Kanger Nebox Review: First Impressions, Performance and a Leakage Solution

Kanger nebox review

A steamy salute to all my flavorsome vaping brothers and sisters and to those of you who’re just starting to climb the vaping ranks and who’re shopping around for that first upgrade... I certainly hope that I can help make your decision a little easier!

In fact, no matter how long you’ve been vaping, there’s just so much gear on the market that it always helps to get another opinion before buying, from someone who’s used the product already and knows what pros and cons you’ll be on the look out for. I’ll try to provide you with just that service so that you won’t end up making a purchase you’ll regret. 

We’ve been seeing a ton of great products coming from Kangertech lately but when I heard I was going to have to Review Kanger Nebox, I was even more intrigued than usual. With this release, China based industry giant, Kangertech, is venturing into uncharted territory (for them, at least) on not just one but two fronts.

Not only is the Nebox to be Kanger’s first all-in-one box mod, with the tank housed inside the actual mod casing, it’s also their first venture into the realm of TC vaping, not everyone’s cup of tea but there are some vapers who favor the option. Now, Temp control most certainly is a realm where many things can go wrong... so we’ll have to see just how Kanger matches up with this Nebox Review.

I don’t know about you but on first impressions, I was pretty taken by the looks of this Kanger mod, it’s really rather sexy! Looking a little closer, I discovered that inside this seriously small framed 60W TC box-mod hides a whopping 10ml tank... that was almost enough to sell me but wait, I obviously have to test this thing first!

So without further adieu let’s get this show on the road and start this Nebox Kanger Review. I’m keen to see whether this new baby is big enough to join the ranks of Kanger’s impressive list of top quality vaping products.

Kanger Nebox: Our Rating

Kanger Nebox Review


  • 60W output
  • 10ml Built in sub-Ohm tank
  • Resistance down to 0.15 Ohm
  • Runs on 1 x 18650 battery
  • Temperature Control
  • Delrin 510 Driptip
  • Pass Through Micro USB Charged
  • 86mm x 58mm x 22.8mm
  • Available in Black, Baby Blue (my choice), Red and White

Starter Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Kanger Nebox with pre-installed Ni200 coil 0.15 Ohm
  • 1 x Built in 10ml tank
  • 1 x Mini RBA coil
  • 1 x SSOCC vertical coil (0.5 Ohm)
  • 1 x micro USB charge cable
  • 1 x battery cover


Kanger nebox review

First Impression, Look and Feel

Now I wasn’t kidding when I said that this Nebox is seriously small. Packing that 10 ml tank into something that can actually fit inside a large fist is pretty impressive. Attractive simplicity is the key here... a thin, round edged rectangle with brushed metal finish and a shiny black drip tip and base. 

Firing button, controls, small OLED screen and USB port are all aligned down the one side of the Nebox, while the ample juice window adorns the other. It’s very sexy, very tiny and seriously nifty... especially with that 10ml tank for juice guzzlers like myself. I can see that the airflow comes through the bottom where the RBA base unscrews.

The battery cover unscrews with the help of a coin, I like the idea... although you may find it tricky when you’re on the move. The massive, spring loaded battery contact comes out and I can see that they’ve really gone all out to minimize space usage here, this Kanger device is as solid, small and well designed on the outside as it could possibly hope to be.

RBA Base

The mini RBA base (standard base from all the Kanger sub-Ohm tanks) unscrews from the bottom (also with the help of a coin) and is backwards compatible so that you can test your builds on another device where you’ll able to check that those coils are lighting up evenly.

Tons of Juice

I am in love with the 10ml Kanger tank on this thing. As all sub-Ohm vapers know... refilling takes up far too much time.

Temperature Control

The TC is really great on this all-in-one, super consistent hits and really easy to use controls. Plus, the fact that you can increase wattage up to 60 (though I’d only recommend 50W) means you can shorten that ramp time with no overheating or disaster.

Quality of Vape


Now, once you've read the cons section below you’ll see that I experienced some troubles during my review of the Kanger Nebox... However I simply cannot give this product a low score and that is all because of the out of this world, awesome quality of vape I get from this beast!!! 

I am in love with the perfect, super-open airflow. It takes me 3 seconds or less to draw a lung hit that is so full and so flavorsome and so freaking awesome that I can literally hear the fog horns blowing every time I exhale.


Battery Contact and RBA Replacement

I’m all for unscrewing that battery contact and RBA base with a coin but the fact that I can’t just pop them back in bugs me. It needs a coin again in order to replace the Nebox cap after a battery swap and trust me, when you’re sub Ohming up a storm with that 10ml juice tank still half way (like I was, during this review), you will need a battery swap!


Oh no, God help me! Sure, a little leak here and there is fine but sadly, during my Kanger Nebox Kit Review, I experienced the nightmare of having a good 2-3 ml s of juice leaking into my handbag (and onto my cellphone... and into my SOUL)! 

The problem is really that this Kanger Nebox is so cute, it’s such an out of this world vape, that I still intend on scoring it highly! I’m not quite sure whether it’s something I did wrong but it does help to store it upside down. I know that some people have experienced this leakage and some people haven't, it’s still a killer product.

Kanger is without a doubt one of the most trusted vaping brands out there, their ability to squeeze power and functionality into small packages is legend! Plus, their stuff is always really sexy!


As far as TC goes: Nebox is a winner. As far as all-in-one functionality goes - serious kudos for size and performance. However it’s a dreadful pity that some of these devices leak so badly. I will say that I’m still in love with this piece though. I can’t get over how small Kanger Nebox is and just how well it vapes and I’m going to be the first one in line when the next upgrade comes out, hopefully they can rectify the issue.

So, as for the conclusion to this Kangertech Nebox Review: it’s a thumbs up, a pause and then the “but” comes…

Actually... those leaks are fixable. Check ​this video below to see how:

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