Vaping Power Chart: Learn the Nitty Gritty Details Which Enhance Your Vape Experience

Here are some useful vaping charts I have found around the web. I didn’t create any of these charts but I did put them together to make a printable PDF vape cheat sheet. The vaping power chart will show you the amount of power produced by different resistance (ohm’s) atomizers and voltage. Go ahead and check the power level of your setup.

First thing’s first: What are Ohms?

You might be wondering what this term of physics has to do with vaping experience. Turns out that it’s an integral part to master sub ohm vaping and in the construction of the best build possible. The ohm is the standard unit of electrical resistance in the International System of Units.

As far as your vape experience is concerned, you just need to know these things (and don’t worry about enrolling yourself again for the physics class to master and calculate Ohm’s law):

Higher the Ohm rating, the higher the resistance your atomizer has.

The power which is passed through from the battery to the tip of your tank is inversely proportional to the resistance of your atomizer.

Concluding the physics class, if you like a smooth hit (neither too hot, nor too cold) then you should opt for higher resistance. The charts below should help you find THAT sweet spot and then you can decide what’s best for you.

Vaping cloud

Vaping Power Chart

Vaping power chart (ohms, volts)

Kanthal Wire Resistance Chart

This chart will show you the approximate resistance of different sizes of kanthal wire as well as different lengths.

Kanthal wire resistance ohm's

Amp Discharge Rate Chart

This chart provided useful information about what battery discharge rate you might want/need.

Amp dischange rates

 Kanthal Wire Chart

Vape wire chart

I also have these charts on 2 PDF files. One has 3 charts on one page for printing, the second has a single chart on each page.

Get The PDF Files:

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