Five Pawns Review: The 4 Best Flavors (Worth Your $)

Steamy salutations to all you vaping enthusiasts out there! It’s so exciting to be a part of the vaping world, especially now that it’s exploding as an industry, with startups all over the globe making their flavorsome contributions.

Searching for new products and walking into vaping stores every week, I literally feel like a kid in a candy store again, there’s just such a huge selection, with every brand giving their own spin and trying to be a little more imaginative than the next. I’m here to help make your shopping experience just a little easier by telling you which brands and products are worth it!

Anyone who used to smoke can liken it to the experience of walking into swanky cigar store, as opposed to buying a box of cheap-ass cigs from a street vendor: such is the effect of their highly sophisticated marketing strategy. The thing is, not everyone likes cigars.

This weekend I set out to do a Five Pawns review. This California based e-liquid brand has been making waves and steadily building a fan base and considering the fact that Five Pawn E-juice is more than twice the price of your average juice... I was seriously intrigued to discover what all the fuss is about. 

The here question is: is it even worth Mr. Moneybags’s cash and is it worth it for average Joe to fork out on occasion for what is considered by some to be a luxury, exclusive and above average product... I am here to tell you that!

Five Pawns Ratings

Five Pawns Review

Five pawns review

The Five Pawns name draws off the fact that the shape of all the drip tips and liquid bottles standing around reminded the makers of pawn pieces in chess. The number five draws of the five basic tastes, bitter, sweet, sour, salty and umami…each of which can apparently be satisfied by one or another of the flavor offerings from these guys.

With hand made products, made in small batches of 500, each Five Pawns bottle signed and numbered by the maker, no expense was spared in either the packaging or marketing of these flavors but as we all know, the proof is in the pudding and, as such, we will see!

As I quickly learned, during my initial research for this Five Pawns E-Juice review, this brand is not concerned about the fact that the average Joe would consider them overpriced. In fact, they’re actively marketing themselves for the ‘sophisticated’, ‘discerning’ vaper and we all know that that means Mr. Moneybags and his sidekicks.

For this review I ran my iStick Pico and MELO III combo at a low wattage (given the 50% PG 50% VG nature of their juices). A higher VG juice would perform better at a higher wattage but the subtle flavor combos and the higher PG here mean that they don’t hold up well at a higher heat.

To learn more about the various settings on your e-device, click here.


Range: Sure, Five Pawns brand doesn’t offer a massive range but what you do get is a range of really classy combos, for the discerning palate, as they say. Nicotine content is variable through 0-24mg. Bottles are available in 10, 30 and 60ml options.

High Grade Ingredients and facilities: All USP food-grade ingredients, with 99.9% pure, pharmaceutical grade nicotine. Facilities are all ISO grade, to ensure only the highest standards.

Liquid Consistency: This is ensured through orbital and gyroscopic mixing, as well as gravimetric pouring to ensure ingredient consistency.

Superior Packaging: Batch, lot and bottle numbers mean that your liquid is 100% traceable and the secondary packaging tube means that there will be no UV exposure to degrade the liquid prior to consumption.

Sophisticated Flavor Combos: The flavor profile’s in their range utilizes tastes that are synonymous with sophistication, think expensive spirits and liqueurs, high end spices, grains, brown sugar, essences and nuts. They even boast the first oak barrel aged e-liquid on the market in Castle Long Reserve (whaaat???!!!), they’ve since released stainless steel aged liquids as well.


Pricey As Hell: Indeed, this is an issue for a lot of us. The thing is, this is a self proclaimed luxury brand and I dare say, if you want oak barrel aged e-liquid... for goodness sake, you should be prepared to pay for it, not so!? Buy Five Pawns e-juice as a special gift for a beloved vaping friend or when you want to treat yourself to a taste of high end, artisan e-juice.

Four Flavor Five Pawns E-liquid Review

Castle Long Reserve

Vaping-girl. Jpg

Toasted coconut, roasted almond, brown sugar, Madagascar vanilla bean, french vanilla, Kentucky bourbon and two distinct oaks. 60% aged in American Oak Barrels, 40% aged with reclaimed Oloroso Sherry oak barrel chips. This is considered to be their benchmark blend. Coming in at a whopping $37.50 for 30ml, I opted for the 6mg nicotine strength.

I’m a whiskey and wine lover and I’m familiar with the concept of oak aging... I was delighted at the prospect of trying this Five Pawns e-juice and excited to give those old oak sensors a little bit of practice. It’s easy to understand why this is the flavor which rocketed the brand to fame, complex and extremely sophisticated on the palate.

I got vanilla and almond on the nose, almond and coconut on the inhale and distinct bourbon on the exhale with subtle oak and bourbon notes in the aftertaste on the tongue. Pleasantly surprised by this Five Pawns product and it’s something I would undoubtedly buy as a gift or for myself to enjoy with whiskey or after an expensive meal. I loved it. Vapor Production is medium to good.


Classic mellow apple pie with flaky crust, decadent caramel, french vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. This is a limited edition blend. I opted for the 6mg nicotine variety.

Provided you vape this Five Pawns e-juice on a low wattage, you’ll get that cooked apple on the inhale, over 40W though, the apple tends to drown out. Delicious caramel and custard on the tongue with definite, smooth vanilla and cream on the exhale. I actually enjoyed the subtlety and if you vape on it all day, you start to really recognize those distinct notes, it takes a little while though. Vapor production is medium to good.


Vaping cloud

Spiced bread pudding with sweet vanilla glaze drizzle. I opted for the 6mg nicotine version. This is a really unique flavor from Five Pawns. I’m not exactly a bread pudding eater, but I love spice and I relished the distinct cinnamon inhale, with soft raisin and butter on the tongue and a vanilla cream like exhale.

The flavors are subtle but once again, sophisticated and really high quality. This Five Pawns flavor went down an absolute treat with a cappuccino and I’ve purchased another bottle to hold on to for a special occasion.
Vapor Production is medium to good.


Blood orange and french vanilla. I opted for the 6mg nicotine variety. I love a citrus vape and this offering was so distinctly blood orange and not just any orange that I was really quite impressed. Orange inhale and tongue with stunning vanilla fragrance and exhale.

Vapor production was medium to good. This is a refreshing and delicious all day e-juice from Five Pawns.

Top Features of Five Pawns

Keeping With The Times: Other than the fact that Five Pawns offer the first aged and oak barrel aged e-liquids on the market, in sophisticated flavor combos you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, the brand is also being attentive to the market. They recently introduced the Taken Three range of e-liquids, a more affordable option at $19.99 for a 30ml bottle. It comes in a 30%PG, 70%VG ratio because as we know, most vapers are opting, more and more, for the heavy vapor producing and sensitivity friendly, higher VG juices.

Transparency: Check out Five Pawns seriously outstanding website for all the information you could possibly desire on the brand, some really interesting vape-related blog posts, as well as every thing from suggested drink-vape parings (awesomeness alert!) to limited offerings.


At the end of my weekend Five Pawns E-juice Review, I was struck by one impression in particular, an impression that I would in fact be willing to pay that extra cash for... Even though artificial flavors are utilized in some of their blends, not once did I get an artificial flavor impression, like I so often do with e-liquids.

I was struck by the fact that the taste experience stayed true to the brands reputation of offering only sophisticated flavor combos, for the discerning vaper.

I must say that, although the flavors weren't always as powerful or as obvious I would like, the blending was harmonious and definitely spoke of quality. In that respect you are in fact getting your money’s worth and if you can afford it, flavors like Gambit and Queenside are awesome all-day-vapes.

If you, on the other hand, prefer a cheaper vape... these flavors are still a great buy on special occasions or as gifts. I definitely love Five Pawns brand and 100% recommend you splurge at least once, so that you can at least judge for yourself.

To learn more about their incredible manufacturing standards, check out this video:

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