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[dropcap]E[/dropcap]lectronic cigarette technology is rapidly growing. The latest creation from Element Vapors combines Bluetooth technology, a huge 60 watt power output (GRX chip capable of 480 watts), and some social media elements to create one high tech e-cigarette mod called the PrimusZ.

You can even adjust the PrimusZ’s power output right from your mobile phone! It can do this by connecting to your smartphone through Bluetooth. This allows users to see important data like atomizer resistance, battery level, and output power all from your smart phone or computer.

The PrimusZ also tracks your day to day usage and settings and stores it securely in the Vapors Cloud  (’s a social media website for vapers, if you have a PrimusZ you can access data from your e-cigarette right on the website. When you logged into all the data from the PrimusZ is displayed on your homepage, you can even view the data from other users e-cigarette. I know you don’t have a PrimusZ yet but you can still join the Vapors Cloud social network and hang out with other Vapors online.

The PrimusZ is limited to a 60 watt output but the GRX 1.0 chip is capable of up to 480 watts!(with proper batteries). Element Vapor sells the GRX chip separately so that individual mod builders and e-cigarette companies can use this technology to make their own custom e-cig mod’s.

Want a PrimusZ? You can pre-order one from The standard version sells for $224.99 and the limited edition is available for $274.99. The PrimusZ is also highly customizable, you can select different colors, logos, and text for the body. They can even support custom images.  

Were going to giveaway a PrimusZ right here at, thanks to the good people at Element Vapors. The sweepstakes will go live on June 25th so mark your calendars.

Interview with the Creators of the PrimusZ E-Cigarette Mod

I had a chance to talk to Nicholas McKelvey, one of the PrimusZ creators, and he answered a few questions about e-cigarette technology and the possibility of the PrimusZ being cloned.

What are the benefits of using your e-cig/technology over other premium e-cigarettes on the market?

Limited edition primusz mod
Limited Edition PrimusZ Mod

This is a question we get asked a lot. We wanted to come out with something innovative. Over a year ago when all this was just an idea, we all talked and the conversation was basically the way the e cig market is evolving. With the technology that seems to grow day-by-day, not just with this industry, but everywhere we wanted to incorporate that within this market. With what we offer, it allows users to be more controlling with what they do. Whether it is with power settings or personal use. As we all are aware, e cig users are more or less a community, there’s forums, meets, groups, etc. We wanted to build a device that works solely off social media (vapors cloud) there’s nothing out there like it yet.

Is there anything proprietary about the technology you use?

Yes, we actually hold a patent (pending) on the technology that allows users to change the ‘power curve’ on the Primus Z. This has never been done and this will allow users to fine tune their vaping experience. To sum it up, it will allow you to set your hits with say a higher power spike to ‘prime’ up the coils and dip off to the power setting of your choice to finish off. Everything that is inside of this mod is done in house including the chipset we use which will later be sold to the public for those who enjoy building their own mods.

I’m also interested in your business model, are you guys in the making mods, retail, or wholesale business?

This is another great question. At first we wanted to be a store front, however with this industry growing so quickly and the new products that are coming out we wanted to come out with something truly innovative. At this point in our company, we plan on having an online store with other products to sell, we are already talking about new devices (mods, tanks, etc) coming out in the future, and discussing opening up our own shop in the near future. We enjoy doing this and the community is beyond supportive, which motivates us to keep going forward.

Do you think the PrimusZ will be cloned by the Chinese?

Gtx 1. 0 chip (primusz's brains)
GTX 1.0 Chip (PrimusZ’s Brains)

This is something that we discuss often, and ever since what we are doing became viral there have been a handful of Bluetooth mods surfacing that are going to hit the market soon. I think there will be a larger market for Bluetooth mods, but what we’ve put into this device along with the social media aspect of vapors cloud it’s going to be tough for a company overseas to support something like this. I think there may be variations yes, but to clone what we’re doing, I’d say no, we’re doing much more than a mod.

What would be your response if it was cloned?

If a Chinese (or whomever) came out with something that was an exact copy of what we’re doing with the mod and software there isn’t much we could really do. As many people have seen in this industry the overseas manufacturers do not play by any rules, regardless of patents. Our main focus is really one thing, Quality. We personally think, when a customer buys one of our products, we stand 100% by it. We are doing much more than releasing a new device. If a customer has an issues with any of our products, we are behind it 100% and will support any issues. We are striving to work even harder with future updates to make the whole experience even better. We are aiming for vapors cloud to be the social media hub for all vapors.

What do you see for e-cigarette technology in the future?

With all of the talk about regulations from the FDA, it’s really tough to say. We want to encourage everyone in the e cig community to help stand for their right to vape. It’s a scary thing really, for new companies such as us and companies that have been around for a while. We want to say with all the new devices coming out on the market it’s growing rapidly, and we as an industry have just begun breaking into what this industry can potentially be. Let’s face it, this has turned into a hobby for most and it helps all of us stay away from cigarettes, which is the end goal. As we (all of us as a community) grow so will the technology behind it, and we at Element Vapors are already looking into the future to what we can do to help it evolve.

Thanks to Todd Kueny and Nicholas McKeley for working with me on this article.

Check out each of these websites for more information. PrimusZ product page, Element Vapors website , and Vapors Cloud website.

What do you guys thing of the new PrimusZ E-Cigarette Mod and the technology inside? Comment below.

Make sure to check back on June 25th to enter the PrimusZ E-Cigarette Mod Sweepstakes.

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