Arizer Air Review – A High End Vaporizer With Exceptional Quality!

Arizer air arizer air review – a high end vaporizer with exceptional quality!

The Arizer brand is one that’s quite well-known throughout the vaping community, as the company’s Arizer Solo remains as one of the best options currently on the market if you’re looking for a high-end, premium vaporizer.

Arizer’s most recent product offering is that of the Arizer Air, and it’s a direct follow-up to the Arizer Solo that made so much buzz when it was first released a few years ago. Since the release of the Solo though, the Firefly has become a fan-favorite for a lot of people in the vaping world, and for good reason. The Firefly is one of the best options out there in regards to efficiency, ease of use, quality of vapor that’s produced, and more.

All of these reasons added together have made the Firefly one of the top options if you’re looking for a loose-leaf vaporizer, but with the recent release of the Air, Arizer is hoping to snatch back the fans it originally captivated when they first released the Solo.

Is the Air a worthy upgrade, or are you better off sticking with something like the Firefly?

We’re going to find out all of that and more in my complete and in-depth Arizer Air portable vaporizer review.

Arizer Air Ratings

Arizer Air Review

Arizer air review

Overall, the Arizer Air is an extremely compelling offering from Arizer that proves they’ve still got a lot to offer for the world of vaporizers.

The Air is ever so slightly taller than the Solo, but the decreased diameter and sleek design are both very welcome additions.

The Arizer Air is also incredibly well-built, produces excellent vapor quality when used, has user-replaceable batteries, and more.


Excellent Build Quality

Something that can be said about all Arizer products is that they’re all incredibly well-made. Just like the Solo that came before it, the Arizer Air feels like a very sturdy product that will be able to last for quite a long time without wearing down on you.

Everything on the Air feels tight and secure, meaning that you won’t hear any parts within the Air rattle or move about when shaking it. All of the cutouts and holes look to be cut with the utmost precision and accuracy, and as a whole, the Air just feels liker an absolutely tank.

Now I certainly wouldn’t recommend trying to purposefully abuse the Arizer Air just for the sake of it, but if you’re looking for something that will last you for a good number of years and still perform just as well as the day you first took it out of the box, the Arizer Air will have you covered.

Good Looks

Arizer’s Air isn’t a particularly flashy vaporizer, but the overall look that Arizer decided to go with here is very clean and striking when seen in person. Upon first looking at the Air, you might quickly confuse it for that of a condenser microphone, and I wouldn’t blame you for that confusion at all.

The Air’s design is mostly cylindrical, and near the top of its base is where you’ll find a grill design that adds a nice bit of flair while still keeping everything looking clean and subtle. The only real additions to the design come in the form of one single button and a tiny LED indicator light, but aside from those two things, the Air has a very minimalistic design language that works really well for it.

Excellent Vapor Quality

Just like the Arizer Solo that came before it, something I noticed the most while conducting my Arizer Air vaporizer review was just how great the flavor of the vapor was while using this thing.

This is an area that the Solo never let me down in, so I was very relived to find out that this is something that’s still very much present with the Arizer Air. Flavors are sharp, intense, and powerful without overstaying their welcome. The Air is able to strike a flavor balance that other vaporizers often seem to struggle with, so any worries you have about vapor quality can kindly head out of the door when talking about the Air.


Fewer Temperature Controls

As great as the Arizer Air is, the device isn’t technically perfect. The Solo that Arizer previously released came with a seven different temperature settings that ranged from 122 up to 410-degrees Fahrenheit, but this is an area where the Air drops the ball.

Temperature control is still present here, but not in the same capacity. The Air only comes with five settings, and these range from 338 to 410-degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a considerably smaller range in temperature as compared to the Solo, but as long as you don’t need temps below 338-degrees Fahrenheit, you shouldn’t have any problems here.

The Air should be fine for most people in these regards, but if you know that you’re going to need temperatures below 338-degrees Fahrenheit for your vape sessions, you’ll want to stick with the Solo.

Smaller Battery

The decreased width of the Air is something that I really appreciated while conducting my Arizer Air review, and while the smaller size as a whole is a nice addition, it also means that we’re dealing with a smaller battery than what was featured in the Arizer Solo.

Smaller battery size means lesser battery life, and for long vaping sessions either by yourself or with friends, that can turn into a rather major problem.

Top Features of Arizer Air

Replaceable Batteries

Decreased battery size aside, the Arizer Air does tout user-replaceable 18650 batteries. This is something that the Solo does not feature, and this is something that a lot of people in the vaping world have come to love.

Being able to swap new batteries in and out of the Air whenever you want is a really great convenience feature to have, and while the Air might not last quite as long on a single charge as the Solo can, being able to throw a new battery in when your old one dies is a much faster process to start vaping again than having to wait for your current battery to charge back up.


Overall, I really had a lot of fun working on my Airzer Air review. The Air is a really great upgrade to the Solo that has previously been a fan-favorite, and the upgrades in design, build quality, replaceable batteries, and more are all very nice touches. The smaller battery size and lesser temperature control is a downside for sure, but if these two things don’t bother you, then the Air is a really nice upgrade from the older Solo.

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