Vaping Memes: Our Favorites of 2020

Whether you're looking for a quick laugh or just bored at home, good vaping memes can be a great escape. You’ll certainly find something to laugh at and share with your friends. If you’re a vaper like us, then you’ll likely want some vaping-related laughs. After all, laughing is good for you.

Vaping memes are totally different from others you’ll find on the net, and those who don't vape may not get them. Thankfully, for us vapers, we’ll get a kick out of these totally ridiculous and hilarious vape memes.

It doesn't matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced vaper, you’ll totally understand why it’s so funny. Even if you're not a vaper, we think you'll at least make a grin. Without any further delay, let’s see our favorite vaping memes of the year.

Now, On To The Memes:

When you get a mouthful of juice

I think we've all been here at one point in vaping. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting out. Getting a mouthful of your favorite vape juice is bound to happen. Whether it's because of an over saturated coil or dripping too much e-liquid into your atomizer, we've all been there.

Consider yourself lucky If this hasn't happened to you yet. This is actually something that happens more than I care to admit. This expression right here is the one we almost always make when getting a mouthful of e-juice!

Steam engine vape

Who would've thought someone wanted to become a steam engine? This steam engine vaping meme is simply hilarious! The first thing that pops into your mind when you see a huge plume of vapor is those clouds coming from those larger trains.

While not every vaper is into blowing massive amounts of clouds, you can certainly get a laugh out of this one.

When you remove the clouds.

Now this might be the funniest vaping meme I've seen this year. You're bound to make an odd face when trying to perform those vape tricks from the web. This might be the exact type of face you'd make when trying to blow an "O." Remember, practice makes perfect!

When you take a dry hit.

Here's something else that happens sometimes when vaping, a dry hit! It's most definitely not a pleasant experience and any vaper who has unfortunately had one will tell you the same. This burn meme shows you the face almost every vaper would make - minus the coughing of course.

When you're battery is about to die.

Something else we vapers have to go through pretty often is our batteries dying! What's worse than having to wait for your battery to recharge after a long vaping session? Remember to keep those vape batteries charged and while you're at it, always keep in mind battery safety!

You're Halfway There!

Don't take my vaping hand.

Sorry, not sorry, but the hand that's not on the steering wheel has to hold our vape! I'm sure many vapers can relate to this vaping meme.

We locked eyes across the room.

While vaping has become increasingly popular over the years, we still have to recognize another vaper when we see one!

Oh my god there's no nicotine!

Yet again, I know this has happened to me on more than one occasion. I'm sure you vapers can relate.

My mod is on the floor...

Who's knocked their vape off their desk before? I know I have. And I know I made this exact same face right before it hit the floor. Always be careful with your vapes!

I love my juul...

We couldn't end this list without any Juul memes. While the Juul is used quite frequently by people trying to quit smoking, it dies... a lot. If you use a Juul device, then you know this exact feeling.

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