CBD JUUL Pods: What are They and How Do They Work?

You may be aware of how Juul e-cigarettes have taken the U.S. and most of the developed world by storm, and you could be wondering whether these vape devices originally designed for vaporizing nicotine and tobacco products can be used to vape Cannabidoil (CBD). If you would like to know whether you can use your Juul device to vape CBD, read on!

What are CBD Juul Pods?

As you may be aware, JUUL hasn’t (yet) entered the cannabis industry and so they don’t make any pods which people can use to vape CBD. Juul CBD pods are therefore third-party CBD pods which are compatible with the Juul battery.

These CBD oil Juul pods fit nicely on the Juul battery, allowing you to avoid having to buy a different set of equipment for vaping CBD and yet you already have your Juul device.

However, it is important for you to be aware that CBD pods for Juul aren’t a guarantee that the CBD vape juice or the pod itself is of high quality. Rather, the pod fits onto your Juul battery, and that is it.

You therefore have to do your own research when selecting Juul CBD pods so that you can identify a product whose quality is high and will give you a satisfactory vaping experience.

One other thing you need to know about aftermarket JUUL pods or any pods for that matter, is that they are intended to be discarded once the liquid inside has been depleted. This is unlike nicotine carts which can be refilled upon using up all the e-liquid that they contain.

How do CBD Juul Pods Make You Feel?

As no two people are identical, it is hard to predict with certainty how CBD pods for Juul will make you feel. Several factors will come into play.

For example, taking several puffs from CBD vape juice of low concentration will not have the same effect as taking the same number of inhales (draws) on a CBD Juul pod having a higher concentration of CBD. The concentration is normally stated in milligrams (mg) and the higher this number, the higher the concentration.

Similarly, the quality of your favorite pod vape will determine the effects which you experience when you use your Juul pod to vape CBD. Low-quality oils, such as those containing traces of pesticides and solvent residues, will not offer a satisfactory experience like other products which are made to higher manufacturing standards.

All in all, there is no concrete research on how CBD Juul pods make people feel, and the anecdotal reports you read or hear shouldn’t be regarded as the gold standard of how people will feel when they vape CBD using a Juul pod.

That said, many people say that vaping CBD using their Juul pod helps them to overcome their anxiety, helps them sleep better, combat depression, and so many other health benefits. If you just want to relax, lots of people say CBD Juul pods help with that!

Where to Buy CBD Juul Pods

The Juul brand has established itself as a reliable brand for people who vape e-juice containing nicotine. The CBD craze has made cannabis enthusiasts want in on the action, and there is no shortage of where to buy CBD Juul pods made by third-parties.

The following are some of the factors that you need to look into while selecting a Juul pod from the huge variety available on the market:

  • Third party lab tests to confirm that you are buying a quality product
  • Flavor options. Not everyone raves about vanilla, so select a Juul pod whose juice has your favorite flavor!
  • Dosage. Find a brand whose CBD pods for Juul have a high dosage so that you can get more from each puff you take on your device.
  • The reputation of the manufacturer. Take some time and read up on the reviews left by other people who used the product you would like to buy. If lots of reviews are negative, dig a little deeper so that you don’t end up spending your hard-earned money on an unworthy CBD pod.

That said, you can buy CBD Juul pods from online retailers, in recreational or medical cannabis outlets if you live in a state where cannabis is legal, or from brick-and-mortar stores which sell CBD products.

Note that products extracted from hemp aren’t currently regulated by the FDA (although the regulator will clamp down on a company making unapproved medical claims on their product), so you need to take extra caution so that you are certain that you have picked the right product. The selection criteria indicated earlier can help you narrow down your vape CBD options.

The Best Juul Compatible CBD Pods

Ranking Juul-compatible CBD pods is a bit of a subjective undertaking, so we shall ensure that each product we include here comes with reasons why it makes the cut. Here are some that you can try;

  • JGO Vape Pods: The main reason why this product appears here is that it ranks up there on matters of potency. These Juul pods can have up to 375mg of concentration in the CBD oil they carry, and that can quicken the rate at which you enjoy the benefits of vaping CBD. These pods also offer a huge array of flavor options, and high-quality ingredients are used.
  • Airbender Juul Vape Pods: If you are in a bit of a squeeze financially and yet you want to buy a Juul pod, Airbender is the brand for you. This brand offers affordable, high-potency pods which are third-party tested.
  • Calm CBD Juul Pods: Calm, based in Colorado, makes CBD Juul pods from organically-grown hemp within the state of Colorado. The company removes all THC from its products, leaving other compounds, such as terpenes, intact. Their website has a quick-access link to third-party analysis reports for each batch of the products that they carry. They use MCT as the carrier oil of choice, and you can select from at least ten flavors available. The CBD strength varies from 50mg to 200mg, and the prices vary according to that potency.
  • Chill CBD Juul Pods: Not everyone is a seasoned consumer of CBD Juul pods, and Chill CBD is just the product those trying out CBD pods for the first time need. At 40mg potency, these pods can give you a good taste of vaping CBD so that you ease yourself into the habit. Once you are sure of your preferences, a switch to other CBD Juul pods will give you access to more potent options is warranted.

Can You Make Your Own CBD Juul Pods?

If you are the adventurous type who wants to hold off on buying compatible pods after you have vaped all the nicotine salt in your Juul pod, you can follow the steps below to make your own CBD Juul pod using your empty favorite pod vape.

  • While remaining mindful of the side snaps, gently pull off the plastic mouthpiece cap.
  • Next, pull off the silicone cover on the pod
  • Get your CBD vape juice and pour it into each of the chambers of the pod. Ensure you don’t exceed ¾ of the capacity of the pod.
  • You can now replace the silicon cover on the pod. Ensure that the indented part stays on top.
  • Replace the plastic mouthpiece cap
  • Place the pod on your device, and vape away!

Many people say you can refill your Juul pod once or twice before it becomes worthless and floods your mouth with raw CBD vape juice, so give this method a try and see what happens.

Note that care must be taken when choosing the oil to fill your DIY Juul pod. CBD vape oil differs from ordinary CBD oil. Only use CBD oil formulated for vaping purposes.

All in all, vaping CBD is one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of this oil. Vaping delivers swift results, it is discreet and you can regulate the dosage you consume if you are taking it for medical purposes. Remember to consult your doctor as vaping CBD could worsen any preexisting respiratory issues you may have, such as asthma.

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