Survey: How Has Covid Impacted Your Vaping?

We would like to know how Has Covid Impacted Your Vaping?

We're compiling data on how the Coronavirus pandemic is impacting the vaping industry. This is a simple four-question survey and it will only take a couple seconds to fill out. We appreciate your help.

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Review overview
  • Sean Campbell 11/03/2020

    I’ve been shopping online more and finding great deals.

  • Gregory 11/22/2020

    How the pandemic has impacted my vaping? One thing that happened in the middle of this pandemic, my favorite vape shop got dropped by paypal so I can no longer buy online, thus having to go to shop in person. Personally I know it sounds lazy but especially now when socially distance is requested. I know my shop Vape58, is careful and cautious of what’s going on. Screw PayPal anyway. Also because I have been online shopping a little more, I got ripped off by two vape companies via China and paypal refused to help or get my money back despite their guarantee. So, yeah screw paypal! Then on top of that, having to hear about how vaping makes it easier to contract covid19 as well as the ads/commercials from smoke free CA. Since many of us are home, I feel like they are bashing us for trying to do the right thing. I would like to think that some of you would agree that we are already stressed out with the news, covid19, work, the election and everything else that matters to us. So personally I would like to thank smoke free ca for their part in driving me almost insane! Thankfully BECAUSE OF VAPING and its help to get me feeling healthy, I am able to go out and workout and go for a run/jog. Just the other day I ran 9.5 miles continuously, that is the best I have ever run even in my teenage years. So that is how vaping has helped me and others like me. Thank you for the platform for me to rant. Everybody stay strong and stay true, we know it helps us! WE WILL GET THRU THIS!


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