VTBox200 Evolv DNA200 $159.00

VTBox200 Mod

Authentic Evolv DNA200 Chip Set

Check out the new VTBox200 box mod made by VapeCige with an authentic Evolv DNA200 chip-set. Pre-order one today for only $159.00 at Fasttech. They also have these at Gearbest for $160 dollars with FREE world-wide shipping included.

If you looking to get your hands on an authentic Evolv DNA200 powered box mod you need to check out the new VTBox200 made by VapeCige. If you don’t know what a DNA200 chip set is where have you been? The DNA200 is made by Evolv, the same people who brought you the DNA30 and DNA40, and is the most sought after chip on the market right now.

Being powered by the Evolv DNA200 chip gives the VTBox200 mod a ton of power! It has a variable wattage output that can be adjusted from 1 to 200 watts and can fire atomizers all the way down to 0.1ohms. It also has a temperature control feature to prevent dry hits when using Ni200 wire, just select a temperature from 200 to 600 degrees and when the coil reaches that temperature the device will automatically limit power to the coil.

The VTBox200 mod is a very stylish and aggressive looking vape mod made out of T6 senior aviation aluminum. Since it can output so much power 18650 batteries just won’t do, instead the VTBox200 comes with a three cell lithium polymer battery that has an 1800mah capacity and a 35/60 amp discharge rate. The VTBox200 mod even comes equipped with cell-by-cell battery monitoring and an integrated 1A balance charger so you can charge it via the included USB cable.

If you’re looking for an authentic DNA200 box mod that won’t break the bank the VTBox200 is a great option, pre-order one now for only $159 through the link below.

$159 at Fasttech

$160 at Gearbest


  • Authentic DNA200 chip by EVOLV
  • Temperature control range from 200-600 Fahrenheit degree
  • Output wattage from 1-200W
  • Output voltage from 0.5-9.0V
  • The lowest atomizer resistance: 0.1ohm
  • Material: T6 senior aviation aluminum, spray paint appearance and corrosion logo
  • Detachable magnets back cover, convenient to replace battery
  • Replaceable lithium battery: 1800 mah 11.1 V-35c-60.5A-3s, with tinned copper wire plated copper wire and 14 mm wire size, conductor resistance 15.6 ohm/km, supporting max 55.6 A

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  • Chuck 08/07/2015

    159 at fasttech and you get 45 dollars of store credit to spend on the next purchase which makes it 114

    • phi 08/07/2015

      i just contacted fasttech about this and they say its not valid

    • phi 08/07/2015

      can you check to see if the link is valid?

    • Aaron 08/07/2015

      Fasttech took down rebate after the company vapecige issued warning about the price cannot be below $160

        • Gary 08/08/2015

          I really doubt it was your fault. It was most likely it was another vender complaining to VapeCige about the rebate, probably citing anti-competitive practices.

          However, thanks to FT for showing us how much profit is made from selling each one of the boxes, which is to say is overpriced for what it is. Also we can deduce from the wholesale price of the he dna 200 chip is probably similar in price to the dna 40.

          The above is just my 2 cents of course but would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

  • sdmf74 08/07/2015

    Yeah if you want a box mod from a company that cant even spell their own name lol. You think someone will let them know before they sell hundreds of them. Hopefully since its printed in huge letters on the side of the mod. No Thanks ill pass.

  • sdmf74 09/01/2015

    It says VAPE CIGE down the spine/back

  • kyle 09/10/2015

    This thing looks like a beast!

  • Gayle Nichols 09/12/2015

    I want go win a awesome mod and tank,help me!

  • mike 10/06/2015

    i need a new one


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