Vaporesso Revenger Mini Starter Kit Review

The original Vaporesso Revenger Starter Kit was incredibly popular due to its unique appearance and solid performance. Vaporesso is now back with their latest entry in their Revenger line, the Revenger Mini 85w TC Starter Kit.

The new Revenger Mini sports pretty much the exact same design as its bigger brother, but in a smaller form factor and features an internal battery. In addition, it includes the smaller NRG SE Sub Ohm Tank to match the mini size.

More on this in a bit...

Before getting any further into this vape review, we'd like to thank Heaven Gifts for sending this Revenger Mini Starter kit our way for the purposes of this review.

And now we'll cover our first impressions, usage, performance, pros and cons, and conclude with whether or not we recommend the Vaporesso Revenger Mini Starter Kit!

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Vaporesso Revenger Mini Review

First Impressions on Starter Kit

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit comes in pretty much identical packaging to the original Revenger, which isn't a bad thing by any means. It comes in a white and black box which has an image and some minor information on the front. On the back, you'll find some more information about the Revenger Mini 85w TC box mod.

I've always liked Vaporesso's packaging as they are pretty clean and classy looking. I did receive the black color, but there are other color options available such as Aluminum, Blue, Red and Red/Green.

Once you slide out the box, there are two sides which you can open. The left, smaller box is where you'll find your instruction manual, braided micro USB charging cable and warranty card.

If you flip open the other side, you'll find the device, sub ohm tank, replacement glass tank section, spare coil head, a paper with information about the available coil heads, and spare o-rings. This starter kit does include a 0.15 ohm (GT 4) coil head and the 0.5 ohm (GT CCELL SS) coil head.

My first impressions of the Revenger Mini was that, of course, it's rather small. It's not tiny like a mini box mod, but definitely on the smaller side. In addition, it's pretty much identical to the original Revenger and Revenger X.

You have 3 buttons right under the screen of the Revenger Mini to turn the wattage up, wattage down and access menu. The fire button is located on the side, and on the back is where you'll see the LED light. Now, I know for sure some vapers will not like the LEDs, so I'm happy to say you can turn it off completely. The LED itself looks somewhat like a flame.

Vaporesso mini

One pro to be mentioned right away is that just like its bigger brother, the Revenger Mini does feature a centered 510 connection. This means even with its smaller size, it can house some larger atomizers.

The Vaporesso NRG SE Sub Ohm Tank is also identical to the original just much smaller coming in at only 22mm in diameter. It does utilize the GT coil family we've seen in previous Vaporesso vape tanks, which is a good thing as I'm a big fan of these replacement coil heads. This Vaporesso tank does sport fully adjustable bottom airflow, and includes a wide bore delrin 510 drip tip.

You can use other 510 drip tips, but the top piece is elevated just a bit, so your ultra wide bore drip 510 drip tips may not look the greatest, since it'll overhang. Not really a con in my book, as you probably won't be using a drip tip as such since it's a mid wattage sub ohm tank.

All in all, my first impressions of the Vaporesso Revenger Mini Starter Kit were great! I was a big fan of the original, so I knew right away I'd like the smaller variant.

Using Revenger Mini

As mentioned previously, the Revenger Mini Kit does sport a rather compact design, so it's really great to travel with. No matter if you're putting it in your pocket or bag, it fits comfortably. The overall fit and finish is top notch, which is certainly a pro. It's very ergonomic as well with no sharp edges to be found, so it feels great in the hands and perfect for longer vaping sessions.

I do want to mention that the charging port is on the front of the device, right below the wattage and menu buttons, so you can easily charge this device while it's upright.

The Revenger Mini is powered by the OMNI 2.2 board, so it functions pretty much the same as the previous model. Five clicks will turn the device on or off. Pressing the menu button three times or simply holding it down will allow you to enter the full menu where you can select TC settings, curve settings, Bypass mode and more.

This Vaporesso device does have a lot of customization options and has a ton of different modes to choose from such as Smart VW, CCW, CCT, TC (Ni200, Ti, SS), TCR and more.

When in the primary menu, you can also select "System Set", which allows you to adjust the time, puff counter, turn smart mode on or off, adjust the screen timeout, set the LED lights, adjust the brightness, check which firmware version you're on and reset everything to default. There is a lot you can do with this the Revenger Mini in its settings and it's not that difficult to navigate through, but it may take some time for the beginner to really get used to it.

All of the buttons are nice and clicky, which is something I personally prefer. Also, the menu button is slightly protruding, so you can easily tell the difference between all of the buttons without having to look. This is something small to look at, but a nice touch from Vaporesso, nonetheless.

Revenger mini starter kit review

The screen itself is a bit dim, which is a con to be mentioned. It has a tint on it just like the original Revenger, so on the inside it may be bright, but on the outside it is rather dim. I wish it was just a bit brighter, making it easier to see, especially when I use this Revenger Mini in direct sunlight.

The NRG SE Sub Ohm Tank from Vaporesso is really easy to use, and is basically like other vape tanks on the market. This tank does feature a sliding top fill design, and you do not have to take off the drip tip in order to fill, which is a pro for me. The fill hole is not the largest, but it's not the smallest either. You can easily fill it with your Chubby Gorilla or dropper bottles with no issues. The drip tip is comfortable and never got hot since it is constructed of delrin.

The airflow is fully adjustable, and has a stopper, so when you hit fully closed or open, it won't keep spinning. In addition, you can easily adjust the airflow while this tank is attached, which is always a good thing.

One last thing to mention is that all of my atomizers up to 25mm sat flush and made a connection with the Revenger Mini.

All in all, using the Revenger Mini Starter Kit by Vaporesso has been a pleasure. I loved the compact design and ease of use. Not to mention, it is certainly eye appealing!

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The Vaporesso Revenger Mini does sport an internal 2,500 mAh battery and has a maximum wattage output of 85w. While I don't have the necessary equipment to test the wattage output, I can certainly say it hits the 85w mark with ease. When vaping with the included sub ohm tank, you're not really vaping at that high of a wattage. But when you're using another RTA, RDA or sub ohm tank on the Revenger Mini, you might, so I'm happy to say it does feel like 85w.

As mentioned earlier, the Revenger Mini does have a ton of features such as TC for Ni200, Ti, SS and a TCR mode. I did test this device in TC mode for stainless steel and it passed with no issues whatsoever.

The performance of the OMNI board by Vaporesso has always been great and the same can be said for this one. It also worked well in Bypass mode, and the CCW and CCT curve modes were great for ramping up those Clapton builds.

Now, the battery life on the Revenger Mini will be determined by the wattage you're vaping at. Keep in mind that it's only a 2,500 mAh battery, so you probably won't be getting all day battery life unless you're vaping at very low wattages with a mouth to lung tank.

With the included sub ohm tank and coils provided, I could get about 3 hours on average vaping on and off between 45w and 55w. If you're chain vaping, you'd probably plow through battery life in about an hour or two.

Thankfully Revenger Mini battery does feature fast charging, so you can get a fully charged battery in about an hour or so. I've been charging it using my computer, which doesn't support fast charging, and it'd take about 2 hours, maybe a little more to fully charge with a depleted battery.

I do want to mention that some vapers may see the internal battery as a con and would prefer external batteries. With that being said, I do hope we see a single 18650 or 20700 version in the future Revengers.

The Revenger Mini Starter Kit does include two replacement coil heads which are 0.15 ohm (GT 4) and 0.5 ohm (GT CCELL SS). The 0.15 ohm is rated up to 70w, but is recommended between 45w and 65w. I found this to be pretty accurate and preferred to vape this coil around 55w. At this wattage range, I would get a warm and satisfying vape experience. The flavor is a bit better than I expected, and I do think these coils do preform quite well overall.

Vaporesso revenger

I do prefer the airflow wide open with the NRG SE sub ohm tank as it provides a slightly restricted lung hit. There's not a lot of airflow on this tank, so if you're the type of vaper who likes massive amounts of airflow, this atomizer probably wouldn't suit you. However, the one in Revenger Mini does provide a comfortable lung hit. 

The vapor production is pretty good as well vaping at 55w.  One thing I do want to mention that the 0.15 ohm coil lasted pretty long even though I was vaping on some Candy King E-liquid which is known for a lot of sweetener. This coil lasted a solid week before I noticed the flavor diminishing.

The spare 0.5 ohm coil I didn't really vape much since I don't prefer ceramic wicking coils. This is personal preference, but as with any ceramic wicking coil, the flavor is crisp. Also, this coil is for lower wattage vaping as it is recommended to be vaped between 25w and 35w.

Depending on the wattage set and how much you're vaping your Revenger Mini will determine how much you'll have to fill the NRG SE. It does have a 3.5ml e-liquid capacity which is quite impressive given its small size. I could get a full tank to last me between 1 and 2 hours if I were vaping on and off. However, if I were chain vaping, I could vape through the entire tank in less than an hour. Overall, I was quite impressed with the performance of this sub ohm tank and was certainly satisfied.

All in all, the performance of the Vaporesso Revenger Mini TC Starter Kit was excellent! I didn't really have any cons when it came to the performance of this vape kit.


  • Great Performance (Mod & Tank)
  • Eye Appealing Design
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Centered 510 Connection
  • Tons of Features


  • Dim Screen
  • Internal Battery (Subjective)


In conclusion, the Vaporesso Revenger Mini Starter Kit is another home run by Vaporesso and a great addition to the Revenger line. Both the Revenger Mini and NRG SE sub ohm tank perform incredibly well. This is definitely a vape kit I can easily just pick up for on the go or when I need something a bit more stealthy and pocket friendly.

As with pretty much all other box mods and kits we review, there were some cons to be mentioned about the Revenger Mini. The first con is the dim screen. It's not a deal breaker for me, but I wished Vaporesso would've fixed this issue since it's present in previous Revenger Mods.

The next con is the internal battery. While I didn't mind it, I know there are some vapers who simply dislike internal battery vape mods. Like mentioned before, I do hope Vaporesso releases a single 18650 or 20700 version to cater to those vapers who prefer an external battery.

All in all, I do think Revenger Mini is an excellent compact vape starter kit and fans of the original Revenger will surely enjoy this mini version. If you're looking for something compact that has an internal battery and solid overall performance, then we do recommend checking out the Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85w TC Starter Kit.

We hope you find this Vaporesso Revenger Mini review helpful in finding the right vape starter kit to fit all of your vaping needs! Feel free to leave any questions or comments down below! Thanks for reading!

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Revenger Mini Product Features:

  • Vaporesso Revenger Mini
    • Maximum Wattage Output: 85w
    • Powered by OMNI 2.2 Board
    • Internal 2,500 mAh Battery
    • Micro USB Charging
    • Firmware Upgradeable
    • Temperature Control (Ni200, Ti, SS, TCR)
    • CCW, CCT & Bypass Modes
    • LED Light (On Back - Can Customize)
    • 0.96 Inch OLED Display Screen
    • 4 Button Control
    • IML Injection Coating & Aluminum Alloy Chassis
    • Spring Loaded Centered 510 Connection
    • Many Safety Features
    • Color Options Available: Aluminum, Black, Blue, Red, Red/Green
  • Vaporesso NRG SE Sub Ohm Tank
    • 22mm Base Diameter
    • 3.5ml E-Liquid Capacity
    • Sliding Top Fill Design
    • Fully Adjustable Bottom Airflow
    • Wide Bore Delrin 510 Drip Tip
    • Compatible with GT Coil Family
    • Includes 0.15 ohm (GT 4) & 0.5 ohm (GT CCELL SS) Coil Heads
    • Replacement Glass Tank Section & O-Rings Included

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