Best Online CBD Stores and Shops 2021

Looking for the absolute best online CBD stores can be a difficult task that’s for sure, especially with the surge of popularity. There are many factors that will determine which shops are the best to buy from online including quality, pricing and more. However, there is one thing for certain - there isn’t necessarily just one best place to buy all of the CBD products you need.

There’s a number of amazing online CBD stores to get the products you need -- including oils, tinctures, CBD vape juices and edibles -- to get the health benefits of CBD. You should never limit yourself to just one store as different brands will have a variety of different products and strengths that may fit your needs. So rather than just name the single best we've got a whole list of the best online CBD stores. 

Before getting into our full list, we will say we’re not able to cover all the online shops that carry these products. However, this is a great place to start whether you’re new to the CBD world or simply looking for trustworthy places to get your CBD products.

If you’re looking for more sales from specific stores or for more information about these types of products, check out our CBD corner.

Best Online CBD Stores

Savage CBD

If you’re into vaping, then you probably recognize this name and that’s for good reason! Offering some of the most delicious e-juices, they’ve stepped into the CBD game and stamped their name on the industry. 

They off quality products at affordable prices so they're definitely one of the best online CBD stores. 

Best online cbd retailer

What’s great about this brand is that they’re constantly offering different sales on all of their CBD products, including discounts as high as 50%. And that’s stacked on top of their already cheap prices site-wide.

No matter what kind of product you’re looking for, you’ll definitely want to check out SavageCBD. From edibles to vape CBD e-liquids, they have them readily available. Additionally, their CBD selections can be broken down according to experience, from beginners all the way to advanced users.

What you get:

  • Free domestic USA shipping
  • Great prices across the site
  • Frequent discount codes & sales
  • Products broken down by experience (beginners, experts, etc.)
  • CBD bundles

Binoid CBD

Binoid CBD is an online retailer that offers more than just your standard CBD products. Like most stores on this list, prices are great, but one differentiator is the fact that they do carry a wide range of Delta-8 THC products

This includes cartridges, gummies, softgels, wax dabs and much more.

Binoid cbd logo best online cbd stores and shops 2021

While these are quite different from your normal CBD products, they’re sought out by many CBD users. Additionally, they do carry the newer Delta 10 products, so your choices are nearly endless. You’ll even find disposables at this shop!

Binoid CBD is an excellent retailer for all of your CBD needs, including both Delta 8 and Delta 10. Prices are great, the selection is huge, and the strength options will cater to all users.

What you get:

  • Cheap Delta 8 and Delta 10 products
  • Free and fast discreet shipping
  • CBD cartridges & disposables
  • Delta 8 THC bundles
  • Variety of flavors

MedTerra CBD

MedTerra CBD is another of the best online CBD stores to get all of your CBD needs and an online retailer that we suggest checking out whether you’re new or experienced. 

While they offer some of the best quality CBD you’ll find online, they also are quite affordable too -- especially if you decide on opting into their subscription service, which provides a huge discount that you won’t find often at other shops.

Medterra cbd logo best online cbd stores and shops 2021

Another great perk when shopping online at MedTerra CBD is their product selection. Not only is there a lot of different CBD products to shop from, they’re quite unique too. For example, you’ll find CBD immune boost, CBD supplements, True Full Spectrum CBD, CBD Wellness and more.

While their products are affordable, MedTerra CBD does not sacrifice on quality. You won’t be disappointed when shopping here.

What you get:

  • High quality CBD products
  • Subscription service with additional discounts
  • Unique selection of CBD products
  • Fast shipping
  • CBD for pets

KnockOut CBD

Quality hemp-based CBD products is exactly what you’ll find at KnockOut CBD with prices that are incredible. However, like many listed here for our best online CBD retailer, they have also started offering Delta-8 or D8 products, giving you even more selection. 

Even with these select products, prices are kept down, so you’re able to reap the benefits of CBD without emptying your wallet.

Best online cbd

From cartridges to disposables and tinctures to full spectrum CBD capsules, they’ve got it all. No matter which way you enjoy taking your daily dose, Knockout CBD has got you covered. Delicious flavors are available too, so you’re not left unsatisfied.

Knockout CBD has awesome products at amazing prices, making it another of the best online CBD stores. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try out what they’ve got to offer, check out our 
review of their vape juice.

What you get:

  • Hemp-based CBD products
  • Cheap prices site-wide
  • Weekly promotions with discounts up to 50% off
  • Free shipping over $50
  • CBD Disposables & Vape Cartridges (includes Delta-8 THC)

Diamond CBD

When it comes to cheap CBD products, Diamond CBD is the online store you’ll want to visit. Often, you’ll find incredible discounts during their sales, ranging up to 70% off and prices as low as $4.99 for a variety of CBD related products including lip balms, gummies and more. 

Just because you’ll find cheaper prices here, doesn’t mean you won’t find quality as you surely will.

Diamond cbd logo best online cbd stores and shops 2021

What’s great about this brand and how you can shop their products is that you can choose by "mood." This allows you to really dial down what kind of product you’re looking for, whether for sleep, relaxation or buzz. As you may know, there are many uses for CBD and what you desire may differ from the next person.

All in all, Diamond CBD is an excellent online shop to get basically everything you need at discounted rates. It’s no wonder they’re so popular in the online CBD world.

What you get:

  • Incredible site-wide prices on all products
  • Discounts often as high as 70% off
  • Free 2-day shipping on all USA orders when spending over $100
  • Prices as low as under $5
  • Daily and weekly flash sales


No matter if you’re new to CBD or not, CBDFx is probably a brand you’ve heard of or seen before. Easily one of the most popular brands in the CBD world, CBDfx carries a huge selection of products catered to everyone.

With their wide selection including edibles such as gummies or cookies, topicals, oil tinctures and capsules, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD in many ways.

Best online cbd shop

Like many stores, you’ll also find their products broken down into specific sections, making it easy to shop for the products that cater specifically to you. Shoppers will also find discounts on a weekly basis, giving you further price cuts on their excellent quality selection.

CBDfx is a favorite among many CBD users, and it’s easy to see why, especially with their
promotions. You can’t go wrong when shopping at this online retailer for CBD products.

What you get:

  • Amazing quality CBD products
  • New promotions often with various discounts
  • CBD vapes
  • Bundles that’ll save you more than $30
  • CBD starter kit

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD is a great online store for many reasons, one is the fact that they offer award-winning products. 

That’s something you won’t find at most online retailers and speaks volume to what you’ll be able to get when shopping here.

Green roads cbd logo best online cbd stores and shops 2021

Additionally, there’s a massive selection of CBD products available in a wide array of strengths, so whether you want the strongest or starting off low as the smallest strength, they have it. Green Roads CBD has products aimed at delivering different effects too which includes sleeping aids, stress relief, muscle and joint support, general wellness and total relaxation.

With their award-winning products and the lengths they take to ensure the absolute best quality product, you can rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth here.

What you get:

  • Award-winning products
  • 20% discount when joining their list
  • Independent lab testing to ensure the highest quality
  • Sales section with products all under $15
  • Rewards program


EMPE-USA is a great online store to get your CBD needs, because they’re often running sales and promotions on a variety of products they have listed.

They have a great selection of full spectrum premium CBD gummies, CBD oils, topicals, Delta-8 and CBD for pets.

Online cbd store

What you’ll also find are premium organic and vegan CBD products and while they’re "premium," the prices won’t destroy your wallet. They manage to offer these quality premium products, but without that premium price tag you’ll often find when browsing the web for CBD.

Of course, the prices are great, but you can save even more on shipping costs too when spending over $90. Over that, and your entire order will ship completely free. On top of that, your order will ship within 48 hours or less, so you’re getting what you pay for quickly.

What you get:

  • Premium organic and vegan CBD products
  • Good prices without the premium price tag
  • Free shipping on all orders over $90
  • BOGO sales
  • Made in the USA

ReThink CBD

Another store you’ll want to check out when looking for CBD products online is ReThink CBD. What shoppers will find here is great quality, an extensive selection and tons of positive reviews.

Their products are found at many CBD stores near you, but you can certainly save cash when going straight to the source.

Rethink cbd logo best online cbd stores and shops 2021

Like some other online shops, ReThink offers different sales on holidays and a subscription service you can take advantage of if you find yourself ordering from them often. Opting into this service means you’ll get discounts you won’t normally get, so you’ll get the products you enjoy the most at exclusive prices.

When shopping at CBD ReThink, your order will ship for free when spending over $50. Take advantage of this offer as shipping costs can get pretty high, especially if you’re ordering a lot.

What you get:

  • Subscription savings (30% discount)
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Huge holiday savings
  • Discounted prices on bundles
  • Wide variety of products and strengths

Tranquil Earth CBD

As you can probably tell by the name of this brand, Tranquil Earth CBD offers a natural solution in many forms. While they do have a great selection, they have one catered to vapers and vapeable CBD e-liquids. 

Offered in multiple flavors and strengths up to 1,000mg of CBD and as low as tester 50mg bottles, they’re an excellent choice for vapers who are interested in CBD.

Tranquil earth cbd logo best online cbd stores and shops 2021

Like others, you’ll find subscription discounts on the flavors you enjoy the most and free shipping over 50 US dollars. Additionally, you may be able to find this brand at CBD stores near you, but as always, we’d recommend shopping directly at the store when possible for the most potential savings.

While they do have many products to cater specifically to CBD users, they also have vapers in mind with their CBD e-juices.

What you get:

  • Quality CBD e-liquids
  • Tester 10ml 50mg vapeable e-liquids
  • Free shipping when spending over $50
  • CBD strengths up to 1,000mg
  • Subscription discounts and prices as low as under $5

Best Online CBD Websites Honorable Mention


If you’re a vaper, then you definitely know this shop as they've been in business for a very long time.

VaporDNA is not only one of the best places for vapes, but for CBD as well. What’s great about this online store is that you’re not only able to find different products, but a variety of premium brands as well!

Vapordna cbd

They often run CBD store sales as well that’ll give you extra discounts on select products or everything CBD related on their site. Free and fast shipping is available when spending over $99.

Whether you’re in need of vaping gear or CBD products, VaporDNA is the perfect online store for you. They always keep up with the latest trends in both industries and offer exceptional service.

What you get:

  • Variety of premium CBD brands stocked
  • Free shipping over $99 in the USA
  • New promotions and sales often
  • Rewards program
  • Huge selection of vaping related products

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