Delta Effex Blue Zkittlez Delta 10 Disposable Review

Disposables are incredibly popular in the vaping world for many reasons, one primarily is that they’re incredibly easy to use. It’s no surprise they’ve made it into the CBD and Delta 10 industry as well since they’re essentially hassle-free. Although not all of these products will deliver the same quality and flavor, our review of the Delta Effex Blue Zkittlez Premium Delta 10 Disposable shows it is an excellent choice.

We’ll let you know everything you need to know about the Delta Effex Blue Zkittlez Delta 10 Disposable but first let's cover some basic specifications on the product. 

Delta Effex Blue Zkittlez Delta 10 THC Disposable Product Features:

  • 280 mAh Built-In Battery
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Not Refillable
  • Charging Indicator Light (Multiple Colors)
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC content
  • Delta 8 distillate Delta 10 distilliate and Terpenes
  • Flavor profile: Tart berries with floral undertones
  • Indica Strain
  • Lab Tested For Quality
  • Available in both single and 10 packs

Delta Effex Blue Zkittlez D10 Disposable Review

Looking at Blue Zkittlez Delta 10 THC disposable by Delta Effex, it reminds you of many disposables on the market, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. It’s compact, discreet and sleek looking.

Its packaging is also simple and clean, providing you with a sample image of the product alongside the important information you need to know. Like many similar products, this D10 disposable comes pre-installed with a rubber silicone stopper, which you can use when you’re not vaping it. Additionally, it is pre-charged, so it’s ready to go once you take it out of the box.

Delta effex delta 10 disposable review

Exceptional Delta 10 Experience

Moving onto the most important part of our review - the performance and flavor. Overall, the experience is exceptional and truly stands out as an amazing product. There is zero break in time needed as you get full flavor right out of the box.

Speaking of flavor, the profile description is pretty accurate overall. However, the floral undertone does take precedence in the experience as you inhale and exhale. You can taste the blueberry as you vape, but not as strong as you’d expect. All in all, the flavor is good and pretty spot on to the description.

When it comes to the Delta 10 experience, it may differ from person to person, so always keep that in mind. Similar to CBD oils, the desired effect can vary, and it’s best to start off slowly and gradually work your way up to the desired effect.

Delta effex d10 disposable review

As mentioned in the product details, this is an indica strain, and it’s meant to provide you with an uplifting mental high. This is, again, spot on to what you’ll experience. Taking only a few vapes, you can feel the effect work it’s magic and feel relaxed within minutes. This can also be used by those who need help sleeping since it’s a more relaxed feeling than the Delta Effex Blue Zkittlez D10 THC disposable.

The battery lasts quite a while too without needing to recharge, which is definitely a good thing. It’s not often you’ll come across disposables having the ability to recharge the battery. Just keep in mind that it is not refillable, so once the tank is empty, you’ll need to crack open a new one.

Review Conclusion

The Blue Zkittlez Delta 10 THC disposable by Delta Effex is an excellent product. It’s incredibly easy to use, offers an amazing experience that’s second to none and best of all, can be recharged when the battery is depleted, so you’re not stuck with a full tank and dead battery.

Whether you’re on the fence of trying one or enjoy using these products, we’d recommend checking this one out. There’s much to love and pretty much nothing that we dislike. It performs as it should and delivers a quality experience at an appealing price point. Do yourself a favor and grab one when they’re in stock.

We hope you enjoyed our review! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. If you're interested in more reviews like this, check out our CBD corner. Thanks for reading!

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