Vaping in Public Spaces – How to Enjoy Your Passion Discreetly

Compared to smoking, vaping is a fairly new activity.

Whether or not second-hand vape smoke is harmful is a matter of debate. But since many people are unsure if vaping is harmful, it's understandable that they might be uneasy when someone starts puffing nearby. So, if you’re a cloud chaser who absolutely cannot do without their favorite fix for unwinding, it's advisable to refrain from vaping in public spaces. According to a report released by Pew, only some states have passed laws restricting vaping and the sale of products to specific zones. If these laws are applicable where you live, make sure to follow the rules.

While some establishments have not formally banned vaping in their premises, you would want to look for a smoking area to indulge in your passion. Here are a few tips to remember when you wish to vape.×1024.png” alt=”” class=”wp-image-122606″/>

Avoid Vaping in Crowded Public Spaces

If you’re in an indoor location like a shopping mall or movie theater, you’ll want to respect the people around and the possibility of the smoke becoming an annoyance. However, if you’re in a bar where most of the patrons are smoking, using your vape would be acceptable. At the same time, any locations where kids are likely to be should be avoided. That also includes places where people are eating like cafes, restaurants, and diners. The folks at Blackout Vapors advise that even if you’re vaping delicious flavors like strawberries and cream or Krazy Kustard, the diner sitting at the next table might not be too happy about the clouds swirling around. 

Ask for Permission from the Owner 

If you aren’t quite sure that the establishment permits vaping on the premises, take a few minutes to seek out the owner and ask for permission. Regardless of whether you’re in a friend’s home or in the company of strangers or acquaintances, asking for permission shows respect. Chances are that the they’ll be fine with your vaping. You might even be able to answer curious questions about what cloud chasing is all about and what flavors are the best for beginners. This would be a great time to quote a study conducted by the UK government that talks about how vaping is 95% safer than conventional smoking.  

Blackout vapors 2 vaping in public spaces – how to enjoy your passion discreetly

Switch to Stealth Vaping in Public Spaces 

When you’re traveling or on government property, switch to stealth vaping so you can satiate your cravings without drawing attention. Choose smaller devices that give off medium-sized vapors. That way, you can control the size of the exhaled puff so that it is barely visible. Disposable vapes like Hyde are discreet and easy to carry around in the pocket of your pants or purse. They fit into the palm of your hand and activate with just a single draw. Further, since you’ll exhale only small quantities of vapors, the odor will be barely noticeable. Keep in mind that the smaller the device, the lower the vapor output. You'll enjoy vaping without causing a disturbance for the people around you. 

Look Out for No Smoking Signs 

One of the most effective rules of the thumb is to look for a “No Smoking” sign. According to FDA regulations, vaping is equivalent to smoking because of the nicotine content. Even if the e-liquids you’re using have 0% nicotine content, vaping is still not permitted. When you feel like a few puffs, find a smoking zone where no one will have objections and you can enjoy discreetly. 

Use Your Vape with Care 

Even if a friend has given you the go-ahead to vape in their home or a restaurant has permitted vaping, be sensitive of other guests’ discomfort. Keep your finger on the LED light that indicates power levels and hold the device hidden in the palm of your hand. Experts in stealth vaping tell you to take small inhales lasting a few seconds at a time. If you take a longer draw, it will release more vapors when you exhale. When you’re ready to release, bow your head, purse your lips, and blow downward discreetly. Other guests will sense the aromas but are unlikely to feel offended.  

Blackout vapors 3 vaping in public spaces – how to enjoy your passion discreetly

Practice Zero Vaping in Public Spaces 

Seasoned vapers have another trick for taking a clandestine hit. This technique is called zero vaping and can be easily done with small disposable devices but not with larger sub-ohm atomizers. That's because a small vape allows you to inhale small puffs. Trying this move with larger devices can make you cough and that’s not exactly discreet. When done with finesse, you can take a draw without the people around you being aware of it. However, try zero vaping only if it is permitted. You do not want to risk getting noticed and reported. Check out this article on FindLaw that outlines the penalties you could incur if you’re found vaping in locations where the activity is banned.  

Respect Permission to Vape 

Even if you do have the permission to vape indoors, try not to fill the room with clouds of vapors. Show respect by being discreet anyway. Take small whiffs and exhale small puffs so you only spread gentle aromas and not unease. Further, avoid talking about how awesome vaping is unless people ask questions and show genuine interest. Do take care to keep kids protected. Above all, remember that the tips described above are not intended to help you break the law, but to enjoy your favorite flavors comfortably.  

Although vaping is safer than smoking, the general view that most people have is that it is harmful for health. For this reason, you might face objections and hassling for vaping in public spaces. Make sure to indulge only in places where it is permitted. And, be sensitive to the comfort and convenience of the people around you.  

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