Best New Vape Products of 2021

What’s your typical strategy when you buy vape gear at your favorite local vape shop? Are you always on the lookout for the newest and most interesting products, or are you more likely to buy the same items every time you shop? If you fall into the second group, you’re missing out on an enormous variety of new and interesting vaping products that make up the best new vape products of 2021 The vaping industry continues to change rapidly, but the changes are sometimes so subtle that you might not notice them unless you’re specifically looking for them. 

In a broad sense, vaping is the same as it ever was. To vape, you still need a vaping device, a tank or pod and some e-liquid. The differences, however, are in the details. Although the general types of hardware that you need for vaping are much the same as they’ve always been, the products themselves have continued to evolve and change rapidly.

These are a few of the most interesting new products that you’ll find at your local vape shop in 2021.

New Synthetic Nicotine Vape Juice

In the United States, there is almost no question that synthetic nicotine vape juice represents the future of the entire industry. The PMTA process has not been kind to American e-liquid makers. To date, the FDA has issued marketing denial orders to hundreds of vape juice brands for all of their non-tobacco and non-menthol products, seemingly indicating that the agency is in the process of enacting an all-out ban on flavored e-liquids. The FDA also has yet to issue an approval for even a single vaping product.

Some vape juice makers have elected to sue the FDA with the hope that they’ll eventually have their day in court. Others, though, have attempted to sidestep regulation by using synthetic nicotine in their products rather than tobacco-derived nicotine. The idea here is that the FDA theoretically can’t regulate e-liquid as a tobacco product if it contains no ingredients sourced from tobacco. 

What will happen to the American vaping industry in the long run is anyone’s guess – but in the near term, there is no question that almost all USA-made e-liquid will be using synthetic nicotine by the end of the year. This makes synthetic vape juice one of the most popular new vape products of 2021.

Since many overseas vape shops also source their e-liquids from American makers, it’s likely that the switch to synthetic nicotine will filter through to the rest of the world as well. If you haven’t tried synthetic nicotine vape juice yet, give it a try. Many people find that synthetic nicotine provides for a smoother vaping experience compared to tobacco-derived nicotine.

Pod Mods

For several years now, pod systems have been simply inescapable for vapers. If you go to any major vape manufacturer’s website, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that traditional vape mods hardly seem to have changed at all for quite a while. It often feels like there isn’t much of a reason to buy a new vape mod as long as the one that you have still works because the current vape mods don’t really offer any features that differ significantly from the features in the previous generation of devices.

If you’ve gotten the feeling that vape mods haven’t evolved a lot over the past couple of years, there’s a good reason for that: It’s because the manufacturers are focusing all of their resources on the development of new pod systems. If you want to enjoy the latest technological innovations that the vaping industry has to offer, you’ll have to buy a pod system. Until now, though, pod vapes have been the smallest and least powerful vaping devices on the market. If you wanted something that produced serious clouds, you’d have to step up to a vape mod. Thanks to the new pod mods, however, that’s no longer the case.

A pod mod is a new form of vaping device that’s essentially a cross between a pod system and a vape mod. It stores its e-liquid in a plastic pod – although a few pod mods are now using glass pods – but the body of the device resembles that of a full-sized vape mod much more closely than it does a slim and sleek vape pen. A pod mod will give you enormous vapor clouds, but it’ll also feature the simplified refilling and coil changes that you love with pod systems. Some of the latest pod mods even feature impressive technological innovations like new forms of power delivery, automatic coil priming and more.

Disposable Vape Tanks

While the latest pod systems have begun to look more like traditional vape mods, some of the latest vape mods have begun to blur the line in the other direction by featuring something that you’d ordinarily only see in pod systems: disposable tanks.

A disposable vape tank is a plastic tank that you fill with e-liquid, use for a while and eventually discard. You could describe a vape pod in pretty much the same way. What, then, makes a disposable vape tank different from a vape pod? Disposable vape tanks hold more e-liquid than vape pods, and they’re also much easier to fill. A disposable tank has the same wide filling hole at the top that you’d expect from a traditional vape tank, while most vape pods have side-mounted holes that can be a little difficult to use. 

The biggest difference between disposable tanks and vape pods, though, is that the disposable tanks tend to produce much larger vapor clouds. A disposable tank features a mesh coil of similar quality to what you’d find in a traditional tank. The only difference is that, when you’re no longer happy with the flavor, you discard the whole tank rather than just replacing the coil. 

Manufacturers of disposable tanks claim that the outer plastic shell of the tank is recyclable, and they also claim that the price of a new tank should be about the same as what you currently pay for a new vape coil. It remains to be seen whether the low price point will hold as the disposable tanks begin to reach vape shops, but the disposable vape tank is certainly an interesting new piece of technology that many people will probably want to try.

Best New Vape Products 2021

There's a quick rundown of some of the best new vape products of 2021. Go out and check out synthetic vape juice, pod mods and disposable vape tanks today. Don't forget to check back here for all of your vaping needs. 

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