Hugsvape Coil Trimming Tool $1.89

The Hugsvape Coil Trimming Tool is now on sale for only $1.89! No code needed to get this deal! There's only one color option available, which is Blue. Free shipping applies to orders over $15.

This vape accessory makes coil installs much easier, and for multiple reasons. Firstly, with the Hugsvape Coil Trimming Tool, you'll be able to measure exactly how much you need to cut off your coils in order to perfectly install it into your atomizer.

No matter if you have an atomizer with a postless style deck or a clamp style build deck, you can simply measure with the sides to determine the length of the coil needed.

Hugsvape vape coil tool

In addition, it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or advanced user when it comes to coil builds and installs, this accessory just makes the entire process faster and easier. You'd first measure the post width, then simply put the coil into the matching slots, and snip your leads.

All in all, this is an amazing deal, and a must have vape accessory for any vaper! If you don't have one of these tools yet, don't miss out on this deal!

Hugvape Coil Trimming Tool Features:

  • Color Option: Blue
  • Can Measure Post Width
  • Various Lengths
  • Allows for Easy Coil Cutting & Installations
  • Great to have for Postless Style Build Decks
  • Must Have For Any Vaper

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