Nitecore I8 Intelligent Battery Charger $34.95 (USA)

Nitcore I8 Intelligent Battery Charger

Battery Charger

For a limited time only, the Nitecore I8 Intelligent Battery Charger is on sale right here for only $34.95! No coupon code required! Free shipping applies to US orders over $75.

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The Nitecore I8 Intelligent Battery Charger is able to hold a maximum of 8 batteries at a time, 4 on both sides! In addition, this charger has a charging output of 0.5a to 1.5a depending on how many batteries are being charged. When charging two batteries, it will charge at 1.5a, with 4 batteries at 0.75a – 1a and with 8 batteries at 0.5a.

The I8 Charger is constructed out of PC material, so it’s durable. This charger does support multiple batteries such as 18650, 26650, AA, AAA, 16650 and tons more! There are 3 different charging modes which are Constant Current, Constant Voltage and -dv/dt. Lastly, there are multiple safety features built-in, keeping your batteries and charger safe while in use!

All in all, this is an incredible deal for the Nitecore I8 Intelligent Battery Charger! If you’re looking for a new battery charger that can charge a ton of batteries at once, then this is a deal for you! Be sure to check this deal out at this US Shipper for only $34.95!

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Product Features:

  • 8 Bay Battery Charger
  • Charging Output From 0.5a to 1.5a
  • PC Construction
  • Can Use Multiple Battery Types Such As 18650, 26650 and Others
  • Three Different Charging Modes:
    • Constant Current
    • Constant Voltage
    • -dv/dt
  • Multiple Safety Features

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