Vivismoke Handcrafted Coils 2 Pack $1.87

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The Vivismoke Prebuilt Handcrafted Coil is available in a bunch of different options. This includes Fused Claptons, Dragon Skin, Alien, Framed Staple Alien, and Staple Alien. Quite a few of these are some of our personal favorites when it comes to coils for flavor. Depending on which coil you go for will determine the resistance.

For example, the Alien coil is available in a 0.15 ohm resistance while the Fused Clapton is 0.12 ohm. With that being said, we do recommend understanding ohms law and battery safety since they are lower resistance coils. Lastly, each Vivismoke Handcrafted Coil comes inside of a glass bottle and includes organic cotton for wicking.

If you're looking for cheap pre-made coils, then you'll definitely want to check out these new prebuilt handcrafted coils by Vivismoke. These are definitely some of the most affordable we've come across.

Vivismoke Prebuilt Handcrafted Coil Features:

  • Each Option Comes with 2 Coils Total
  • 2 Pieces of Organic Cotton Included
  • Enclosed In Glass Container
  • Machine-Like Precision
  • 5 Different Coil Options (Ni80)
    • Alien - 0.15 ohm
    • Dragon Skin - 0.12 ohm
    • Framed Staple Alien - 0.14 ohm
    • Staple Alien - 0.13 ohm
    • Fused Clapton - 0.12 ohm

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