Smoking Memes: Why Vaping Is Better

When browsing the web for things to laugh at you’ll often come across a bunch of different memes, many of which are smoking memes and vaping memes. For us, they quickly showcase visually why vaping is just a better option. Aside from the actual harm smoking causes you, vaping offers plenty of benefits for your body, and in memes, you’ll often see flavors.

Flavors of all sorts, with all of the kinds available and none of that awful smell from traditional combustible cigarettes. That's only one reason why vaping is better than smoking. Not only this, but you'll come across smoking memes with faces you’d probably make when someone tells you how bad vaping is, without truly being informed about it. Either way, what memes are good for is a quick laugh, and that’s exactly what you’ll get seeing our list below. From weird memes to just stupid memes, we've got you covered. Just be sure not to spit your drink at your computer screen from laughing so much.

Vaping is not smoking!

This is absolutely true! No matter what kind of vape you're using, it's not smoking. Whether you're into blowing huge clouds with sub ohm tanks, or enjoy a smaller vape pen, it's a better alternative at the end of the day!

Spock speaks truth.

Seriously, who came up with vaping as a "gateway" to smoking? It boggles our minds to think some people would actually find this true. Highly illogical, that surely sums it up.

A lifestyle of cool.

Here's another smoking meme to showcase why vaping is better. Smoking is by far a habit, and a bad one, that's for sure. Vaping is a lifestyle adult vapers choose to be healthier. We completely agree with this meme! Vape on!

Vapers love vapes.

This smoking meme is too funny! We all know smoking makes your teeth yellow, and can cause you to visit the dentist more times than you'd like. Vaping on the other hand may not, and hey, what girl doesn't love clean teeth?

The hypocrisy is ripe.

I think we've all had a moment when someone tells you vaping is bad yet they continue smoking on those cancer sticks. How funny is that? And that's the exact expression I'd make in this situation, that's for sure.

Tony stark understands.

Here's another one, when someone tells you how "bad" vaping is. Seriously, do some research about it beforehand. Then try and tell vapers who bad it is, especially if you're comparing it to smoking! We can only eye roll and just lay down the truth as much as we can.

Wanna see my vape cloud?

This meme couldn't be funnier! It indeed shows, visually, how some people bat an eye at other major issues and causes of death, but immediately puts down vaping when any issue arises. This really does make you think, doesn't it.

C'mon brad. I thought you were cool.

This is a meme I think everyone has seen before, and is probably one of the funniest. No matter how many times I see this meme, I laugh. This comes back to those delicious flavors vaping has, which smoking DOES NOT! Not to mention, donuts and cotton candy smell a whole lot better than cigarettes!

I'll misguide myself, thank you very much.

I'm pretty sure all vapers feel this way every single time someone has to say something about us vaping. Yes, we vape, and yes it's better than smoking. That's a fact.


We couldn't end this one without a good weed meme! Seriously, what will you be doing after smoking that! This is a meme we see quite often as well, and it gets funnier every time we see a new one. 

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