Smok Alien Review – The Top Dog in it’s Category!

Smok alien smok alien review – the top dog in it’s category!

Flavorlicious greetings to all my fellow vape enthusiasts and to those brave beginners out there who’re making the good change and leaping right on up to a high wattage vape…skipping the old e-cig and vaping pen steps, why the heck not!?

Man, I’m double pumped about this week’s Smok Alien Review…this is one of the best looking mods I’ve seen in a while. It’s tiny but promises to be jam packed with some serious punch and I’m absolutely rearing to go!

Smoktech is one of China’s many outstanding contributions to the the vaping world and I’m a huge fan of their gear and slogan: “Being with you for all great vaping time!” Don’t worry China, no need to hire an actual translator…especially for something as unimportant as your slogan: lo-freakin’-l.

All jokes aside, Smok has been delivering some outstanding gear of late, they’re a trusted brand with true dedication to improving their game with every release and I’m over the moon about getting the opportunity to do a Smok Alien 220W Review.

This dual 18650 running box mod is styled to perfection and comes in a kit with the Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank. I love the name - I’ll call it Beastie for short! It’s a piece that’s tailor made to meet the needs of heavy vapers like myself who are after maximum punch and heavy vapor production in a small package.

I imagine that there are even some beginners with enough chutzpa to want to take this baby for a whirl, with it's instant popularity…not to mention it’s remarkable looks and specs, which are enough to make any newbie vaper feel like a freakin’ super hero! Let’s fire away and begin this week’s review!

Smok Alien Ratings

Smok Alien Review

Smok alien review

Included In The Kit:

    • 1x Alien 220 Mod
    • 1x TFV8 Baby Beast Tank
    • 1x V8 Baby Q2 Core with 0.4 Ohm dual coils pre-installed
    • 1x V8 Baby T8 Core with 0.15 Ohm octuple cores on the side
    • 1x USB Cable for upgrades and charge
    • 1x extra Pyrex tube
    • 1x User Manual
    • Spare seals and parts


  • Runs on dual 18650 batteries
  • Maximum Wattage of 220W
  • Resistance 0.1 - 3 Ohm in VW mode and 0.06 - 3 Ohm in TC mode
  • Temp Range of 200 - 600 degrees Fahrenheit


First Impression, Look and Feel: I was an instant fan of the design on this baby (though it’s more of a beast than a baby, lol), even before I began this Smok Alien Mod Review. The dimensions are just right to fit snug inside your fist. The entire one side consists of a massive clicking panel (aka firing bar) allowing you to fire up with maximum coolness! The overall look and feel is extremely sleek, ergonomic and particularly sexy with the inlaid color strip detail nicely matching the bands on your beastie tank!

I also love the hinged battery door as I’m always game when there are fewer independent parts to drop, especially when I’m out. The battery door has a wobble to it, but that’s just a memory as soon as you pop those batteries in. The battery chamber also features double, prominent signage which will show you just how those batteries need to be inserted.

The massive OLED screen which covers the front and the carbon fiber detail on the other really set this mod apart as one of the best looking mods on the market, in my humble opinion.

That Firing Bar: I love Smok’s firing bar, perfectly positioned, it requires flex to actually click…plus a five click function will allow you to lock it so no worrying about accidental firing. It’s a funky innovation that’s actually incredibly ergonomic…eliminating the need to stand there like a dandy with one finger out to find that button - neat!

Awesome OLED Display: With the myriad functions and settings on this little powerhouse, the huge OLED screen is a clever addition…it displays all your settings at once for absolute ease of use. The amount of information that’s simultaneously squeezed into that display will save you a whole lot of clicking. Charge level, voltage, resistance, amperage, motherboard temp, puff counter, puff timer: you name, it it’s right there, a great little piece of technology. Let’s just face facts here, it looks awesome too!

Easy Controls: Now, I know that screen will take a little getting used to, however nothing beats the functionality of having all that info on display simultaneously, as I soon discovered during this Smok Alien 220W Review. Below the OLED screen are two easy to operate adjustment buttons for your temp control and wattage adjustment.

Memory Mode: There’s no need to adjust your settings every time you fit another tank, you can save up to 22 profiles so that switching tanks can be a smooth operation.

Puff Counter: I know it’s weird but I like this feature…it’s interesting for me to be able to see just how many hits I’m taking in a session or a day. I took close to a hundred hits during this Smok Alien 220W Mod Review.

Ramp Time: A serious improvement on the older Smok devices, ramp time is super fast on this beast, all round.

Quality of Vape With The TFV8 Baby Beast: The top fill tank is super easy to refill, especially since to has a hinged cap. Easy adjustable airflow, Delrin Drip tip, the two different cores included…I fired up in increments of 10W from 60W to 120W during this Smok Alien try out and was floored by the full flavor, incredible Ramp time (literally almost instant) and clouds which made me feel like I had some kind of superpower.

This is a highly customizable vape, with adjustable airflow, 12 second cut out and all these memory and setting functions. I unfortunately don’t have the space to get into the individual coil heads here but let’s just say I was by no means disappointed with either setup. PS: if you don't happen to buy the full kit, be sure to check out the Baby's a killer.


Don't be ridiculous.

Top Features of Smok Alien

With this release, Smok has laid final claim to their position as an industry leader to be reckoned with. Their products are outstandingly good looking, consistently innovative, always highly inter-compatible and they perform like a dream. Their customer service is well above par and their prices are excellent, considering the fact that they’re pretty much selling you a new superpower overtime you buy their gear.


I may be ending this Smok Alien Kit Review but that definitely doesn’t mean I’ll be putting this mod down any time soon. This 220W powerhouse from Smok is off the hook and jam packed with features that are going to take me some time to really explore and get the hang of.

From RTA’s and the Baby Beast to my Aspire Cleito 120 (which fires like a dream on this monster and will help you explore some of that higher wattage range), there are a bunch of tanks I want to play around with a little more.

The Alien is definitely a go-to mod that you’ll want to keep close to you at all times…especially when it’s party trick time. I’m over the moon about it! As for this review…if I had ten thumbs I’d put them all up!

You don't need to be a pro to hook up the Alien...check out this newbie vaper's comparison of the Alien and a couple more dual 18650 mods:

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