Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit Review

Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit Review

Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit Review

Wotofo is a company that is known for quality products at an affordable price. Mini box mod kits have become increasingly popular due to them being extremely pocket or purse friendly, and giving the vaper a stealthy vape setup. Wotofo has now released their own mini sized vape starter kit, the Serpent 50w TC Full Kit. The Serpent name is best known as an RTA, but in this case they have implemented this name into a new device and sub ohm tank.

Before getting any further, I would like to thank Heaven Gifts for sending this product our way for the purposes of this review. I will go over my first impressions, usage, overall performance of the entire kit, pros and cons, and will conclude with whether or not I recommend this vape starter kit!

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Out of the box

Upon receiving the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit, what I noticed first was its great packaging. Everything that is inside of the packaging is kept safe, and is protected quite well, ensuring that there will be no damages to this kit during transit. The packaging is quite large, but it was to be expected since it is an entire vape starter kit.

Upon sliding open the packaging, I immediately noticed the Wotofo T-Shirt giveaway card, and user manual which Wotofo typically includes in all of their products. In addition, when first seeing the device itself, I was surprised by how small it actually was. This vape starter kit does include the Wotofo Serpent 50w Box Mod and the Wotofo Serpent Sub tank. I did receive the Silver version, but there are a ton of other colors you can choose from including red, green, black and more.

Included in the packaging you do receive the device, sub ohm tank, a small box which includes some extras, a replacement glass tank section, a user manual, a giveaway card, and a micro USB cable for charging. This kit basically includes everything you need to start vaping aside from e-liquid.

Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit Review

The Wotofo Serpent 50w Box Mod is primarily constructed of aluminum alloy, and does feel great in the hands. It is quite tiny, so if you have large hands it may not be the most comfortable device to hold. In addition, I wasn’t sure at first if it would be comfortable to hold at all due to its design. It is a bit wider than most other mini box mods, but this is something I will get into more later on into this review.

This mini box mod has all of the typical features you would find in most newer box mods such as temperature control for Ni200, Ti and SS wires, and has a maximum wattage output of 50w. The Wotofo Serpent 50w Box Mod also features an internal 2000 mAh battery, and can be charged using the included micro USB cable. I do think that 2000 mAh is a decent battery size considering its size.

The Wotofo Serpent Sub is the included sub ohm tank in the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit. This tank is also quite small, and looks great on the Serpent 50w. It does have an overall diameter of 22mm, and is primarily constructed of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. In addition, I did notice that the coil heads that are included do look quite familiar, and once I did some more research I found that Kanger SSOCC coils and Kanger OCC coils are compatible with this tank, which is certainly a good thing since those coils are widely available. This kit does include 2 replacement coil heads, which is surely a pro.

This sub ohm tank does feature bottom adjustable airflow, and includes a wide bore delrin drip tip. The included drip tip looks quite familiar to the one included with the Wotofo Conqueror Mini, so I already knew that this drip tip would be comfortable. A huge pro to this tank is that you can use your own preferred 510 drip tips! Lastly, I do want to mention that this tank did come clean with no machine oil!

Overall, my first impressions of the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit were all positive! The overall quality of this entire kit was fantastic! In the next section, I will go over my experiences using this kit over time.



When first seeing the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Box Mod, I initially thought that it would be uncomfortable to hold since it is a bit wider than most other mini box mods. However, this surely wasn’t the case, as it is quite comfortable to hold and use!

All of the buttons on the box mod are nice and clicky, and it never misfired on me either. I do want to mention that the display screen is on the top of the device, which may be a con to some, but honestly I got used to it rather quickly. The display screen is bright and easy to see, which is definitely a pro.

Also, navigating through the menu system is easy as well. Five clicks will turn the device on and off. When you click the wattage up and down button together you can lock the device. In addition, pressing the fire button and the wattage up button simultaneously will bring you into the menu where you can select which mode you want which are wattage, Ni200, Ti, SS and TCR. Lastly, if you press the fire button and wattage down button together, you can change the screen orientation.

Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit Review

The Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Box Mod does have a 2000 mAh internal battery, and while chain vaping it only lasted me about an hour and a half at the most. However, if I was just vaping on and off throughout the day, it would last me about three to four hours before needing to be recharged. It does take about two hours or so to be fully charged when the battery is completely depleted, which isn’t too bad. However, if you’re looking for a device to last you all day, this surely won’t do it for you, which can be considered a con.

The Wotofo Serpent Sub is also an easy to use sub ohm tank. It does feature a top fill design, and it’s easy to adjust the airflow. The drip tip is comfortable, and never got hot while vaping, even at the maximum wattage of this device which is 50w. In addition, installing the coil head is very easy, and can be done quickly.

Overall, it was a pleasure using the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit. It is extremely user friendly, and would suit both beginners and advanced users in my opinion. Not to mention, you can literally hide the entire kit in your hand, because of how compact it is! In the next section, we will go over the performance!

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The overall performance of the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit is solid! This vape starter kit does include two 0.5 ohm coil heads, which look to be exactly like Kanger SSOCC coils. So, if you’re a fan of these coil heads, then you’ll love the performance of this tank.

I started vaping the pre-installed 0.5 ohm coil head at 20w, at which there was hardly any performance. At 30w is where this coil head started to vape much better, and the flavor and vapor production tremendously improved. However, the vape at this wattage was just a bit too cool for my liking. Turning the wattage up to 45w is where this coil vaped the best for me. The vape was slightly warmer, and the flavor was much better.

The vape experience, even at the max wattage of 50w, was on the cooler side. I do prefer warmer vapes, but the vape experience was still quite satisfying, and it was a nice change to how I typically vape. The flavor on these coil heads are great, and they actually last a fair amount of time. I put through about 50ml of e-liquid through the first coil head before I was noticing a difference in performance. The vapor production is also pretty decent, especially considering you’re vaping at lower wattages.

I do want to mention that this coil head didn’t really have much of a break in time, which was quite surprising as with any coil head I do typically expect about a half tank break in period. With this coil head, I got pretty good flavor after about 1/4 of the tank was vaped. Also, something else worth mentioning is that I never experience any spitback nor any leaking, which is a huge pro! In addition, I never experienced any dry hit, and it kept up quite well even when chain vaping!

The airflow on this tank is also nice and smooth. With the airflow fully open, it is a bit restricted, but it is enjoyable. When closing off the airflow, the flavor does slightly increase and the vape is a tad bit warmer, but I still preferred the airflow wide open.

The Wotofo Serpent Sub does have an e-liquid capacity of 3.5ml, which is a lot considering this tank is only 22mm in diameter and does sport a rather compact design. I can get through 3 or 4 hours when vaping on and off at 45w. However, when chain vaping or vaping often I could easily get through this entire tank in just about an hour. I do want to mention that when you are ready to fill this tank with e-liquid, I would hold onto the tank itself, and then proceed to unscrewing the top fill section. There were a couple occasions where the entire tank would start to unscrew, so this would be considered a con.

Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit Review

The e-liquid of choice while testing the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit was VaporFi’s Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream, which is crafted by the popular e-liquid company Cosmic Fog! If interested, you can check out this e-juice right here or by clicking the link down below.

Check out VaporFi Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Here!

As mentioned previously, the Wotofo Serpent device has a maximum wattage output of 50w, and does feature temperature control for Ni200, Ti, SS and a TCR mode. The temperature control mode on this device worked just fine. I only tested the TCR mode and SS temperature control mode since I do not vape Ni200 or Ti wire any longer. I do not think this device is firmware upgradeable as I do not see anywhere if it is or not, so I am considering this to be a con. However, its performance is still great and the TC works just fine, but this is still something worth mentioning.

The Wotofo Serpent 50w does feel a bit underpowered. When testing the same atomizer with the same coil with different devices and comparing them you can tell this device was underpowered by about 5w or so. This is not the biggest con by any means, but still something worth mentioning.

The minimum firing resistance of this device is 0.1 ohm in both TC mode and Wattage mode, but honestly you wouldn’t really put any build lower than 0.3 ohm since it only has a maximum wattage output of 50w. Regardless, it is still a pro that this box mod can fire that low of a resistance.

Also, like mentioned previously I experienced no misfires and every time I hit the fire button it fired immediately. There is no noticeable delay, which is definitely a pro. I do want to mention that if you’re vaping this device at 50w, don’t expect the best battery life, but if you’re vaping at 35w and below, you’ll get pretty decent battery life as mentioned in the previous section.

Overall, the performance of Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit was stellar! I encountered no major issues and got a satisfying vape experience every time!



  • Great build quality
  • Compact design
  • Great for stealth vaping
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Temperature control
  • TCR Mode
  • Includes 2 replacement coil heads
  • Great flavor
  • Easy to use


  • Device is slightly underpowered
  • Battery life will probably not last all day on a single charge
  • Entire tank would sometimes unscrew when unscrewing the top fill section
  • Display screen located at the top of the device (subjective)
  • No firmware upgrades



In conclusion, the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit is a great vape starter kit for both the beginner and advanced user. It is extremely easy to use, and it provides a great vape experience. With the being said, the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit is probably not for everyone.

The vape is a bit on the cooler side with this specific tank and coil heads, so if that’s something you enjoy or prefer, then you’ll love this setup. However, if you like a warm to hot vape, then this kit probably won’t fit your vaping needs.

Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit Review

Regardless, this is still a solid performing vape starter kit, and would fit the vaping needs of many vapers. Not to mention, it’s extremely easy to use! In addition, the overall build quality of this vape starter kit is excellent, and it’s a huge pro that Wotofo does include a lot in the packaging. I’m sure vapers who love small devices or who want a stealthy vape setup will absolutely love this kit.

So, if you’re looking for a new vape starter kit that is compact, is easy to use and provides you with a solid vaping experience, then I can easily recommend the Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Full Kit!

I hope this review helps you with choosing the best vape kit to fit your vaping needs! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below! Thanks for reading!

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Product Features:

  • Wotofo Serpent 50w TC Box Mod
    • Maximum Wattage Output: 50w
    • Temperature Control (Ni200, Ti, SS)
    • TCR Mode
    • Minimum Firing Resistance: 0.1 ohm
    • 2000 mAh Internal Battery
    • Micro USB Charging
    • Many Safety Features
    • Compact Design
    • Includes Micro USB Cable
    • Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Wotofo Serpent Sub
    • 22mm Diameter
    • Stainless Steel & Pyrex Glass Construction
    • 3.5ml E-Liquid Capacity
    • Top Fill Design
    • Compatible with Kanger SSOCC & OCC Coil Heads
    • Includes Two 0.5 ohm Coils
    • Adjustable Bottom Airflow
    • Gold Plated Contact Pin
    • Includes Replacement Glass Tank Section
    • PEEK Insulator Made in Germany
    • Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
    • Compatible with 510 Drip Tips

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