Voopoo Drag 4 Review

The Voopoo Drag series has been some of the most popular devices you can get on the market, and for good reason. Every time this vape brand has launched a new device in their Drag lineup, they’ve continuously improved in many ways. There’s one thing for certain though, the drag box mods have been at the forefront and is what kicked off this popular line of vapes for Voopoo.

From the original Drag we reviewed, we were impressed with its build quality, features and vape experience. Fast-forward a few years down the road, and we’ve got our hands on the Voopoo Drag 4, offered as a full starter kit that includes a sub ohm tank, so you’re almost ready to vape right out of the box. The big question is whether this version 4 of the popular Drag Mod will impress us like the original did and offer what every vaper wants out of a high performance box mod. We’ll let you know that and more in our Voopoo Drag 4 review. 

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Features:

Before kicking off our review, let’s cover all the specifications of the Voopoo Drag 4 and UForce-L Tank, giving you all the information you need to know about each device.

Drag 4 Box Mod Specifications

  • Requires two high drain 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Maximum wattage output: 177w
  • Maximum voltage output: 8.4v
  • Minimum firing resistance: 0.05 ohm
  • New temperature control mode
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Multi-functional sliding switch
  • C-frame battery door
  • Color display screen (customizable)
  • USB-C charging port (3A)
  • Eco energy saving mode
  • Available in wood and resin series

UForce-L Sub Ohm Tank Specifications

  • 25.5mm base diameter
  • 4ml or 5.5ml e-liquid capacity (2ml TPD)
  • Bubble glass tank included
  • Quick top fill system
  • Wide bore delrin drip tip
  • Stainless steel and pyrex glass construction
  • Three inlet top airflow design (adjustable)
  • Compatible with all PnP coils
  • Includes PnP-TW15 and PnP-TW20 coils
  • Heat sink design

First Impressions of the Drag 4 (Unboxing)

Voopoo's Drag 4 starter kit comes packaged as you’d expect it to, but the way it looks certainly gives it a luxurious appearance, especially with the wooden look. Not entirely sure if the packaging is different for every color, but the box does kind of match the color option that’s inside the box. Everything you need to know is on the sides and back including the tank, coil heads, how much power you can expect alongside what’s included. Voopoo has always done a good job with their packaging and presentation, so zero issues here.

Once you slide open the box, you’re immediately met with the Voopoo Drag 4 Box Mod and the included tank, the UForce-L sub ohm tank. More on the tank soon, but let’s start with the start of the show, the Drag 4. Comparing it to the original and even more recent models like the Drag 3, Voopoo has elevated the appearance and ergonomics. It felt great in the hands right away and sized just right for a dual 18650 device. Another feature that stood out from our first impression is the battery door. It’s a c-frame mod, which means you don’t have to worry down the road about any issues that can potentially happen, like with other style mods. You simply slide the door off to reveal where you can insert your high drain batteries.

On the front, you’ve got the traditional buttons, but with one additional sliding button. This button is an awesome inclusion, as you can simply slide it up or down to quickly lock or unlock the Drag 4. Convenience is key! You’ll also find the USB type-C port on the front bottom alongside the screen right in between.

The included UForce-L tank in the Drag 4 vape starter kit is quite large in diameter and height, but fits the mod perfectly. You can say, when paired together, they’re a match made in heaven. While it is a larger tank, do know you can use any other atomizer with a 510 pin on the Drag 4. Speaking of, a variety of different attys in size will work thanks to the design.

Pre-installed on the UForce-L sub ohm vape tank is a wide bore delrin drip tip, which is great for heat resistance. Additionally, it offers a top fill system, which makes filling it an absolute breeze. Best of all, it’s a quick turn to open the top fill ports! Now, the biggest thing here is the top airflow design, which we’ll cover later as that’s another key feature of this entire kit. 

All in all, no surprise, the first impressions were great. While this pair looks amazing together, does it offer an exceptional vape?

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit Performance Review

With any vape review we do, the most important is the vape you get out of a device or kit. Let’s talk about the performance of the Drag 4 and UForce-L.

GENE.TT 2.0 Chipset

First and foremost, the important piece of hardware within the Drag 4 is what’s powering it, and that’s the GENE.TT 2.0 Chipset. Voopoo has come a long way with their boards powering their devices, and you can certainly tell with the Drag 4.

Features of the chipset

With the GENE.TT 2.0 Chipset, you’re offered a wide range of features. However, you also get an absolutely amazing screen and interface, which makes using it and customizing it super easy to do. You’ll also be able to customize the color to different themes of your choice.

It doesn’t stop there, though, as that’s just the start of it. The Drag 4 is able to deliver up to 177w, which is plenty for the vast majority of vapers. Additionally, there’s a new TC mode, offering various temperature control vaping options, suited for different wire types. So, if you’re a fan of temp control, you’ll love this. What’s interesting too are the different modes, one is the Eco Mode, which Voopoo says will prolong the vaping time of the Drag 4 by 10%. For us, we’re simple, so the standard wattage mode was perfect and accurate.

Something else that’s great is the fast charging capabilities the Drag 4 offers. It has a 3A charging speed, which is great in a pinch. However, we’d always recommend using an external charger when needing to recharge your batteries.

Sliding Multi-Function Switch

The biggest pro on the Drag 4 has to be that sliding multi-function switch. While it’s great that it’s there, Voopoo takes it to the next level as you can customize what you want it to do. This includes locking the wattage, locking the device, or even turning the power on or off. This makes such a difference, as it takes no time at all to move the switch up or down to do what you set it to do. We’re not sure why more companies don’t offer this type of design, but we’re glad Voopoo included this in their Drag 4.

Performance Beast

Covering all you need to know with the vast amount of features the Drag 4 has to offer, does it deliver on performance? Absolutely! Power delivery is spot on and the customization allows you to really dial in what you enjoy or like. The ease of use with the well done GENE.TT 2.0 chipset makes the Drag 4 a pleasure to use as an everyday box mod. Again, you can certainly tell how far this mod has come over the years.

Voopoo UForce-L Tank - An excellent companion

You wouldn’t have a great starter kit, if it didn’t include a solid performing atomizer, whether dripper or tank, so what does the UForce-L tank offer as the companion to the Drag 4? Let’s start with the e-liquid capacity. With its larger size, you’ve got quite a bit of capacity, up to 5.5ml with the bubble tank section, which is great. As mentioned earlier, filling it can be done incredibly quickly with the top fill design.

One unique feature is the bottom of the UForce-L tank. It offers a heat sink design, which essentially allows for less heat to travel to the base. If you’ve been vaping for some time, then you know some attys simply run hot, and you can certainly feel the heat when vaping at higher wattages. These are all great, but the key feature here is the airflow system.

Top Airflow Goodness

The UForce-L Sub Ohm Tank offers a top airflow design, with three different airflow sections, or inlets. For one, this means pretty much zero leaking from this tank, which is a huge pro. You’ll also minimize or completely remove the chance of condensation.

Next, the airflow is pretty smooth and completely adjustable. A simple turn at the top, and you can control how much air is traveling in each airflow inlet. This design is also pretty sleek and gives the UForce-L a minimalistic look, which for us, is a pro. What truly makes this a great tank to pair with the Drag 4 is the coil compatibility.

Coil Compatibility

Replacement coil heads play a big role in tanks, and if you have an atty with coils that aren’t great, your vape experience won’t be good either. Thankfully, the UForce-L is compatible with the PnP Coils, which we’ve seen a lot of over the past year or two. Included in the kit, you’ll get two of them, and this includes the PnP-TW20 and the PnP-TW15.

These are newer when compared to some of the other coils in this lineup and can handle more power than some of the originals. Additionally, these PnP coils are designed to not only offer excellent flavor, but last longer too. With all that said, do they perform well? They certainly do, and that’s not a surprise, as the PnP coils are favored among many vapers in both tanks like this and even vape pods.

It’s important to note that both coils are able to handle higher wattages and are best suited between 55w and 70w from our testing. Certainly you can push them, but that’s the sweet spot. The PnP-TW20 vapes great around 50w, while the lower resistance PnP-TW15 is perfect around 60w or 65w. Flavor is solid for a sub ohm tank, and these can last quite some time, even with some sweeter e-liquids.

Conclusion - Worthy Successor Generations Later

Overall, the Voopoo Drag 4 is an excellent successor many years later and an excellent follow-up to its predecessors. From the build quality to the GENE.TT 2.0 chipset, and the coil compatibility, you’ve got all you need with this pair. The c-frame door is something many vapers are looking for, and the multi-function switch offers convenience that not many other mods simply offer.

Offering a wide range of features alongside a solid performing sub ohm tank when bought as a 177w starter kit, it’s an easy recommendation for a vaper looking for a higher wattage dual 18650 mod or kit. Even for vapers looking to step up from pod mods, this is a great place to start. The Drag series has come a long way and this version 4 takes it to the next level.

We hope you enjoyed our Voopoo Drag 4 review! Let us know in the comments if you’re a fan of the Drag series by Voopoo. As always, keep it cloudy!

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