Tenergy Rechargeable Battery Review: One of the Most Affordable Batteries

While it is not everybody who agrees about the goodness of the Tenergy 18650 battery, there are very few who dispute that this is an affordable alternative battery.

Some may actually say these batteries are cheap. I do not believe in cheap. Call them affordable rather, it sounds better. I decided to do this Tenergy battery review with the aim of putting this debate to rest.

Do I really have a realistic chance of putting the debate about the effectiveness of the Tenergy 18650 as a battery to rest? We will have to wait and see. If used with a good quality charger, these batteries have the capacity to last you quite long. This will be the case even if you are using high drain. I simply call this rechargeable battery that works.

Tenergy 18650 Ratings

Tenergy 18650 review

A rating of 4 out of 5 is a great rating, especially for one of the products that are not as popular as the big brands. My reason for this rating is that this is a product that actually works. It does not rely on being made by one of the big international corporations.

You are getting a reliable battery for much less than the others that compete with it. Use this for one year and it will still be able to maintain 80% of its recharge capacity.


When I decided to do this Tenergy battery review I wanted to be as objective as I can. So I looked at the pros and cons of this...

The Price Is Right. I am sure that the low price that these batteries come at is one of the reasons why they attracted my attention.

Constantly Rated High. Ask anyone to do a review and they will not fail to give it a high rating. I have not read any reviews of Tenergy batteries that gives this battery a rating below 50%.

Long Lasting. The top rated 18650 batteries like Tenergy maintains 85 % of its capacity to charge even after being used for a year and 70% in the second year. By the time you need to be buying new batteries, you will have forgotten when the last time you bought any was. It can get up to a thousand recharge cycles.


Not PTC Protected. This lack of protection can leave some users uneasy. What happens when the battery overheats to dangerous levels if it is not PTC protected? A catastrophe. Possibly one of the reasons why these batteries are affordable.

Don’t Hold Charge Well When Unused. These batteries do not hold a charge very well when left alone. They tend to discharge quite fast when you compare them to other products in the same class. Self-discharge is expected but I do not think that is something that must happen as rapidly as it does on this battery.

Top Features of Tenergy 18650 Battery

Battery care

The price of this could easily fool you. It could make you think that this is a cheap good for nothing product. That does not happen to be the case at all. 

The battery does not feature a lot in vaping discussions. However, if you experience it just once, you will know what the hype is about.


When I did my research about this, I came across their website where they give information on this battery.

You can take some time to gain more information from this site.

      • Identified by item number 30005
      • The model is 18650
      • Expect a nominal capacity of 2600 mAh
      • The nominal voltage 3.7V, 4.2 volts is the charge cut-off and the discharge is 3.0 volts
      • Charge current is 1C and the discharge is 2C
      • Expect a cycle life of 300 charges and discharges

    I always like to talk about safety with the use of batteries at this stage but today, I haven't got much time so I will ask you to check out this video for yourself; (It is not the same product, but you get the idea).


The Tenergy batteries are not very popular. Many people have no idea where to buy Tenergy batteries but I generally found out that they are available in most big retail outlets that can deliver straight to your door.

I do not think that anyone should think that these batteries are less efficient because they cost less. If you visit many vaping forums, not many people are discussing this battery but I would urge you to give it a try.

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