Mt Baker Vapor Review: Flavor Accuracy and Throat Hits

Finding the best e-liquid is never easy. And even though a lot of the companies claim their e-juice is the best, you can't always trust them... But if you've been doing your research, you have most likely read or heard about Mount Baker Vapor. 

The company has been in business since 2011 and seems to be knowing what they're doing just right. Premium quality ingredients, reasonable prices and tons of positive reviews seem promising. More on this in a bit...

Now, the fine folks over at Mount Baker Vapor were kind enough to provide me with six of their premium USA made e-liquids, 2 of which were chosen by Mt Baker Vapor from their best sellers list for the purpose of a review.

I was actually very excited to do this e-liquid review because while I am already very familiar with the name Mount Baker Vapor. And this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to do the Mount Baker Vapor review.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

About Mt Baker Vapor

Mount Baker Vapor is one of the most recognized names within the electronic cigarette community. Having been in business online since 2011, Mt Baker Vapor is also known as MBV by those most familiar with them within the vaping community.

Although Mt Baker is primarily known as a e-liquid vendor who sells premium USA made e-juice at extremely affordable prices, they also sell a wide variety of major name brand electronic cigarette hardware from manufacturers like Kangertech, Innokin, Nitecore, Sony, and many others.

While Mt Baker is first and foremost an online vendor, they have expanded their business scope into a Brick and Mortar store located in Lynden, WA, which caters to the local residents of that area. Servicing customers worldwide, their business philosophy is simple; provide great quality products at an affordable price with customer service being their #1 priority.

Mt Baker offers some of the best prices for premium quality e liquid that can be found on the internet. Their e-liquid prices start at just $4.99 for a 15ml bottle, and $7.49 for a 30ml bottle of their non specialty flavored e-liquids. Use our special Mt Baker Vapor coupon code "VapingCheap" to save an additional 10% off. That makes 15ml bottles just $4.49 and 30ml bottles only $6.74 each.

Mt Baker has also launched a specialty line of e-liquids named “GWAR fluids”, which are unique e-liquids bottled in glass 30ml bottles, with prices starting at $10.99 per 30mls.

If you have any trouble finding the best flavor amongst their standard menu, or specialty line of GWAR fluids, Mt Baker Vapor also has a “build your own e-liquid” option where you can choose up to 5 different flavors to create your own custom blend.

The prices for "build your own e-liquid" begin at $5.99 for a 15ml bottle. All orders over $15 receive a free 15ml juice sample, and all orders over $50 include free shipping. Most of their eliquid orders will ship within 24 hours of order placement.

Get 10% off with discount code: VapingCheap

Mt Baker Vapor Review

My first impression of the Mt Baker e-liquids out of the package was “Wow, these smell great”, the package was very fragrant and sweet smelling. All 6 of the 15ml bottles that I received were clearly labeled with the name and nicotine strength,

PG/VG ratio, # of extra flavor shots, batch mix date, ingredient list, nutritional facts, and of course the Mt Baker Vapor logo. All of the 6 flavors are 12mg nic strength, 50/50 PG to VG ratio, with no extra shots. All of them were mixed between 7/26-7/29/14, and I received the e liquid samples on 8/01/14.

If you're not up for reading my thoughts, here's a quick review of what can you expect from Mt Baker Vapor:

Blue Drake

Blue drake

Atomizer used: Mephisto RDA with a 1.2ohm single coil.

This flavor is described as being a fruity blend with a tang, that also has bite to it with a rush of berry on the end. Fresh out of the package this tasted like a blue raspberry, with a cough medicine like overtone.

I let this one steep for approximately a week and half with the top off before trying it again. When I came back to it, the flavor appeared to mellow out, the cough medicine taste was no longer present. I still get a blue raspberry flavor, although I do not find the flavor to be tangy, nor is there any bite to it. It has the right amount of sweetness, and a smooth texture.

Overall this was just ok for me, it is not one that I would order again.

Flavor accuracy: 5/10
Vapor: 10/10
Throat hit: 6/10

Old Fashioned

Old fashioned

Atomizer used: Aerotank Giant with 1.8 ohm dual coil, Mephisto RDA/1.2ohm single coil

This is described as a blend of fruit, amaretto, and citrus. Out of the package I could clearly taste the amaretto and fruit blend, but there was also a strong sense of menthol which initially threw me off.

While the basic flavor was good, and clean, I found that I could not vape an entire 4ml tank of this flavor, due to what tasted like menthol to me. I also allowed this one steep for a week or so, and then came back it.

What I initially thought was menthol, now seemed more like a Koolada additive, which was easier for me to vape. My guess is that the Koolada may have been added to create a “cool and refreshing” taste, but I would probably love this flavor without it.

Flavor accuracy: 7/10 (without Koolada in the mix, this would be a 9/10 for me)
Vapor: 10/10
Throat hit: 7/10

Hawk Sauce

Hawk sauce

Atomizer used: Mephisto RDA/1.2ohm single coil

Hawk Sauce is described as a complex blend of sweet and slightly sour berries, with a light hint of cool menthol. Upon the first taste I found the menthol to be very overwhelming, not light at all. So much so that I felt that I could not clearly taste the fruit flavors behind it.

The menthol flavor lingered in my mouth after taking a hit. After I let the juice steep for a week I could taste the berry flavors more clearly. However, this is still very much a menthol flavor to me, as opposed to a berry flavor with a little menthol in it.

In defense of MBV, it is fair to state that I simply do not like menthol flavors, and perhaps this is why the menthol seems so prominent to me. The berry flavors are there, and it is a pleasant, sweet tasting berry flavor that I would love to taste more of, and without the menthol. I would probably enjoy MBV's flavor Faux Hawk, which is the non-menthol version of Hawk Sauce.

Flavor accuracy: 5/10
Vapor: 10/10
Throat hit: 7/10



Atomizer used: Mephisto RDA/1.2ohm single coil

Spurburry e-juice is described as a deliciously complex and full flavored fruity blend. While I found this to be a pleasant berry flavored e-liquid, I did not find it to be complex, at least not initially. At first vape blueberry was the only fruit that I could clearly discern, but there is a definite sweet fruitiness to the overall flavor.

After letting it steep for two weeks my initial impressions did change, and I was able to taste the full mix of fruits within the blend. The flavors of blueberry, strawberry, and kiwi come through to create a smooth, and sweet fruity taste. I find this one to be a nice vape, although I would like to feel more throat hit.

Flavor accuracy: 9/10
Vapor: 10/10
Throat hit: 6/10

Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon roll mt baker

Atomizer used: Aerotank Giant/1.8 dual coil

Cinnamon Roll is described as a deliciously sweet dessert vape, with a perfect blend of cinnamon and frosting. At first vape it was clear that this is definitely a good cinnamon roll flavor, but I could tell that it would benefit from a little steep time. Initially the cinnamon flavor overshadows the bakery roll flavor, but this one quickly developed into a well rounded cinnamon roll taste. After steeping the flavor became sweeter, smoother, and a little buttery. When I first started vaping 3 years ago, Cinnamon Danish Swirl was one of my favorite ADV, and this flavor is very reminiscent of those days. This is one that I would definitely order again.

Flavor accuracy: 9/10
Vapor: 10/10
Throat hit: 8/10


While I didn't love every single juice flavor that I sampled for this Mt Baker Vapor review, I am very aware that taste is subjective. Just because I didn't care for a particular e-liquid flavor that doesn't mean its not a good juice.

I definitely have the impression that these flavors are high quality premium e-liquids, made with quality ingredients. I am positively impressed by the fact that none of the flavors tasted weak in terms of strength, even as none of them were prepared with extra flavor shots. All of the 50/50 blend e-liquids had the perfect vapor production, although some were better than others with regards to throat hit.

Mount Baker Vapor appears to be a solid vendor with a very diverse menu and extremely reasonable prices. I would feel comfortable ordering from, and recommending Mount Baker Vapor as a go to vendor for affordable premium quality e-liquids.

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27 thoughts on “Mt Baker Vapor Review: Flavor Accuracy and Throat Hits”

  1. Wynne Carter

    Guava…LOL, I never would have thought that flavor would be your favorite. Growing up in Florida has made me familiar with the fruit though I haven’t had it in years. I do suspect the guava e-juice must taste better than the real thing. I really like Mt Baker, customer service is definitely top-notch. Of course not every single flavor is a hit with me, there are plenty flavors I do love. I buy elsewhere sometimes, but I have come to depend on Mt baker’s prices. I don’t think I could afford to vape as much as I do without them. Nice review, Nicole.

    1. Haha .. you and me both. It was the last flavor that I tried because I didn’t anticipate liking it. All that I said about my reaction was factual, I really did happy dance :p A friend of mine is sending me his unwanted bottle of Guava, so I can stop crying about the fact that I dripped the last drop Saturday night. Thanks for viewing, and commenting Wynne. :)

      1. After reading this I decided to try this Guava juice, and I have to say I totally agree, it’s very good! It also has an uncanny way of making other fruit juices that I’m not thrilled with taste pretty good just mixing a little into them. The best combo was Strawberry-Kiwi, and Guava, that’s a match made in heaven! I also tried some of their other flavors that were new to me including the Cinnamon Bun, and Vanilla Butternut which I didn’t like at all…the latter being totally devoid of any vanilla that I could taste, just pure squash. I guess buying juice is somewhat of a gamble at any vendor, but I sure do appreciate being steered toward the Guava. Their Guava is definitely one of the best flavors in my juice collection.

        1. Awesome, glad to hear that you really liked the Guava too. Did you try letting the other two steep? I have never tried Vanilla Butternut anything, but the Cinnamon Bun tasted better to me after a week or so of steeping. But taste it subjective so I am glad that the Guava worked out for you. One of the best fruit vapes I have ever had, if not the best for me. Just received some GWAR liquids from MBV to try and review, German Chocolate Beefcake and Gwary4. The review will updated to add these two flavors, or I will do a separate review. Take care Wynne, and thanks for letting me know how Guava worked out for you. :)

  2. So funny…I never in a million would have considered quava as a vape worth trying…got a sample and wow..bam mount baker vapor for the win! I’ve been a loyal customer for a long time, great to order super large size’s and now I found a new love…gotta get ya some Guava and vape on! You might just be suprised too.

    1. Robertb, agreed!Guava was the flavor that I wanted to try the least, and it ended up being the one I loved the most. So much so that a friend sent me his unused bottle, which I actually received about an hour ago. I just pulled the cotton out of my Mephisto so I can rewick and get ready for a self induced nic coma, because I plan to devour this Guava, lol. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Wow, never would have thought that Guava would have that effect! Adding it to my short list on must-try’s… thanks for the awesome job reviewing! :)

    1. Hi bystander :) If you get the Guava I definitely recommend getting at least the 50/50 blend, not the 80/20 which I have tried and is not as good to me. But I really don’t like high PG juices because IMO flavors develop differently in high PG liquids. I appreciate your comments, and taking the time to view, thank you. :)

  4. MBV has such amazing juice! I am so glad that there are companies out there that can produce new and exciting vapor flavs!

    Keep up the great work guys!

  5. Laura Kirklin

    Hi Nicole-thanks for your review. I’ve been a customer of MBV since starting vaping a year and a half ago. One thing I think is important to stress, and you did mention this, MBV makes and sends juice out lightning quick! That’s a wonderful thing when wanting your vape mail, but it does leave you with many juices needing steep time. You find a good one out of the mailbox occasionally,but I think the majority do improve with steeping. One other thing…you MUST (repeat MUST!!!!) try the Rainbow sherbet! It is wonderful-out of the mailbox, too, though it gets even better with time. Believe me-this juice is better than many I have paid wayyyyy more for. Getcha some Rainbow juice and you will be doing that happy dance on a daily basis!

    1. Hi Laura :) .. Thank you so much for viewing and commenting, and I will definitely put Rainbow Sherbet on my list of flavors to try. Who doesn’t want to happy dance on a daily basis? Have a great Labor Day!

  6. I love MBV! My absolute favorite so far, in the world of E liquids is Blue Moo, its like Heaven in a bottle! This company is a pleasure to deal with and an even greater joy to vape.

    1. Awesome! Glad that MBV is doing it for you .. I may need to check out that Blue Moo as well, the name is intriguing. :D

  7. If you like their cinnamon roll try their sticky bun, good stuff. Thanks for review of other flavors, even though i don’t think I’d ever try anything seahawk related. Theyre always on the inexpensive side, and thats the right price for me. Try their moo juice, and ecto cooler too, good stuff.

  8. Love mount baker vapor! Cinnamon roll was one of my first juices over a year ago and it is still a regular buy! Great job Nicole!

  9. MBV is always my first choice for juice. You can count on having your order in 2-3 days. Hooked on GWAR’s Bloodbath but have been trying other flavors lately. Thanks MBV!

    1. Just started vaping GWAR German Chocolate Beefcake and Gwary4, both are very good. I had planned to pick up some Bloodbath as well so I can do a nice review of MBV’s Gwar line. :)

  10. Keith Jones


  11. Come on. I can never trust a site that is this glowing about MBV. They come off as a cheap substitute for someone that just needs some nicotine. The customer service is top notch. Very fast delivery. But this whole web campaign to sell the taste of MBV as good, or even decent is annoying.
    Just because they will send you some free samples to review or a couple of t-shirts, you should not sell your soul. This gives you exactly ZERO credibility.
    Sorry guys, thats just TWII.

    1. It sounds as though you did not read this review at all, there was only one flavor of the five that I reviewed that I “glowed about”. So in all honesty I feel that this gives your comment zero credibility. There are a few other comments from customers of MBV on this post, most have at least something that they liked about MBV based on their own experiences. Your comment reads like a biased projection based on your own skewed perspective, which has nothing to do with the content of this review.

  12. Laura Kirklin

    Some people are just easily annoyed. Maybe if you weren’t so grouchy, would have taken the time to actually read and comprehend the article about MBV’s juice. This was far from a “every juice is wonderful here” type of article. However, if you spend some time getting to know flavors at Mt. Baker, you will find that there is quite a nice selection of good flavors. Give Rainbow sherbet, cinnamon roll, and guava a try. Or maybe a couple of Guar selections. You might accidentally find some flavors you enjoy, along with the wonderful customer service, lightning fast shipping, and free juice with your order.

    1. Agreed Laura .. and speaking of MBV and GWAR, that review is posting tomorrow and there is at least one rave flavor in there for me, lol.

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