Vision Spinner Battery Review: Safe, Long Lasting, Bang for Your Buck

vision spinner review

Ever heard of eGo cigarettes? For the sake of those who don’t know, these are e-cigarettes you create by attaching a customized battery to a tank or clearomizer to form a cylinder that is both the body and the battery. But who makes vision spinner? Vision does, and it’s a top brand strongly associated with eGo batteries. Vision batteries outshine many eGo batteries for a couple of reasons.

If you know about the eGo-C Twist battery from Joyetech, then take this as an upgraded version of the same. MAh ratings range between 650mAh and 1300mAh while the voltage maxes out at 4.8V from a minimum of 3.3 Volts. Being able to adjust the voltage means you can vary the density of vapor or switch between the voltages until you find a spot that seems to work best for you.

Spinner also features a standard 510 threading, meaning it can hook up to different types of clearomizers and tanks and besides that, it also gives excellent airflow for a wide range of tanks. You can put your trust in this battery to deliver and it won’t fail you. But, trust me, you haven’t even seen the best of it yet. So let’s unpack it.

Vision Spinner Ratings

  • Design: 4.5/5.0
  • Battery Quality: 5.0/5.0
  • Safety: 5.0/5.0
  • ​Battery life: 5.0/5.0
  • ​Value: 4.5/5.0
vision spinner review

Besides being small and sleek, this battery comes in different colors to match your taste. It’s been made easy to use and to carry around. But a couple of users did raise concerns with its buttons.

More on that later in our Vision Spinner review. Quality-wise, nothing was spared in ensuring that the unit is not only solid but strong enough to withstand hard falls and other punishments.

Safety was also a priority as evident in the fact that they included a short circuit protection plus a lock- out feature.

Each has its unique role but all of them exist to protect you and your battery against danger. With a mAh rating that is as high as 1300mAh, expect a relatively longer battery life from this battery, enough to let you enjoy some additional hours on what other batteries can offer.

Price-wise it won’t cost you more than $30 to lay your hands on this battery but seeing that you are buying a promising battery with proven potential to meet the best of expectations, there’s nothing much to complain about other than the thinner vapor perhaps.


Easy To Adjust Voltage

At the bottom of this battery, you have voltage readings that range between 3.3 and 4.8. Shifting between these voltages and those in between only requires you to turn the dial from one voltage level to the next. Turn until you find that spot that seems to give great vapor and flavor. No LED screens and buttons to press. This should be good news to those who are new to vaping.

Great Design

If you make a keen comparison between the vision e-cig battery with its close rivals, mostly the eGo-C Twist battery, you will notice that it’s a little bit smaller in height. This is great because it makes adds comfort to carrying the unit around in your pocket or purse. When it comes to the circumference, it’s a little bit large than other brands but that size is just enough to let you nicely hold it in your hand. Also, it does have a numbered dial that is pretty easy to read compared to that of its close rivals.

Relatively Long Battery Life

Since it maxes out at 1300mAh compared to the typical 1100mAh or 1000mAh associated with many eGo batteries, it definitely has an edge over them when it comes to battery life. Vision Spinner 2 even takes that a notch higher to 1600mAh. But sure to look out for our Vision Spinner 2 review to learn more about it.

At 1300mAh, the battery is able to last almost an hour longer than the other brands. At the same time, it also has a couple of options in between so whichever mAh rating you feel comfortable with, they definitely have you covered.

Excellent Airflow

Should you use this battery with a liquidator tank, stand ready to enjoy great benefits that will arise out of its excellent airflow. What this does is ensure that the stream of vapor remains steady and besides that, you will also get to enjoy some fairly thick vapor. So for those who’ve in the past had challenges getting good vapor from their tanks, consider this unit as your next option. It won’t disappoint.


If you have this battery on and you happen to operate it wrongly while installing your atomizer onto its connection or end up connecting your USB charger incorrectly, your battery will still remain safe, thanks to the built-in short circuit protection system. This includes electric faults as well. Not to mention the lock-out feature which is a savior to those who might unknowingly end up pressing down the battery’s button. Well, it won’t activate the unit unless you do so five times within 1.5 seconds.


At just about $25, you are set to get a good bang for your bucks. Bear in mind that you are paying for a quality and modern product with a list of advanced features aimed at equipping it to give an exceptional performance.


Thinner Vapor Quality

Some people prefer thicker vapor to thinner vapor. So if you are after thicker vapor, then you are likely not to like this battery due to its tendency to give vapor that is a little bit thinner. Close rivals like the eGo-C Twist give a thicker vapor.

Poor Design Of The Buttons

Compared to other batteries in its category, the buttons aren’t really on par with the best. Sometimes they will rattle as you use the unit and activating them can be quite a challenge sometimes.

Top Features Of The Vision Spinner

There’s isn’t much of a difference between this and the eGo-C Twist battery when it comes to top features. In fact, the two almost carry similar features, for instance, the 510 threading, the adjustable voltage output, protection features, and so on. So where does the difference come? Please watch the video below to find out. 

Anyway, let’s have a brief look at its top features.

Adjustable Voltage Output

Just the same way the eGo-C Twist has the ‘twist’, the Vision Spinner also has the ‘Spinner’. So what is it anyway? There is a metallic knob and all around the circumference of this bottom side, there are numbers showing you the voltage range. You can pick 3.3 or 4.8 or the two options in between them, 3.8 and 4.3. Also, between this figures are other minor adjustments units.

Varied mAh Rating

mAh ratings are important because they show the battery’s energy storage capacity. If we were to imagine the battery as a tiny fuel storage container, the mAh would be the amount of fuel it’s able to hold. At the minimum, you have 650mAh while at the maximum, there’s 1300mah.

If you compare this to its close competitor, the eGo-C Twist, you will realize that the Spinner gets an edge over it with a higher mAh rating. The extra mAh means it can last some more 30 or 45 minutes compared to those batteries that max out at 1100mAh.

Short Circuit Protection

Any eGo battery that is without safety features poses a risk to its users. Not only that but also the battery is at risk of easily being damaged if a short circuit or related fault takes place. Well, the Vision Spinner, just like the best brands in its class, also has a short circuit protection. What this system does is automatically turn off your battery the moment a short is detected and only turn it back on after the error has been corrected.

In addition to that, there’s the lock-out feature in which you press down the button five times in 1.5 seconds to either lock or unlock the battery. This helps to avoid accidentally or unknowingly turning on your unit.

510 Threaded

Presence of a 510 threaded connection simply denotes versatility. So expect this battery to be very compatible with all Joyetech eGo series cartomizers and atomizers, all 510 series cartomizers and atomizers, and other 510 threaded accessories. What’s more, you can go ahead to charge this battery using a Joyetech eGo USB Charger.

Over Discharge Protection/Battery Monitoring


Like almost every other eGo battery, the Vision Spinner e-cig battery also demands utmost care in their use failure to which they will either deplete fast or not give you great service.

Makers of this product featured a battery monitoring system that watches your battery voltage and then acts when you reach a set minimum. Once your battery hits a minimum set level, it will turn off automatically.

Make sure to watch out for the LED light. If it blinks a total of five times, that’s a sign that your battery needs to be charged. Ignore this sign at your own peril.


If you are among the many vapers out here not satisfied with the performance of their batteries, then here’s an option to save your day. Just as you’ve seen from our vision spinner review, the vision spinner battery comes equipped with every important feature a modern battery should have to give an exceptional performance.

Protection is guaranteed, you have a chance to enjoy longer battery life, the product itself is of high quality, it’s compatible with nearly all 510 threaded tanks atomizers and other accessories, and best of all, it’s so affordable. So if you feel fascinated with it, don’t hesitate to head over to vision store to make your purchase.

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