Best Coil For Flavor: 5 Of The Best This Year (2017)

tiger wire Coil

Many of us vaping enthusiasts care a lot about the flavor we get from our machines. After all, that is why we love vaping. I know that there are many things that can influence your flavor such as the juice you are using of the quality of your machine. However, in this article, I want to look at the best coil for flavor. I know that this can be a pretty subjective subject but I've tried my level best to be objective. Check out my rankings and tell us what you think.

best coil for flavor

I have selected the coils that I think constitute the five best this year. Look at the comparison table below to see how I decided on my rankings.

I am sure by the end of the review, you will have an idea of what the market looks like this year.

To compare the different coils in the market this year, I looked at the price, although I noticed that the prices are almost at the same level. I looked at the key pros of each product and then an overall rating.

Product Name




Tidal Wire

heats well, produces great flavor

The Flat Bastard Coil

great flavor, sustained heat

The Tiger Coil

easy to twist

Hive Coil

large heating area, ohms labels for safety

Clapton Coils

affordable, big surface produces lots of cloud

Tidal Wire

The Tidal Wire coils comprise of a single strand of ribbon wire and some four strands of 0.8mm Kanthal A1 32 gauge. This coil is made by twisting the Kanthal wire together and then twisting the ribbon wire in reverse over the Kanthal.

What you get from this is a something which looks like a wave. The reason why this is one of the best coil rebuild for flavor is that the gaps of your ordinary Kanthal ensure that the heat is produced quickly while the ribbon wire provides the density required for you to get a great vapor and lots of cloud.


    • Produces great flavor, owing to the ribbon wire
    • Heat is produced quickly, thanks to the Kanthal wire at the base


  • You need to be careful when twisting the wire as over twisting can result in kinks
  • If you do not like twisted wire, this might not be for you

It is safe to say that this coil produces a flavor that goes right through the roof. To get the best even coil, ensure that the natural grooves of the wire are properly lined up. I know some people have a serious hatred for twisted coils as they say that sometimes the juice ends up in their mouth. To get great flavor try using 28 gauge double coils. Make eight wraps around a bit measuring 2 mm and ensure that they are close to the air holes.

To remain safe while doing the above, always use a regulated mode. I will advise on using one of 65 watts. If you have a chuff cap, always use one. Come back and tell us how the flavor just knocked your socks off.

The Flat Bastard Coil

The Flat Bastard Coil is another product that someone looking for flavor from the best coil from RDA should seriously look at. This coil is made from 0.5mm ribbon wire and 32 gauge Kanthal. To create the coil, you wrap the ribbon wire around your Kanthal. This coil is quite easy to make even when you do not have a drill. However, getting this into your RDA is not such a breeze as it can get pretty springy.


    • The ribbon wire produces great flavor even though it does not heat up quickly
    • The Kanthal ensures that the heat is sustained


    • Even with the Kanthal wire, this coil still takes a great deal of time to warm up
    • The clouds that it puts out are not the biggest you will see even though I can safely say they are respectable

I think that this is a pretty decent coil although I'll not go as far as to call it the best coil build for flavor and cloud. The vapor production is quite good and the flavor too will not disappoint.

The slow heating could be a problem for those of us who are not so patient, but once it starts heating it does so very well. Check out this YouTube tutorial on how to build a Flat Bustard Coil:​

The Tiger Coil

I think that the Tiger Coil is probably the easiest of them all to twist and build to get the best coil from RDA. It is made from a single strand of ribbon wire measuring 0.8mm and another strand of Kanthal at 30 gauge. You will have to insert both the strands into the drill bit. The Kanthal should bisect the ribbon.


    • Produces good flavor and big clouds
    • Easy to twist and build when compared to all the others
    • Generally beautiful looking


    • I have not found any yet, I shall update the moment I do

If you get the premade coil, you will be excused for thinking that it looks rather too simple. Well, that opinion will change when you see the cloud it produces, then when the flavor hits, you will swear that this is the best coil for clouds. I know that many people tend to question the inclusion of the ribbon wire in this coil but you will soon learn that its inclusion is the reason why the coil produces such a great flavor and massive amounts of cloud.​

Hive Coil

The Hive Coil is one of the good coils you can consider if you are in the market for the best coil for flavor. The taste you get comes accompanied by heavy clouds. The people who manufacture this coil seem to have one brief; make a coil that will produce great flavor but do not forget to get the cloud on point too. The reason why the flavor that is eventually produced tastes so great has to do with the fact that the juice goes through all those twists and turns. If your RDA is small, I would certainly recommend that you use a single mode.


      • The large surface area makes great flavor possible
      • For your safety, all packs come labeled with ohm ratings
      • Packaged in a crush proof container so you get your coil in the right shape
      • Delivered pre-squeezed and pre torched


    • Thick wires could interfere with your atomizer holes

The hive coil is pre-made from four strands of Kanthal wire. These strands will be twisted into pairs which are later twisted together to look like a hive. If you are going to use these coils you will need to be mindful of the fact that lower gauge wires tend to be quite thick, you will need to take the atomizer holes into account.

Clapton Coils

The process of making Clapton Coils involves taking a resistance wire and wrapping it vertically around a bigger wire that also offers resistance. If you look closely you will notice that the coil comes with a much bigger surface are if compared to your everyday vape coil. The reason why more liquid can get into contact with the oil is the bigger number of cracks you find between the wires. This gives the wire wicking properties. This is where the bigger better cloud comes from.

The coils are manufactured from organic cotton and stainless steel. You can the wire from a good supplier so that you can build your own coils. Most of the time they are manufactured from Kanthal.


I must admit that attempting to list the coils according to how good they are is a really difficult job. The competition in this section of products is quite. It's not easy to convince someone that one coil is better than the other because there are many other factors at play. For instance, your juice may spoil an otherwise good experience.

The machine you are using may also let the coil down. Sometimes it's actually your technique that makes you think that the coil is not good enough.


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