Vaporesso Xiron Preview

Higher powered pod mods or AIO kits are becoming more of a trend recently. They offer portability that’s incomparable to traditional starter kits and provide a convenience like no other. However, not all of these devices are equal and many times fail to deliver a quality and flavorful vape experience. On top of that, some options are simply not reliable. Here comes the Vaporesso Xiron which promises to provide us vapers with all of that plus more.

In our Vaporesso Xiron Preview, we’ll cover every key aspect of this upcoming device alongside our personal expectations. It’s quite high since it's coming from popular vape brand Vaporesso, so let’s dig in.

Primary Features:

  • Maximum Wattage Output: 50w
  • Built-In 1,500mAh Battery
  • Spinning Dial Adjustable Airflow
  • Utilizes GTX Mesh Coil Heads
  • Textured Durable Coating
  • Reliable & Functional Design
  • Ergonomic & Compact Size
  • Visible Pod
  • 5.5ml Maximum E-Juice Capacity
  • Top Fill System

Advantages to Edge the Competition

Pod vapes and AIO kits typically offer a similar design, so there are many on the market that simply do not offer any advantages over the other. However, there are still some key design differences in certain products that can provide the vaper with ease of use plus performance.

Chipsets by Vaporesso are easily some of the best on the market. They’re reliable and work just as you’d want them to. They’re brilliant to say the least! Whether it’s in their mods like the recent Gen S or other similar devices like the Target PM80 SE, they offer performance unlike any other. So, when it comes to advantages, we’ve got to give this one to Vaporesso.

Another advantage the Xiron will absolutely have over the competition is the GTX mesh coil heads. By far in our testings, these coils outperform many. When it comes to flavor and vapor production they’re seriously hard to beat. At times, it’s hard to believe the performance out of these coils, especially considering they’re primarily used in devices like the Xiron.

The next advantage this pod mod has is the overall structure. It’s primarily constructed of alloy material, but features a textured exterior making it not only reliable and durable, but comfortable in the hands. We’ll surely comment on this in our full review once we get our hands on one, but just by looking at it, it definitely seems like it’ll fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. 

Vaporesso xiron design vaporesso xiron preview

Now, the last couple of advantages has to do with the actual pod cartridge. Not only is having a massive 5.5ml e-liquid capacity a huge advantage since you won’t be filling it so often, but the adjustable airflow system is great. It’s a simple dial, but it’s there!

We can’t tell you how many pod mods we’ve come across that just don’t have that. Lastly, the top fill design and visible pod make it not only easy to fill, but know when it’s time for a refill.

Vaporesso xiron airflow control

Our Expectations of the Xiron

As mentioned earlier, we always have high expectations when a new product is coming from Vaporesso. That’s just due to the fact that many of their products are indeed that good. Great value for your money, that’s for sure!

Moving onto our actual expectations out of the Xiron. For one, impressive flavor and vapor. Since using the GTX mesh coil heads, this is at the top of the list. We expect nothing less than awesome flavor from the vape juices we’ll be using with this device.

Xiron gtx mesh coils

Next up is real airflow control. Although it does have an airflow control system, there are some devices out there that offer this, but fail to really allow you to fine-tune the draw. Since there are plenty of different coil heads available in the GTX lineup, ranging from MTL vaping to direct lung vaping, we’re expecting this device to cater to that based on which coil we’re using.

With that being said, being able to tighten up the airflow to deliver a true mouth to lung vape or switch it up, and get a restrictive direct lung draw is what we’re expecting with the Xiron.

Last, but certainly not least is durability. Vaporesso does mention that this device provides you with that feeling of both reliability and durability. Looking at photos, it definitely does look quite durable, but we’ll surely put that to the test!

While we’re not expecting something like their upcoming FORX TX80, as that’s built like a tank, but we do expect this to be somewhat durable. Either way, we’ll surely find out soon!


To conclude, we’re incredibly excited to get our hands and fully test the Xiron. When comparing to some other devices they’ve got to offer, it’s quite different. Looking at its shape and overall exterior design, Vaporesso is surely taking a unique approach to the pod mod market, and we welcome it!

We’ll see how it really performs and whether it lives up to our expectations in our full review, so be sure to stay tuned for that! To hold you over until then, definitely take a look at our recent deal post.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know in the comments what are your expectations with the Vaporesso Xiron!

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