DJ Puff Flask Disposable Vape Review

This year we’ve seen all kinds of disposable vape bars, and we continue to see new flavor options, but something we’ve been seeing more of is the overall design and look, the shape and size of vaporizers. The traditional tube or thin shaped disposable is more of a thing of the past, especially as we continue to see improvements and added features. What this equates to is more value for the money, which is always a good thing.

In this review, we’ll be looking at the DJ Puff Flask 4999 Disposable Vape. As indicated by the name, these new vaporizers aimed to deliver a unique experience with its flask shaped design while providing vapers with an excellent vape experience. Far from the traditional slim and skinny vapes, the Flask by DJ Puff is a sight for the eyes and offers much more than its looks. However, does it actually perform as you would expect when it comes to flavor and vapor? We’ll let you know in our full DJ Puff Flask Disposable Review.

DJ Puff Flask Vape Bar Features

First and foremost, let’s go over the primary features of the Flask 4999 Disposable Vaporizer by DJ Puff.

  • Unique Flask Shape Form Factor
  • 10ml Vape Juice Capacity
  • Type-C USB Charging Port
  • Narrow Centered Drip Tip
  • Mesh Coil Design for Flavor
  • Low Battery & Low Oil Reminder
  • 650mAh Internal Battery (Pure Cobalt Cell)
  • World's First Smart Disposable Vape
  • 4K Gold Ring Around Mouthpiece
  • Cutout Glowing Light Indicator

DJ Puff Flask Vape First Impressions

As we like to do with all of our vape reviews is to give our readers a first impression. Unboxing the DJ Puff Flask Vaporizer is pretty straightforward, but the actual packaging is great. It provides all the information you need to know and gives you a quick look at what you can expect in the box. This includes the flavor you’ve got preloaded, the nicotine strength, an image of the actual device, a nicotine warning and more.

Once you slide the DJ Puff Flask out of the packaging, you’ll immediately notice its design. It stays true to the name and indeed sports a flask shape. Right away, it’s comfortable to hold in the hands, and it's quite smaller than what you think. With its size and shape, you could easily fit this in any pocket and definitely any bag or purse. Considering that it holds 10ml of e-liquid and 650mAh rechargeable battery, it’s small!

One thing to note here before moving on is that it comes completely protected in the packaging. There are stickers that need removing and a silicone plug inside the drip tip. This ensures it is crisp and fresh once you’re ready to give this a vape, definitely a great thing with any vape bar.

Img 7291 dj puff flask disposable vape review

Once you peel off the sticker at the bottom, it’ll reveal the charging port, which is type-C (another good thing) alongside the cutout light indicator. This looks really cool and lights up the logo as you vape or get one of the smart reminders going off. We’ll say that the charging port at the bottom is somewhat of a con, not a huge deal, but we do know some vapers who simply prefer a side or top charging port. We’re glad it’s a type-C port though instead of micro-USB, which is something you’ll still often see with disposable vaporizers.

Moving towards the top of the Flask by DJ Puff, you’ll see a comfortable narrow drip tip. It is not removable (as you would expect) and a 4K gold ring at the base. That certainly gives it some added flair, but doesn’t impact your vaping experience. The drip tip is perfect for this style of vaping this is catered for, which is mouth to lung.

Another key feature of this vaporizer has to be its smart reminders. It’ll let you know via the light indicator when the battery is low, but also when the e-liquid (or as they call "oil level") is low. This makes sure you never experience those nasty dry hits and when the device is in need of a charge.

First impressions of the DJPuff Flask 4999 Disposable Vape are great. The biggest thing here outside its smart features is the actual design. It’s very comfortable to hold and use, and even keeping it in your hand for long periods of time, which we know a lot of vapers do. There aren’t any sharp edges either, adding to the overall comfort. Huge pro!

DJ Puff Vape Flask Disposable Flavor Review

As with any of our disposable vape reviews, one of, if not the most important part is the flavor review! We’ll be letting you know our thoughts on four of their flavor options in the lineup, which they are many to choose from. Just remember, flavor is subjective. One vaper may enjoy something you do not, and vice versa. 

Blueberry Ice

Blueberry, specifically blue raspberry, are some of the most popular flavor options in general, but especially in vape bars. They’re refreshing for one, but just tasty. With that said, this is quite different as it’s not a blue razz, it’s blueberry ice. Don’t let the ice scare you away from this one though, as we’ll say right up front, the ice in this is not overwhelming nor overly strong.

On both the inhale and exhale of this DJ Puff Disposable Vape, you’ll experience the same flavor note, which is blueberry. This blueberry, however, is different from some others we’ve tried. It’s a mixture between natural and candy, but leans a little bit more towards a candy note. Refreshing for sure, especially with the ice in the background. Again, the ice note is pretty faint overall, but it is noticeable in a good way to compliment the vape experience.

Vapers who are fans of blueberry or blue raspberry flavors will want to try this one. It’s a good blueberry and can almost fool you to think it’s a blue raspberry flavor. The ice is also perfect, providing just enough to compliment the inhale and exhale.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice

Another popular flavor mixture is strawberry and watermelons. Why? They’re simply perfect for one another! We’ve had numerous strawberry and watermelon vape juices before, but again, this one is different from the norm. Fair warning, this one does have a little bit more ice than the previous flavor.

As you inhale, you’ll get the taste of fresh watermelon. Once you exhale, you’ll taste both the strawberries and watermelon. The watermelon flavor is slightly more dominant overall, but not by a lot as you exhale. What’s interesting about this flavor is that it’s more natural tasting than what you’d expect. It tastes like fresh cut watermelon and strawberries that’s cold (due to the ice effect). With the ice at the end, it could be what elevates that natural taste even more. Either way, it’s delicious and certainly an all day vape.

Dj puff flask vaporizer

Strawberry Watermelon Ice in the DJ Puff Flask Disposable lineup is one that was enjoyed much more than anticipated. With its natural taste throughout the vape, it provides a one of a kind experience you won’t find too often. If you’re into these flavor profiles, then give this one a shot, you won’t be disappointed in this vape bar.

Frozen Apple Berry

DJ Puff Frozen Apple Berry tastes pretty much as you’d expect it to and stays true to the flavor name. It’s quite different in comparison to the previous two flavors reviewed here, but not in a bad way!

On the inhale, you’ll primarily taste a fresh apple with a hint of ice. As you exhale is where you’ll notice the flavor profile coming together. Exhaling, you’ll first taste the same fresh apple followed by a mixture of berries. It’s slightly difficult to pull apart which exact berries, but it leans a little bit into blueberry and raspberry. The mixture of fresh apples and berries actually tastes quite nice when together, and a lot better than expected. You wouldn’t see this combination of vape flavors together too often, but more common in these style vapes.

You’ll notice the frozen in the flavor description, too, as it’s a bit heavier in the ice than the previous DJ Puff flavors reviewed here. It isn’t overwhelming or anything, but certainly more noticeable, which is either a good or bad thing depending on your taste buds.

All in all, while not our favorite of the bunch, we can see a lot of vapers liking this one. The fresh apple is crisp and is refreshing to the palette, while the berries bring forth a tasty exhale. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then check it out.

Rainbow Burst

Last, but certainly not least, in our DJ Puff Flask Disposable Vape Review is rainbow burst. This is another flavor that you can pretty much know what to expect when reading its name. While it’s straightforward, it is a bit complex when it comes to the taste.

Firstly, we will say this one is the lightest out of all four when it comes to an ice component, it’s almost non-existent when comparing it to the other three. There’s a little bit of coolness, but nothing that would bother any vaper in our opinion. On the inhale, you’ll get a mixture of candy flavors. On the exhale, you’ll get the same, but it comes easier to start to pull apart individual candy flavor notes.

As you exhale, you’ll taste a light grape flavor followed by a strawberry and raspberry. This flavor is well put together as it blends each candy flavor note well. No one flavor note truly dominates another, and it tastes like if you ate a bunch of different flavor candy all at once. The ice note is there, too, in the background, but very faint and just provides a slight refreshment as you finish your vape.

All in all, this is an excellent candy flavored vape that many vapers will enjoy. If you don’t enjoy grape, as this flavor sticks out the most, you may not like this one. However, it doesn’t taste like medicine, which is something many flavors with grapes suffer from. It’s smooth and can easily be vaped all day.

Review Conclusion - Flask Shaped Perfection

While there are a ton of different options out there for vapers when it comes to disposables, not all of them will provide a good vape experience. DJ Puff has delivered an excellent all around disposable that not only looks great (and comfortable to hold), but provides unique yet tasty flavors.

The flask shape has been around for some time, especially when looking at vape mods in the past, but you wouldn’t see this in the disposable realm. It’s a good thing it’s here, as it provides comfort like no other vape bar has. Not to mention, with the smart features the Flask 4999 provides, you’ll know exactly when it needs to be recharged and when the vape juice level is low.

There are some other intricate details on this device, too, that makes it stand out from the rest, such as the light indicator cutout of its logo and gold ring around the drip tip. Small details, but shows they put thought behind the design of this Flask disposable vape bar.

All in all, this is an excellent choice for vapers who enjoy disposables. The flavors are great, it’s feature packed and cost-effective thanks to the rechargeable battery. You can’t go wrong with having this in your daily vape rotation!

Thanks for reading our DJ Puff Flask Disposable Vape Review! Let us know in the comments below what disposables you enjoy most and why. 

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