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Whether you’re a new vaper or an experienced one, you’ve heard of the vape brand Smok. Easily one of the largest and most carried brands in stores across the globe, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.

From higher powered vaping devices to low power vapes in small sizes, they’ve got it all. Continuously releasing product after product to the vaping market, Smoktech has planted its feet firmly in the vape brand - whether you're getting started on your vaping journey or looking for that next level with a powerful mod. 

Although this is the case and there are many fans worldwide, some Smok vapes aren’t necessarily living up to the hype. In our in-depth Smok review, learn not only about this well known brand, but the products you should be chasing and spending your hard-earned cash on.

Smok History

Based in Shenzhen, China and formed back in 2010, Smok has been one of the leading vape brands for over a decade. While in the beginning they started off small with a few select products, they’ve since massively expanded their lineup of vaping devices.

Catering to both new vapers who’ve decided to quit smoking and the experienced vaper looking to upgrade their vape setup with a more powerful mod and better battery life, Smok offers it all. Since this is the case, you can easily see why Smok vapes are carried essentially at every online vape store.

Smok vape brand

While they do offer plenty of products, Smok also focuses on both innovation with their designs and quality. With each new product they introduce to the vaping market, they ensure that take that next step in their product lineup, adding even more features or unique aesthetics that offer vapers a customizable design.

This allows vape brand Smok to keep up with the ever-changing vaping industry and even setting new trends, which others try to adapt to. Reaching an astonishing 80 million vapers across the world, Smok is indeed one the most popular vape brands on the market today.

Popular Smok Products

As mentioned earlier, while there are plenty of products in Smok’s extensive lineup, not all are popular nor do they share the same performance and reliability you’d expect. However, with the sheer amount of products you’ve got to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Smok RPM

We’ll kick off our list of popular Smok vapes with the RPM series. Easily one of Smok’s most successful set of products with the surge of pod vapes that took over the market just a short few years ago. Smok envisioned these type of products much differently from any other brand and designed them with different characteristics in mind.

To begin the Smok RPM series is the RPM40, which catered to vapers looking for a more powerful mod, but with the portability of a vape pen. Smok delivered with this one and really revolutionized the pod market. This was definitely a turn for Smok vapes as they took a totally different direction from what they were releasing at the time.

Smok rpm

Now, products like the RPM80 and RPM80 pro took things to the next level with the ability to use an external 18650 allowing for better battery life. Still, this vaping device kept a small size and became a trend we saw many brands follow including the Geekvape Aegis brand.

Into the most recent year, they’ve released even more RPM devices giving you more options alongside a set of new coils. These provided the vaper with even more flavor and vapor production, allowing them to be used with those higher VG vape juices. Every Smok review for the RPM series has been great, and they implement new designs both internally and externally to give us an even better vaping device each time.

Smok Mag Grip

A powerful mod that sports a relative small size and fits comfortably in the hands is exactly what Smok delivered with the Mag Grip. Keeping a similar overall design as the original Mag, but shrinking it in size and utilizing a single larger 21700 battery, the Mag Grip was perfect, especially when paired with a dual coil tank. 

Smok mag grip

You were able to reap the benefits of the grip handle ergonomics plus get better battery life thanks to its battery compatibility. Firing up to 100w and a top-mounted OLED display screen, it was a top choice for many vapers. Yet again, this was a turn of Smok vapes as there was nothing like it.

Smok X Priv

The X-Priv was another big hit for the Smok. They knew many vapers, especially at the time of release, needed a dual battery vaping device that wasn’t only a powerful mod, but was packed into a small size.

Additionally, vapers were eager for a larger screen to see all of their vaping information clearly. Smok checked all the boxes with the X-Priv as it delivered just that. Boasting a beautiful large color display screen and 225w maximum output, the X-Priv conquered the market.

Smok x priv

The full kit didn’t come with a dual coil tank, but a sub ohm tank that featured decouple coil heads.

Something Smok is known for are insane power-hungry coils and these coils were something we didn’t even know was possible until released. Not the most efficient, but definitely provided more clouds than any vaper could dream of.

Smok Mag Baby

While the original Mag Mod and Mag Grip were immensely popular, there were still a set of vapers who wanted something that was ultra-compact but with a similar aesthetic design. Meet the Smok Mag Baby, offered as both the mod only and full kit. Sporting an internal 1,600mAh battery and 50w maximum output, it catered to vapers who enjoyed higher resistance builds and MTL vaping.

While this wouldn’t offer the best battery life, it served its purpose: an ultra-compact vaping device for vapers looking for a stealthy setup. Its portability could even rival that of a vape pen.

Smok Morph

The Smok Morph was the next step up from the popular X Priv. It featured a similar form factor with one key difference - a touch screen display. While that technology isn’t new, it still is a feature that many vapers simply want while not many vape mods would actually offer this unique design.

Just like many Smok vapes, the Morph was able to deliver a high wattage output, so it was indeed a powerful mod. However, the IQ-S chipset built into the device offered insanely fast firing speeds while offering many desirable features such as temperature control. 

The Smok Morph was offered in a full starter kit variant. Mixed with their improved TF Tank, it delivered an excellent pairing that gave vapers the best of both worlds.

Smok I Priv

While the Morph Mod offered a touchscreen display, the Smok i Priv went to the next level of innovation - voice control. Not only this, but the i-Priv was able to achieve a massive 230w of power thanks to it being powered by either dual 21700 or 20700 batteries. 

The AI chipset is what allowed the Smok I Priv to be controlled by your voice. While you didn’t actually need to use this feature to vape, it was simply amazing that this was an option to you.

Smok i-priv

Whether you paired it with a dual coil tank or rebuildable atomizer, you can control how much power you want to deliver to the atomizer. It was an incredible feat for Smok vapes and showcased how far a brand can go to innovative their product lineup.

Smok Stick V8

A vape pen remains popular with many vapers, whether it was their first vape setup or something convenient to carry with them all day. The Smok Stick V8 was simplicity at its finest. Featuring a one-button design which was used for both vaping and turning it on or off, and matched with one of their most popular tank atomizers, the TFV8 Big Baby, it was a spectacular vaping device kit. 

While many vape pens are designed for lower wattage vaping or even mouth to lung, the Smok Stick V8 vape pen was a totally different animal. Focused primarily on cloud chasing and flavor, it was catered to those vapers who craved more power. It wasn’t the most powerful mod, but it was certainly satisfying. Plus, its 3,000mAh internal battery meant you could get hours of vaping time before needing a recharge.

Smok Products Reviewed

With the vast Smok vapes available to you, there are quite a few that’s been reviewed here at Vaping Cheap. Here is our Smok review on some of the most popular options on the market.

Smok Alien Review - The Most Popular Smok Mod

By far the most popular vaping device Smok ever released, the Alien was everything a vaper hoped for. Small size, powerful, better battery life, and ergonomics that couldn’t be beat. At that time, it was the king of the castle. No other vaping device could touch it, and we were impressed in our full review

Smok alien mod

Still, in 2020, the Smok Alien is used by many vapers and that shows this device could withstand the test of time. Although it had its own share of issues (especially its paint), it still performed admirably on a daily basis. If you never had the pleasure of owning one, it’s worth trying to track down even just for nostalgia or to see why there was so much hype around the Smok Alien 220w.

Smok AL85 Review - Baby Alien

Another Smok Review we did and were very impressed was the Smok AL85. Often dubbed as the "Baby Alien", it deserved the name as it followed the footsteps of its bigger brother. Powered by a single battery, it still delivered 85w. Additionally, it offered temperature control for Ni200, Ti and SS wire types.

Smok al85 smok review

Aside from its small size and it being a rather powerful mod for what it was, the most impressive feature was the actual exterior design. The battery configuration and side firing bar made it one of the most comfortable mods to use. The entire setup, tank included, fit right in the palm of your hand. What’s even better is that, just like the Smok Alien, you could fire it with just the palm of your hand. The Smok AL85 is still a device we revisit up to this day, that’s how great it was!

VC's Smok Deals

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Smok Nord X Deal

The most innovative and possibly the best Smok Nord, is the X. Boasting a durable exterior and 60w maximum output, this vape mod is second to none. Check out our updated post or get one for yourself below at a low price.

Smok G-Priv 3 Deal

Another update to one of the Smok’s most popular designs, the G-Priv 3 is an excellent pickup. Featuring an innovative touchscreen display and IQ-G chipset, it has everything you’ll need. Get yours while it’s in stock below with an extra 11% off with code VAPECHEAP or see our deal post for more promo codes.

Smok RPM 2 Deal

Seeing how popular the RPM series is, it was only right to source the best prices on the latest RPM 2. Check out our recent post or get one below with 25% off with code VAPOR25.

Smok X Force Deal

Not the most popular, but definitely the most affordable, the Smok X Force is perfect for the beginner. Buy one at an all-time low price using our exclusive coupon VAPINGCHEAP10.

Smok Infinix & Infinix Pods Deal

The Smok infinix was popular, but the version 2 was a bit better. See below or our deal post for cheap prices on the V2 or below for the original Smok Infinix.

Getting replacement cartridges at cheap prices is just as important. Check below for a cheap price on a 3 pack of Smok Infinix Pods.


Smok is indeed known throughout the world as one of the leading vape brands and it's easy to see why. Continuous releases each year with innovative products that often set trends is something that cannot be said for many brands on the market.

Best of all, they’re priced affordably so you’re never breaking the bank. Catering to all vapers worldwide, they ensure that their product lineup is suited for every vaper, both new and old.

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