Mad Rabbit Stainless Steel Premade Coil Wheel $9.95 (USA)

Mad Rabbit Stainless Steel Coils

Looking for some exotic coils for cheap? We've got you covered with this deal right here! Get the Mad Rabbit Stainless Steel Premade Coil Wheel for only $9.95! No code needed to get this price.

The Mad Rabbit Stainless Steel Premade Coil Wheel includes an assortment of 32 coils! Since these are crafted of stainless steel wire material, you can use these pre-made coils in both temperature control and regular wattage mode. However, we always recommend understanding ohms law and battery safety before use with these style coils.

There's a bunch of different types of coils included as well such as Fused Clapton, Alien Clapton, Super Clapton, Hive, Quad, Tiger and more! These pre-wrapped coils are easily some of our favorites when it comes to coils for flavor as they simply perform well, and heat up incredibly fast, For each coil type included, you will get 4, bringing the total amount to 32.

If you're a fan of stainless steel wire, and looking for some premade exotic coils for cheap, then this is a deal you for! At under $10 for 32 coils, it's a steal.

Mad Rabbit SS Premade Coil Wheel Features:

  • Pack of 32 Coils
  • Includes 4 Coils For Each Coil Type
  • Constructed of Stainles Steel Wire Material
  • Enclosed In Convenient Coil Wheel
  • Coils Included
    • Clapton - 0.32 ohm
    • Tiger - 0.26 ohm
    • Fused Clapton - 0.3 ohm
    • Alien Clapton - 0.28 ohm
    • Hive - 0.55 ohm
    • Quad - 0.2 ohm
    • Staggered - 0.3 ohm
    • Super Clapton - 0.7 ohm

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