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IPV Mini Mod Review

The IPV Mini is a 30W variable wattage mod made by Chinese manufacturer Greenleaf/Pioneer4U. With the breakout popularity of the iStick 20W made by Eleaf, it would seem that the IPV Mini is Poineer4Us answer and opportunity to capitalize on the market demand for smaller devices within the 20-30 watt range. Early IPV Mini pre-orders had this device priced between the $60-70 mark however, even as the IPV has just begun to hit shelves we have seen the price point come down to $50-60USD at various online retailers.

The IPV Mini featured in this review came directly from Pioneer4u, and it is packaged in a brown paper gift box with felt inserts. The IPV Mini also comes with a Asmodus distribution warranty card, a user manual , and a micro usb charging cord.

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  • Brand: Greenleaf/P4U
  • Type: variable wattage APV (Yihi SX-130)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Connection threading: 510
  • Battery compatibility: 18650 (minimum 10A rated)
  • Diameter: 23mm
  • Height: 94mm
  • Width: 43mm
  • Weight: 150 grams


  1. Work wattage: 5-30W
  2. output voltage: 3-8V input voltage: 3.2-4.5V
  3. Resistance ohms: 0.5-3.0 Ohms (13A maximum current output)
  4. Battery: 1*18650
  5. Chip: SX-130 (from YIHI)
  6. Usb charging for battery
  7. Screen size :0.96″ OLED


I received the IPV Mini in the gold color, which is actually a lot more attractive in appearance than I had anticipated. I do like the overall body styling of the device, especially the clean lines of it. The IPV Mini is fully constructed with pressed aluminum and has a smooth anodized finish. The finish itself is fairly even, although there is a slight shade variance between the left and right sides of the device.

The body of the device is in part held together by two hex bolts on the right panel of the device. Even as I am not a huge fan of the button style used, the fire and wattage buttons look better in person than in the early promotional photos. I think that if P4U had opted for fabricating the buttons in stainless steel, it would have elevated of the overall quality and appearance of the device.

The IPV Mini does have a reasonable amount of weight to it, so it does not have a cheap feeling. I was surprised to hear that the IPV Mini is actually a little heavier than the Yihi SX Mini which costs approximately three times as much as the IPV Mini. It is clear that IPV Mini was to some extent inspired by the Zen ZNA 30, but still manages to be quite unique in its appearance.

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The construction of the 510 connection is very good. There is a brass spring loaded fire pin that allows flush mounting of any atomizer regardless of its pin length. The atomizer seating can accommodate atomizers up to 23mm in diameter. There are four top cut channels around the atomizer seat, which do not lead all the way out to the outer diameter of the atomizer seat.

If you look closely at the 2nd photo below you can see a minor imperfection in the finish to the left of the atomizer seat. It is not really a big deal, but it is there so I have to mention it.

IPV Mini collage 3

The battery cap is knarled around its perimeter to assist with removing the battery cap. It appears to be constructed from either aluminum or some type of metal alloy. The threads on the battery cap and the female threads inside the battery tube are clean, and the battery cap threads on and off easily. The battery cap has six vents holes drilled into, and there is also a serial # etched on the bottom.

The micro usb port is placed on the bottom of the device, which some vapers really do not care for. However, since it is very easy to remove your battery for recharging I dont really see the usb charge port placement as an issue. With a 18650 battery installed the IPV Mini weighs approximately 194 grams, which is not heavy, but not feather light. I do like the weight of the device, which I do consider pocket friendly.

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Before I go into details about the function and menu of the IPV Mini, I have to mention that the display screen is covered by a thin protective film that needs to be removed upon receipt. When I first receive the IPV Mini I actually thought the screen had several micro scratches on it because I could not see or detect the protective film on it.

As previously mentioned the IPV Mini houses a Yihi SX-130 chip, which is supposed to be capable of a 5-30W power output, and a 3-8v voltage output based on the specifications provided by the manufacturer. After an 18650 battery is installed the IPV Mini requires 5 clicks of the fire button to power it on. Once turned on you will see the Pioneer4U, followed by IPV Mini. The Mini will power on to the last wattage setting used since the chip does have flash memory. When you use the 5 clicks to power off you will see system off across the display screen.

The display screen is nice and clear, and I do like the sort of mirror effect of its appearance. The display screen shows the wattage setting on the left, and the firing voltage and atomizer resistance on the right. This device has the following safety features:

  • – Low voltage protection
  • – Low resistance protection
  • – High input voltage warning
  • – Output short circuit protection
  • – Reverse battery protection
  • – Temperature overheat protection

IPV Mini collage 5

The SX-130 chip lacks many of the basic features of the Evolv DNA 30 chip, such has stealth mode, wattage lock, and left/right mode. However, this chip does have a couple of unique features that we don’t usually see with DNA 30 devices.

You have the choice between running this device in either PWM mode or DC-DC mode. To switch the device into PWM mode you hold down the fire button and wattage up button at the same time until the PWM mode appears on the screen. To switch to DC-DC mode hold down the fire button and wattage down button at the same time until DC-DC mode appears on the display screen.

The IPV Mini also has a memory mode that allows you to save 5 pre-set wattage settings. There are 5 default memory settings when you receive the device however, they can be changed to suit your preference. The memory mode is accessed from standby mode by pressing the + wattage button. You can change each of the 5 memory setting by hitting the button from standby mode, followed by using the wattage up/down to change the power setting, then hitting the fire button to store that wattage setting.

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The fire button on the IPV Mini is not clicky as much as it is click clanky. The feel of the fire button is a little toyish however, it is a very responsive button. The fire button itself has a rectangular shape, and it will fire whether it is press at the bottom, middle or top of the button. While I dont love the buttons, I dont hate them either, they work.

The ergonomics (Im so over this term) of the IPV Mini do make for comfortable and easy handling. While this device is called the IPV Mini it is really not that small, although I do like the size of the device. When compared to the ZNA 30 in 18490 mode and the Zero Modz clone in (18650), the IPV is a little taller than the ZNA , and a good bit taller than the Zero Modz.

While using the IPV Mini with an LG-HE2 2500mah battery, I felt like it was lasting too long according to the battery indicator. When the battery indicator was at about 25-30% remaining, I pulled the battery and put it on my Digicharger and it read 3.53v. Then I realized that battery voltage cut off happens at 3.2v with the IPV Mini, which in my opinion is too low. I am a stickler for battery health, and for the sake of maintaining healthy, long lasting batteries, they should not be repeatedly discharged below 3.5v, even as 3.6v is ideal. I do know that there are those who prefer the lower battery voltage cut off, to which I say to each his own.

I have used the IPV Mini primarily with two atomizers a Kayfun built to .7 ohm, a GP Heron built to 1.2 ohm, and an Aqua V2 built to .5 ohms. The first thing that I noticed is that the IPV Mini reads all of my atomizers at .1 higher than my ohm meter. The IPV Mini also does not fire from standby mode, there is roughly a 2 second delay.

When I set the IPV Mini to 15.5W with the Kayfun/.8 ohms the vape did feel more powerful than I thought it should have. Initially I didnt think a lot about that, I just set the wattage down to 11.5W and kept vaping with the intention to meter the voltage output later.

IPV Mini collage 7

Using an inline 510 volt meter, I tested the voltage output of the IPV Mini using a .5 and 1.2 ohm build across 4 wattage output setting of 5w, 15.5W, 20W, and 30W. With the IPV Mini set to the DC-DC mode, one of the first things that I noticed on the inline meter is that I was not getting a flat DC signal. Regardless of where I set the wattage, the voltage output for each setting started out high, and then rolled down in numbers until it landed on a certain number, where the voltage output would remain until I released the fire button.

For example, at 1.3 ohm set to 5W, the inline would first read 4.24v, then roll down to 4.15, 4.02, and then land on 3.90v where it remained until I released the fire button. Even if I used the lowest voltage output of 3.90v to calculate the actual wattage output (11.7W), this device is still way over the 5W setting. In fact the IPV Mini didnt even come close to firing accurately until I got near the 20W-30W range firing at 1.3 ohms, although the 15.5W setting was only over by .63 watts.

The voltage output pattern is not like a pulse width modulated frequency which cycles up and down repeatedly through voltage output. The voltage output pattern of the IPV Mini starts out high and gradually comes down to a certain voltage output and then remains there unchanged until you stop firing. Being that the IPV Mini specs claim to fire down to 3v, I was surprised to see that this device came nowhere near that minimum voltage output. I was even more surprised to see how inaccurate this Yihi chip is. I have watched Phil Busardos review of the SX-350 chip which had much better results.

Initially I wasnt going to attempt to capture any of the voltage output reading in photo because of how the voltage output reads, starting high, then coming down. But I decided to capture what I am going to call the resting voltage output number with a .5 ohm build (.6/.7 on the IPV Mini), the results of which you can see below. You will notice that even the “resting voltage output” does not match what the display screen indicates as the voltage output.

And before anyone comments to ask, yes, the IPV Mini did fire higher at the 5W setting than at the 15.5W setting. While this device should not be able to accurately fire .6ohm at 5W based on specs, the actual voltage output should not have been any higher than the 3 volt minimum output. Likewise, it should have also been able to accurately fire .6 ohm at 15.5W (3.04v), 20W (3.46v), and 30W (4.24v), but it did not.

At the end of the day I would rather deal with an overpowered device, than a underpowered device however, this Yihi chip is not very impressive.

*click on photo to view in full size*IPV Mini collage 8


Before I got to the point of testing the voltage output with the IPV Mini I, was for the most part very satisfied with its overall performance. Even as I did find the device to be too powerful at certain settings, in reality I was able to get the vape that I like by simply adjusting the device down. At the end of the day so long as I am able to find my vape, and the device fires when I hit the button, I am happy. I like the way the device looks and feels, and if I had not put my inline volt meter on it, I am sure that I would have said that the IPV Mini is a great little device. The build quality is solid, especially at this price point. The price point also makes it a little easier to forgive the chips shortcomings.

I think that it is also worth mentioning that I did receive a sample from Pioneer4U, and in a color that I have heard that P4U is having major delays with producing in large numbers, along with the blue color. In fact, I was actually supposed to receive a silver IPV Mini, and I bugged the crap out of P4U to get them to send me a gold one instead. I mention this because I feel that perhaps it is possible that I received an early beta/promotional sample version of this device, and maybe that would explain the inaccurate voltage output numbers perhaps? I am speculating, and attempting to give both Pioneer4U and Yihi the benefit of the doubt here.

While I am certainly not soured on the IPV Mini (I still like it), I am certainly not at all impressed by this Yihi chip. In the voice of the infamous Flavor Flav dont believe the hype. Maybe the Yihi SX-350 is all that, as it has been fabled to be. But the Yihi SX-130 chip that I received certainly is not, although again it is reasonable to think it possible that I received an early beta unit.

IPV Mini final photo


  • ​Inexpensive
  • check​Easy to remove battery
  • check Ergonomics
  • check Spring loaded 510 connection
  • check Wattage memory modes
  • check Pocketable


  • ​Chip inaccuracy
  • ​Too low battery cut off

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Where to Buy a IPV Mini

Buy one on ebay for $55-$60-Includes FREE SHIPPING from USA


55 thoughts on “IPV Mini Review – 30w Box Mod”

  1. Nicole, Thank you for your attention to detail. Do you prefer your zero clone to this IPV mini?

    1. Hi Sage :) .. while I like both, I definitely prefer the Zero Modz clone over the IPV Mini. I like the fit, finish, and fire button of the Zero Modz a lot more, its a little more enjoyable to handle.

        1. Well darling, I have on good authority that the 50W SX Zero will be sold in the US warehouse near you sometime later this week. I plan to get one as soon as they arrive. I watched Timmy Chin’s video review of it and it was a good review, so I am hoping to have a good experience with mine as well. :)

          1. From Focalecig.com .. not sure what their price will be though. From what I was told I expect them to list it by Thursday or Friday. :)

  2. Another very honest non biased review from a person who’s very talented at what she does .

    Thank you Nicole

    1. Hey you! Thank you so much for stopping by to have a read, and for your comments dear. :)

  3. Paul (Nailz)

    Thank you for your review Nikki,

    Reading about the chip annoys me, they are coming out with new boxes every other week, and some look really good, but seems so many are lacking on the chip, they just throwing these new boxes out without testing them properly.

    I did want the IPV mini, but I think I will wait and see if something else comes along with a better chip, as I normally vape at 0.50ohms, I want something that is accurate and fire at what it is meant too.

    1. Hi dear .. Or Paul you can just look out for other reviews. As I said, I think its possible that I received an older beta unit, so maybe PBusardo will review it and we can see some numbers on his fancy equipment. :)

      1. Hi Nicole,
        You know I was thinking about your comment here, and amazingly I think you are dead on about the beta version, I’ve been testing all kinds of builds and getting a lot different results and all very good really.
        But when I compare my knowledge to yours which I humble must admit that I’m an idiot compared to you, what on earth is Pioneer thinking to send YOU of all people nothing but their very very best product, NOT a beta if that’s what happened, sure hope it’s not a hit and miss thing with their QA. And maybe they might have mentioned to someone, that HEY this is going to Nicole, ya that one..!
        You’d think they just might know that you are going to do what you do and that is a very thorough review and then some, that is really stupid on their part I think..!

        1. Hey Gary, Happy Holidays to ya! I would really like to think that they sent me a beta unit, but I do take partial responsibility because I did pressure them for the gold color .. you know the saying “be careful what you wish for”, lol. I am happy to hear that you are having very good results though, I would much prefer that. So far most seem to be happy with it, that is what matters the most.

          But I will tell ya, I have received bigger bombs for review so in this game every thing is possible. ;-)

  4. my hana modz 30 clone did THE SAME THING. It’s cheap chinese crap chips. I will never buy one of these.

    1. Yes, not everyone was lucky when it came to the Hana Modz clones. Hopefully you will find something that will perform to the standards that it should.

      1. I have a SMY 180 and it woks perfectly. Voltage is what it says, adjusts down to 5watts and is the same at 11 watts that my mvp2 fires. It’s just big and heavy.

        1. Lucky you with the God 180 , that one caused people to rip their hair out with frustration.

          Just goes to show these Chinese mods are really hit or miss , you may get a good one and you may not.

          It’s unfair though to get a bad one and then come on a forum to make it seem like all of them suck which is far from the case.

          1. I wasn’t stating that all of them are bad, the problem lies with the cheap chinese crap chips. The god 180 not excluded. version 2 has its own issues (flashing screen, fire button inconsistent) but it works. for now. But for now no one wants to pay the price for quality it seems. Otherwise we’d have a large market of better quality mods and chips.

  5. As always another fantastic review, Thank You
    I’ve got a retailed version from Eccigity and was running voltage tests out of curiosity myself and am just using some Aspire Nautilus 1.6Ω coils and set this Mini with a inline meter, set it to 9watts 3.9v and the meter will jump up as you mentioned to around 4.11v then quickly settles down to 3.91v at 10watts 4.1v it jumps to 4.35v then settles to 4.11v
    Also noticed that if you have your battery bar down a bit from a full charge bar and set it on PWM I can see the battery bar pulsing up and down while firing and on DC it’s just a steady bar while firing, interesting I thought at least I can see what mode it’s set on.
    Setting this mini next to a MVP2 this mini is just a bit smaller but all the things I didn’t like with the MVP have been addressed with this mode, and looking at the new MVP3 20watt and dollar for dollar I think Innokin has a problem?
    I wish you could flip that display as you mentioned being right handed like on the Evolv40 display.
    Just got a Yiloong email regarding the revised version of their Vapor Flask V3 and they mention also using Power Regulated Digital Switch-Mode DC-DC Converter at 50 watts, looks to be the new deal which I think is great, love that DC mode.
    Thanks for the great review.!!

    1. The MVP will still sell like crazy as it has a completely different customer base than these replaceable battery mods .

      There is a huge market for non replaceable battery mods , much much bigger than people think and they have zero interest in getting involved with batteries .

      I have little doubt Innokin will once again completely dominate the non replaceable battery mod market especially since their 20 watt value version is priced lower than what many vendors are still selling the MVP 2.0 for.

      There hasn’t been a single affordable replaceable battery mod thats worth buying yet , every single one has numerous issues.

      People who like replaceable battery mods are unlikely to want an MVP, and people who like fixed battery mods won’t have interest in these small replaceable battery mods either .

      Two very different customer bases and markets.

      1. I am sure that you are right Herb due to the very long term success that the MVP had, and still has honestly.

      2. Hi Herb, you know looking at it from your point of view I sure couldn’t disagree with your comments, I myself have used the MVP since day one owned I think 6 total as my number one out and about and it’s always been only the little things, shape, fire button location just things like that I always wished they’d change then when the talk started about the new MVP3 and it sounded like those changes were in the works I was pretty excited. Then this came out and being I also vape with batteries this was worth a look.
        I am near certain nothing could replace the MVP’s indestructibility, I’m sure I couldn’t run over this Mini with my truck and expect the Mini to come out as good as my MVP2 did and your point about batteries is something I hadn’t even considered and your very correct on that point for sure, Great insight and comment Herb and thanks for improving/broadening my view..!

        1. Thanks Gary , to be honest even though i have two MVP’s i much prefer replaceable battery mods myself . I just haven’t been blown away with what has come to fruition yet .

          I have little doubt that more small replaceable battery mods will be released soon that show more promise and hopefully have fewer issues .

          For around the $50.00 mark i think it’s a no brainer to go with a replaceable battery mod as long as it is built well and last a good while .

          I can’t argue at all about the value of a replaceable battery mod being much more enticing since it has the potential to far outlast an MVP.

          I just think it’s too early to write off the new MVP’s because they do have a different customer base .

          This new 20 watt version is just one of a few (as i understand) that is being released. Innokin has a replaceable battery model that will hit the market soon with a legit Evolv chip that looks to be far more impressive , but only if they can prevent from pricing it too high.

          1. Hi Herb,
            You know I have numerous Pioneer products and NONE have really impressed me AT ALL, it’s one thing or the other with this company.
            I fully expected this Mini to be a complete bomb, what a shock I got and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend this mod, THUS FAR, Heat transfer is the only issue I noticed but that was mostly my fault and a commenter here mentioned about using a Vulcan styled heat sink adapter, that was from a comment I made somewhere else and was due to my trying to fire Fatdaddys ceramics at 30 watts and throttling the fire button to avoid the time out with this Mini and I got it way to hot but did fire them up but had the RDA sitting flush on this Mini and the metal is conducive IMO to heat transfer and should be kept in mind or melted wire potentials but again it was me being thoughtless and not using an adapter just in case of just that I know better. I use an adapter on most my mods just to prevent thread damage potential, and that Vulcan style adapter just looks cool on this silver Mini.
            But I can truly say this Mini has completely changed my view about what Pioneer is capable of, I really mean that..! Since I bought this Mini I have not picked up my MVP at all and this is my new out and about mod.
            I am just stunned stupid over this mod but the gamble paid off huge IMO, the perfect mod for me.
            I mentioned the indestructibility of the MVP and I suppose in my world that will be eventually put to the test with this Mini, I sure hope it is even half as durable but the performance, the features like DC mode which does eat up batteries quickly is a big bonus and appears to probably becoming a standard chip feature. But the battery change ability to me is a great deal over the MVP IMHO..! But certainly again agree about people who will want nothing to do with that as you said, Vape on Herb and,
            Happy Holidays Nicole, BY THE WAY.. Nathan mentioned perhaps looking for a video reviewer on one of his posts, NICOLE???
            Anyone want to second the motion??

  6. kathy czarnecki

    I have had my IPV mini for about a week. Thank you so much for this review because there is not a lot of information out about it and the enclosed “instructions” lack a lot. Funny that with mine, the IPV mini (silver) reads my RDA’s .1 to .2 lower than on my ohm reader. So far I like it for my vaping needs. The unit can get a little warm and I read somewhere that a “vulcanizer” is an option for RDA’s. I also enjoy the floating pin and the ability to change out my own battery, vs. recharging. So much better than the I Stick that I wish I didn’t buy. For $55.00, I think this is pretty good. Let’s see how it lasts. Thanks again for the information you posted on this product!

    1. Hi Kathy :) Thank you for reading and commenting, and I am glad that you were able to get some useful information out of this review. In spite of some quirks with the IPV, it is still possibly have an enjoyable vape with it, and the price point, along with the spring loaded pin, and removable battery makes it a desirable choice for many vapers.

  7. I just got the iPV Mini a couple of days ago and I am really enjoying it. Love the form factor and the general look of the device, got it in Gun Metal. The only problem I have with it is the Ohms reader, it reads 0.1 to 0.2 ohms lower than it’s supposed too. The Atlantis has some 0.5 ohms coils so I thought it would not fire, but it did. It reads 0.4 and hits like a brick. So I guess it fires below the 0.5 ohms as advertised or the chip itself knows it’s 0.5 but shows 0.4 on the screen. My guess is that in the next firmware update this will be all cleared up.

    My SX Mini is stuck at costums, boohoo, but maybe next week Ill have the chance to compare both chips.

  8. I wouldn’t sweat the ohm misreadings , nearly EVERY device out there thats semi affordable misreads the ohm’s .

    It’s quite rare to come across one that reads correctly to be honest, it’s the single most common complaint made about these types of devices.

    As long as you know it reads too high or too low no big deal.

  9. Did you notice the battery level jumping up and down on the device while it was firing? Seems to be a common issue with the battery indicator doing this when you press the fire button on it.

    1. It only does this while in Pulse Width Modulation mode but not in the DC-DC mode.
      Noticed it myself when I first got mine.
      However I also noticed being I thought it was a pretty cool way to tell if I was in PWM or DC mode but it doesn’t always show the bar surge in PWM I realized I think that it also depends which battery brand I was using, it surges with the Efest 18650 30amps but not with LG H2’s

    2. Yes .. that is the chip sensing the battery under load, so its nothing problematic. There are a lot of chips that show the battery lag under load, not all, but a few do this.

  10. I would like to know if anyone can give a firm “yes” there will be an update to make ipvmini capable of 50 watts. Anyone else hear this rumor?

    1. No, there is no update to make the IPV Mini capable of 50W. There is however a new IPV Mini device capable of 70W, which will be released as a new device, not an upgrade.

  11. Say you might want to Google ” IPV Mini device capable of 70W” like I just did, one site I believe is saying they have them and another expecting a release in February, quit the surprise to me actually, it’s the IPV Mini 2 with a comment of,

    This mod ships out to us from Green Leaf at the end of January or beginning of February. Not many details are known so early, but here are a few of the features:

    Built by Green Leaf
    Yihi chip – Sx330 V2C
    Resistance reads down to 0.2 Ω
    Resistance reads up to 3.0 Ω
    Adjustable wattage: 5W-70W

    Saw the question or post above and thought I’d take a look around

    1. My post there sure doesn’t sound right, I sure wasn’t trying to be a smart ass if it reads like it and if it does read that way “I’m sorry” I didn’t mean anything by it, the one person asked I think about a firmware upgrade? I misread the question, so please don’t think I was being a smart ass Nicole..!! I know better than mess with you, I’d be dooooooomed..!!!!

      1. Garyyyyy .. no, I did not think you were being a smart ass, just helpful. Yes, the poster asked for confirmation of a firmware upgrade to 50W, but there is no such upgrade for the 30W IPV Mini, there is only the soon to be released 70W IPV Mini.

  12. Thank you for the quick reply on the ipv mini upgrade or lack thereof, i only bought the mini because the guy at vapedemand.com told me the vape world was all abuzz about the upgrade t 50 watts. On his behalf , he was super nice and helpful but the background noise over the phone sounded like he was probably running a head shop so 420 may have been responsible for confusing the ipv2 with ipv mini..ha.thank you folks again for the great responses, an no Gary, you most crrtainly did NOT come off as a smart ass.

  13. Since they messed up on the one they sent you Nicole I think it only fair they should redeem themselves and let you have a crack at the ipv mini v2 70watt device with the sx330 v2c chipset, don’t you:)
    Nathan’s posts keep landing in my inbox and 5 minutes later I find myself typing my Visa card numbers into the dang machine. oh well..ipv 70w on it’s way hehe

    1. LOL, you have to watch that Nathan, he will have you broke in no time! For the IPV Mini I do take a little bit of the responsibility because if I had stayed with the Silver sample they were originally sending, as opposed to pushing them for the one color that was not ready for mass shipping I may have had a different experience .. maybe. My IPV Mini is still very usable, just slightly inaccurate which is an easy work around, just adjust up or down slightly.

      At the moment I am swimming in Vapor Flask clones, and SX Zero clones .. Just received the Vapor Flask V3 clone with temperature protection (2),and I still have another one coming from a different manufacturer. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t see an IPV Mini V2 review here. ;-)

      1. Hey Nicole, say I wasn’t joking when I said I’d loan you a really messed up looking gunmetal authentic for your review..!! Just would put in a return postage, Doubt you’d want to keep it…LOL sort of..!
        I doubt I’m even sending THEM back to VF I’m so mad, you already know, I think..
        Happened to tap the Flask on my desk while taking out the batteries and guess what came out?? Aluminum shavings, I guess they assemble then remember to thread the battery ports I guess.
        I think I got a reasonable pic of that but haven’t downloaded them to see if you can see the shavings.
        You’ve got my email or Sparks can get hold of me also, ☺
        Are you having trouble getting your bats out of that flask? Got pics of the guts inside, cradle etc, found a guy who already upgraded the flask with new chip set. He showed me some really good break down pics.

        1. Ok Gary I will email you .. But really you should send them back. $300 a pop to an unreasonable amount of money to waste on a device. I see people freak out over a $30 clone with defects. The SXK V2 flask does have tight battery slots, they went it, but they ain’t coming out. The Kangxin VF V3 clone is not like that though. Batteries goes with nicely and slide right out.

  14. Nathan, you’re not sorry at all and neither am I.. IT IS a great price and looks like they are now ‘out of stock’ on the black version ie. impulse pay off so thank you.

    Looking forward to your review then at some point Nicole, when you come up for air after swimming through the VF versions- Good Luck!!

  15. Nicole thank you so much for your reviews. I truly enjoy reading them. I just got an ipv mini and am really enjoying it. I always check for your reviews on something before I buy it now. This is the third thing I have bought based on your reviews and they were right on. Keep up the awesome work.

    1. Hi Bill .. Thank you so much for your viewership, support, and comments. It really means a lot to me that you find my reviews helpful to you. Have a great weekend dear. :)

  16. Kimberly M.

    I bought an IPV Mini v1 back in February, and just in the last few days, I would be vaping, it would shut off mid vape, the screen would show some wonky design on it, and I couldn’t get it to turn back on until re-seating the battery. I absolutely love the size/weight/ease of use in my Mini, but I can’t understand what’s causing it to malfunction like this! It happens once every 20-30 minutes now. :(

    I have since ~borrowed~ my husbands IPV Mini v2 to use until I can get it fixed, but I miss my pretty blue IPV Mini v1.

    1. Hmm .. your issue might be related to the lack of long term durability of the device. Two months isn’t very long, so I wouldn’t expect it to be showing signs of near failure. But I don’t really get the impression that Pioneer4u has necessarily built their devices to last. I mean, how many Pioneer4u devices have come out withing the last 4 months?

  17. Hi, i just recently bought an ipv mini 1 with kangertech tank. The problem i had is that the liquid wont wet the cotton even though i fill the liquid until its full. I had to open the tank and drop the liquid to the cotton, i had like 6 hit and then i had do it again. i did 18 W, 3.5 V, 0.6 ohm. Can you please help me ? I dont know any people who can help me with this.

      1. I use the Kanger SUBTANK-NANO clearomizer 18.5mm , i think it does have high VG since when I use diffirenet liquid, it does not have any problem. So theres no way to fix it ? i just have to drop liquid to the cotton everytime i want a puff ?

  18. Rihno from col. Oh, here

    I have had a IPV Mini for around 8 mo. now, It’s not giving me any vapor like it’s not got enough power but my batt is brand freakin new fully charged??? whats up? is there a button pattern I have to enter? what’s up?

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