will be qualify for their free shipping offer. You'll save quite a bit of cash on shipping charges, so definitely take advantage.

Does Fuggin Vapor Ship Orders Internationally?

Fuggin Vapor does offer international shipping. If you would like to see a full list of where they ship to, check out their return and shipping policy, which is found at the bottom of any page or while checking out. Also, they do offer free international shipping with the purchase of their Fuggin Supreme Bundle.

How To Contact Fuggin Vapor Customer Service?

There are two ways you are able to reach Fuggin Vapor’s customer service. Firstly, you can send them an email, and they will reply to the provided email address. You can also call Fuggin Vapor if preferred. To find out more information about how to contact them, check out their Contact Us section located at the bottom left corner of any page on their website. 

Do They Have A Rewards Program?

Fuggin Vapor does have a rewards program, where you can earn exclusive rewards as you shop. You’ll be able to earn 100 points by just signing up! There’s also a refer a friend program available, where you can earn a massive 5,000 points!

Is There A Military Discount Available At Fuggin Vapor?

Yes, Fuggin Vapor does offer a military discount, 10% off the entire site. You can find more information on how to get this discount by clicking on 'Military Discount" at the bottom of any page on their website.

Where Is Fuggin Vapor Located?

Fuggin Vapor is located in the United States.

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