Vuse Vapor Review: Here’s a Reason Why I Don’t Recommend The Vuse E Cig

Greetings vapers and a particularly warm welcome to smokers who’ve been considering making the change and are on the hunt for an affordable product to help them break into the exciting, far healthier and more delicious world of vaping.

We vapers mostly come from a background of questionable health, musty smell and just all round bad vibes that come along with being tobacco addicted and that’s why a lot of us find, once we get into vaping, that we’ve got a real sour spot for the tobacco companies that spent all those years getting rich at our expense, with absolutely no regard for our wellbeing.

That’s what makes today’s review so interesting and really a two sided coin for me, even if it turns out to be an outstanding product. I’m going to be bringing you a Vuse E-cig review and if you read the fine print there you’ll soon discover that Vuse happens to be an R.J. Reynolds product…yes indeed, Big Tobacco rises from the grave to make one last dash effort to empty our pockets and I’m not 100% certain that I’m willing to oblige.

However, it is my job to give an unbiased opinion and I will do so when I test the product but it’s important that we know who we’re supporting here.

The manufacturer, which is also known for the Vuse Vibe and Vuse Alto, claims this rechargeable e-cig's SmartMemoryChip will adjust heat delivery up to 2000 times per second. The result should bring you the perfect puff every time while the cartridge inside should last you the equivalent of your standard pack of smellies. The battery, when fully charged, should run through the day and the vapor is meant to be full and flavorsome.

One thing is clear…the high nicotine content in these devices is an indication that these aren’t intended to assist smokers in breaking the habit. I’m going to fire this up and give you the low down.

Our Rating

Vuse E-Cig Review

Vuse e cig review

In The basic Vuse Solo Kit You’ll Receive:

  • 1 e-cigarette
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 Flavor Cartridge
  • $ 8-10
  • Additional cartridges are a valuable for $4-6


First Impression: Sleek, with the LED tip boasting the Vuse logo, a brushed metal finish along the length, with the black mouth piece. I see no firing button so it’s drag activated, which I like, plus it really has a nice solid weight and hand feel. It’s a stylish looking e-cig.

Puff Quality: Considering the price and style of device, vape pen quality is excellent. Certainly not on par with an eGo style rechargeable device like the eGo T but for this type of rechargeable e-cig…well above average. During this review. I got a relatively full vape and a solid flavor hit.

Although I was not a fan of the tobacco flavored original version… I also did a Vuse E-cig Menthol review and felt it was a good contender in the menthol class. While I enjoyed the fresh, natural style of the menthol flavor, I was completely dismayed when I discovered the nicotine content. Please see the cons section below for more info on this.

LED Tip: The white LED at the tip will light up every time you take a hit and the same light will flash red when battery levels are getting low. When the cartridge is empty the LED will flash white.


Nicotine Content:

I am concerned about the fact that nicotine content is not listed on this product’s packaging, I got a feeling during this review that it’s fairly high and when I did my research I was shocked to discover that the nicotine content in both the menthol and regular cartridges is no less than 48mg! In an e-liquid or e-cartridge you’d expect to find levels 0 through 24 mg and you’d have the option of choosing your level.

I cannot believe that this would be allowed, with no real warning about these near dangerous levels on the pack about this addictive chemical. Further research revealed that the founder of this e-cig brand was a leader in the war against electronic cigarettes and what can I say…that 48mg nicotine content tells me a whole lot about where it’s at with this brand. I prefer to measure my own e-liquid quantities. 

Tobacco Advertising:

I have never seen the word tobacco printed this many times on the packaging of an e-cigarette. This makes me wonder what the motives really are here. 

Here's my tobacco advertising: check this video out ...

Don’t Expect A Full Day’s Charge:

With the unsafe, 48mg nicotine content of the cartridges, I found myself puffing away vigorously enough to have to recharge after 3 hours. After sampling both flavor cartridges I had a killer thirst and a headache. Thirst is something that goes along with vaping and it’s easy to avoid but the headache!? I’m assuming the nicotine levels were to blame.

Top Features of Vuse E-Cig

Well that’s just it…there are a number of great features here, sleek looks, heat adjusting technology and a great price. However, I don’t support the brand for obvious reasons and I’m a firm believer that ethical trade is something everyone, buyers and sellers alike, should take pride in. The nicotine levels in this product are through the roof and I don’t believe that the marketing gives any indication of this, let alone a fair warning. So no, no special brand features, unfortunately.


While you are being offered an above average device with heat adjusting technology that you won’t usually see at this price point, in a good looking setup that performs well…the unusually high nicotine levels of 48mg in the Vuse cartridges were the deciding factor for me during this Vuse Rechargeable E-cig review.

I simply cannot recommend this as a suitable device for smokers to use when kicking the habit. I believe that for that purpose of coming off smoking, a nicotine range that’s variable between 0mg and 12mg is optimal. This product has four times that. In fact, it needs to be stated again: Warning this product contains nicotine. I know no-one who would willingly take in that sort of nicotine content and I can’t in good conscience recommend it, however well the device performs. Maybe the Vuse Vibe or Vuse Alto offers a better experience. However, if you still would like to give it a try, then...

11 thoughts on “Vuse Vapor Review: Here’s a Reason Why I Don’t Recommend The Vuse E Cig”

  1. I like the 48 mg nicotine level. I’ve never smoked in my life, but I like the nicotine rush. I honestly use it to kill the caffeine addiction I used to have (you can judge if you want), but I would rather a product have a higher level of nicotine I can pace than little to no nicotine that doesn’t last long.

  2. Roger Pufahl

    This uses nicotine salts which usually come available with higher nicotine level in my experience.

  3. Pretty honest review above.
    The rechargeable pens don’t last and the refills cartridges leak into your mouth. It is a nice, odorless,easily accessible system, but its not worth the money,,.The cartridges are unreliable and when they leak into your mouth it is disgusting and they burn your throat. The battery units dont last long or are completely dead within weeks. I called the company and all they do is offer a buy one get one free coupon so you have to get more of their crappy product.

  4. There isn’t any tobacco in the product so why would they put tobacco on the packaging? Stupid it’s a NICOTINE product

  5. keith berghman

    I Agree on the Higher nicotine levels are unsafe’. I as an Matter of fact started vaping seven years ago in Florida’. Nicotine levels you could Choose’.. and buffer down the Mg’s as you adjusted then to your nic level’.s!’..48 mg was unheard of then and insane in my opinion’. The other factors that concerns me is the propylene levels with the higher nicotine must keep in mind That these Devices known as pod mods deliver more compact Puffs especially in an untraditional style of no wicking systems.

  6. Nancy Dupont

    Like the flavor, but lately I am wasting my money. Just today, bought a pack of cartridges. Neither one worked, and of course, no returns. My batteries are new. This seems to be happening too much now. I am wasting too much money on this product. Too bad, these were great up until about a year ago

  7. vuse recently lowered the nicotine content to 18mg on all pods where i live and i couldnt be more happy with the product. smoked a pack to 2 packs of cigarettes’ a day and it was very easy to kick the habit. although now that i am off the cigs i do realize my dependence on the nicotine. iv had the same charger for about 1 year now with no problems and my original battery still works just fine. No the battery doesn’t last all day for me but neither did 1 pack of cigs. Not saying it is a product you should use to get into a nicotine addiction with but iv found it easy to quit smoking with and soon i hope to kick the nic as well.

    1. Btw i recently bought a new battery, (vuse 2) or something, dont really notice a difference. both charge fast, both die before the end of the day. just buy an extra charger if you find the same problem they actually charge really fast.

  8. In my opinion all vuse products are bogus! None of their devices work! I wish i could post a pic or rather a video to show you my collection of colorful, worthless devices in these cool boxes that makes the product seem worth your money……but they stop working literally the moment that you leave the store. You may get a puff or two….lol… but seriously, 1 day, maybe 2-3 days max. It’s a rip-off because you still have pods and can’t use them…’s a total waste of my money!!!!!!

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